Fanshawe College, London (Canada)

London, Ontario, Canada

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Donald J. Smith School of Building Technology

The programs offered by the school are mainly based on the philosophy of learning by doing, and therefore, students are offered with a lot of co-op experience as well. Fanshawe offers the in-school component for construction skilled trades programs: Brick and Stone Mason, Cabinet Maker, General Carpenter, Industrial Woodworker and Plumber. 


English Language Institute

The highly-qualified faculty and staff of this institute offer English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction for beginner students soon entering advanced college and university programmes or even those willing to become ESL instructors.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) programme is a full-time programme meant for both international and domestic students (Canadian citizens and permanent residents). It serves as a  direct route from English language learning to post-secondary studies. It constitutes 10 eight-week levels. The programs are taught by 15 full-time and 20+ part-time professors.


Lawrence Kinlin School of Business

It provides the most flexible and integrated suite of business programs for students from around the world. They specialize in the following areas encompassing the entirety of business as a field of study:

  • list items Accounting and finance
  • list items Business and management
  • list items Human resources
  • list items Insurance
  • list items Logistics and operations management
  • list items Marketing
  • The Lawrence Kinlin School of Business has established and maintained relationships with professional associations from a variety of industries. Some of these are:

  • list items Association of Canadian Financial Officers, ACFO / ACAF
  • list items Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals
  • list items Canadian Association for Co-operative Education
  • list items Canadian Association of Career Educators and Employers
  • list items Canadian Institute of Entrepreneurship, CIE
  • list items Canadian Institute of Financial Planners, CIFPs
  • list items Supply Chain Management Professional, SCMP
  • list items Technical Standards & Safety Authority
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    Norton Wolf School of Aviation Technology

    They are specialists in providing Transport Canada approved aviation programming. They provide training of the highest quality, and students go on to pursue careers at all levels of manufacturing, maintenance, fleet service and administration. The aviation programmes are conducted in an 80,000 square feet hangar worth $10 dollar million located at the London International Airport.


    School of Applied Science and Technology

    The School of Applied Science and Technology has programmes focussing on

  • list items Electrical/Electronics
  • list items Mechanical Design
  • list items Environmental technologies
  • list items Science Lab technologies
  • list items Biotechnology
  • list items Manufacturing.
  • The delivery models of the program give importance to the learning of technical and essential skills necessary for success in the workplace. Students are made to further refine their skills through project work.

    The school houses a Centre for Advanced Research and Innovation in Biotechnology (CARIB). It is part of a $10.2 million project and is spread over 13,000 square feet of new biology, chemistry, instrumentation and physics teaching laboratories, along with biosafety level 2 tissue culture facilities and laboratories.

    Chemistry instrumentation includes liquid chromatography, gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy, atomic absorption and FT-IR. The industry research lab space has three 90-square-foot offices, approximately 900-square-feet of Level 2 laboratory space, and common access to a 400-square-foot cell-culturing facility.


    School of Community Studies

    The programmes offer great field placement opportunities, brilliant and concerned faculty, student success initiatives, and a dynamic campus. The department provides programmes in social studies along with fields related to Autism and Behavioural Science, Child and Youth Care, Child Development, Early Childhood Education, Gerontology, etc.


    School of Contemporary Media

    The programme gives importance to personal creativity and responsibility within the framework of professional requirements.
    The courses offered are:

  • list items Broadcast Radio, Television, Journalism or TV News
  • list items Corporate Communications and Public Relations
  • list items Music Industry Arts or Audio Post Production
  • list items Photography 
  • list items Visual Effects and Editing for Contemporary Media, utilizing industry-standard AVID and Adobe systems
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    School of Design

    With the help of the programs offered by the school, students are able to develop skills and confidence using traditional methods and become experts in developing and communicating images and ideas through emergent technologies. The diploma programmes offer co-op education. The faculty tap on their industry contacts to help students find work placements and job interviews after they graduate.


    School of Digital and Performing Arts

    It is one of Canada's top post-secondary schools for interactive media, animation, performance and production.  The school has an offer diploma and certificate courses in 3D animation, costume studies, video game design, multimedia production, web development, 3D visualization, theatre production and performance. The programmes bring together extensive hands-on training with theoretical study and abundant real-world interaction with local talent.

    The emerging media programmes help students to turn their ideas into reality with the help of top technology of the digital revolution. Students can perfect their skills while studying. They have access to dedicated studios and labs, creative learning environments, and highly-qualified faculty.


    School of Health Sciences

    The School of Health Sciences provides a dynamic learning experience for students. Also, their qualified teachers and professionals, new health science facilities and equipment, student success initiatives and a beautiful campus are some of the factors which attract students from all over the world to the college. Fanshawe's simulation labs offer students with valuable experience in high fidelity simulation. Lab spaces look like a real clinical or community environment. Students take care of realistic mannequins who act as patients or clients.

    The school provides programs in areas such as :

  • list items Dental Hygiene
  • list items Medical radiation technology
  • list items Pharmacy technician
  • list items Respiratory technician
  • list items Anaesthesia assistant
  • list items Community pharmacy assistant
  • and so on. 

    Following are the programs offered by the school which use simulation:

  • list items Nursing
  • list items Practical Nursing
  • list items Personal Support Worker
  • list items Respiratory Therapy
  • list items Anesthesia Assistant
  • list items Dental Hygiene
  • list items Paramedic
  • list items Advanced Care Paramedic
  • list items Pharmacy Technician
  • list items Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • list items Doula Studies
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    School of Information Technology

    The School of Information Technology has a state-of-the-art computer and mobile technology labs, outstanding classroom facilities along with highly trained faculty, administrative and technical staff.

    The programmes offered by the school include the following:

  • list items Information technology
  • list items Office administration
  • list items Information security management
  • list items Game development.
  • The School of Information Technology offers three mandatory co-op programs:

  • list items Computer Programmer Analyst
  • list items Computer Systems Technology
  • list items Office Administration - Executive.
  • In addition, there is an optional co-op component to the Law Clerk program.


    School of Language and Liberal Studies

    The school focuses on humanities, social science, and research and evaluation studies. The programs covered by the school include General Arts and Science, Advanced Communication for Professionals, Research and Evaluation. 


    School of Nursing

    Fanshawe's School of Nursing develops skilled healers. Students benefit from experienced nursing practice leaders and have the opportunity to be educated in one of the top healthcare hubs in North America. 


    School of Public Safety

    Fanshawe's School of Public Safety understands the skill, knowledge and commitment required in public safety services and offers an array of academic programmes that provide students with applied learning experiences.

    Many of the faculty members still work in their respective disciplines. They understand the career requisites and offer valuable insights into how the industry really works to prepare graduates for employment in the competitive market.


    School of Tourism, Hospitality and Culinary Arts

    The students graduating from the programmes get to pursue exciting careers at different resorts, restaurants, hotels, golf courses and other recreational clubs, government agencies, airlines and destination management companies.

    Some of the programs offered in the following areas are:

  • list items Baking and Pastry Arts Management
  • list items Culinary Management
  • list items Culinary Skills
  • list items Food and Beverage Management
  • list items Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management
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    School of Transportation Technology and Apprenticeship

    The graduates from the programme work for equipment manufacturers, automotive, truck and heavy equipment dealers, etc. The management skills gained through the programs allow graduates to work in service administration, research and development, management and teaching positions.

    The programs are offered in the following areas:

  • list items Agricultural Equipment Technician
  • list items Auto Body Repair Technicians
  • list items Automotive Service Technician
  • list items Truck and Coach Technician