How to get a Masters in Computer Science (MS in CS) admit with a non-CS background

The process of getting an admit to one of the most popular graduate programs in USA, i.e. a Masters in Computer Science (MS in CS) isn’t a piece of cake and instead requires diligent preparation. Despite all the hard work involved, it is highly popular among Indian students and preceded in popularity by the one and only - MBA. However, concerns are raised by students from a non-CS background... Read more

Review of Arizona State University – Tempe  

Introduction Arizona State University also known as ASU is one of the top public research universities of the Phoenix metropolitan area. Set up in 1885, it has five campuses across the Phoenix area and four regional learning centres across Arizona. ASU - Tempe, along with its other four campuses has one of the largest students population enrolled with them in the nation, with around 72,000... Read more

How Attractive Is An MIS degree?

The allure of studying abroad for higher studies has managed to retain its sheen which is why the brigade of aspiring Indian youth dare to step out in the unknown, take challenges head on, face the world for all its odds and quirkiness and get themselves ready to be metamorphosed into young professionals for what is called the “Corporate World”. Coming straight out of the comforts of your home... Read more

SBI Education Loans: All the Details That You Need to Know

SBI Education Loans: It seems that current day educational institutions have taken the phrase “you can’t put a price on quality education” too literally, as education costs continually soar year on year, leaving students in the wake while pursuing their educational dream. Education loans come thus come as a great relief for students who can’t afford their tuition fees in full.  The... Read more

Bank of Baroda Education Loans: A Detailed Guide

Education loans are a boon for students who want to pursue their favored stream of education, without having to be weighed down by the high fees accompanying it. Nowadays there are plenty of financial institutions who are offering education loans to students both for the graduate & the post graduate courses as well. Public Sector Banks also offer education loans. In the recent past,... Read more

Education loans from NBFCs: Guidelines

You can never out a price tag on a dream.  Unfortunately, the dreams of many aspiring students are crushed prematurely owing to ever increasing costs of education. Education loans come as a boon to these students, especially for those aspiring to study abroad.  But it is important that you chose the right kind of loan and also opt for the right institution to borrow from. Let us have an in... Read more

Student Partners’ Program in Canada: What You Need to Know

For all those eyeing admissions in Canada, the Student Partners’ Program is something which can help you immensely. It is an initiative by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). These Canadian and Indian visa organisations want to ease the process of admissions and visas for Indian students at the Canadian colleges that fall under... Read more

Importance of The Letter Of Recommendation In Getting an Admit for MS in the US

As the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter issued by a professor or teacher you’ve worked with and who can vouch for you. One may be aware that there are many factors which contribute to the selection of a candidate in securing the final admit for MS in the US and a Letter of Recommendation is one of the crucial requirements. It shows the credibility of the candidate. It... Read more

India’s first ever exclusive Networking Event for MS Students Going to US in Fall’18

You are a dreamer. You dream of studying abroad and advancing your career to the next level. It is no surprise that you opt for the US – the country that houses the world's best universities and the biggest tech companies.   You put in the hard work – score high on GRE and TOEFL, write those tricky SOPs and fill up those long applications. Then you wait – patiently. At long last, it... Read more

How To Find Student Housing in the US: The Comprehensive Guide

International Students often find it very tough to negotiate and nail down their accommodation options when they go to the US for studies. Finding student housing can be very difficult in US, if you have no idea how and where to approach. International students in US often ends up panicking when it comes to find a proper housing which is both cheap and comfortable in all ways. There are... Read more