Education loans from NBFCs: Guidelines

One thing that worries all Indian students who wish to pursue higher education is, Finance. Some are blessed to receive financial aid from their parents and guardians, whereas the others struggle arranging for the same. Then, the next option to come to mind, is educational loans. Educational loans can be as easy and tricky as an option, both at the same time. For that, if you get some guidance... Read more

Student Partners’ Program in Canada: What You Need to Know

For all those eyeing admissions in Canada, the Student Partners’ Program is something which can help you immensely. It is an initiative by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). These Canadian and Indian visa organisations want to ease the process of admissions and visas for Indian students at the Canadian colleges that fall under... Read more

Importance of The Letter Of Recommendation In Getting an Admit for MS in the US

As the name suggests, a letter of recommendation is a letter issued by a professor or teacher you’ve worked with and who can vouch for you. One may be aware that there are many factors which contribute to the selection of a candidate in securing the final admit for MS in the US and a Letter of Recommendation is one of the crucial requirements. It shows the credibility of the candidate. It... Read more

India’s first ever exclusive Networking Event for MS Students Going to US in Fall’18

You are a dreamer. You dream of studying abroad and advancing your career to the next level. It is no surprise that you opt for the US – the country that houses the world's best universities and the biggest tech companies.   You put in the hard work – score high on GRE and TOEFL, write those tricky SOPs and fill up those long applications. Then you wait – patiently. At long last, it... Read more

How To Find Student Housing in the US: The Comprehensive Guide

International Students often find it very tough to negotiate and nail down their accommodation options when they go to the US for studies. Finding student housing can be very difficult in US, if you have no idea how and where to approach. International students in US often ends up panicking when it comes to find a proper housing which is both cheap and comfortable in all ways. There are... Read more

GyanDhan Brings SBI Education loans To Your Doorstep With Their New Service

Rita sighed in exasperation when the SBI Bank Manager looked over her documents for an education loan and said, "Madamji, You need the original document for this (inaudible muttering) and then you need to fill the form again." It was her third trip to the SBI and despite her charm and confidence, she still hadn't been able to even submit her application for a secured education loan from... Read more

UK Student Visa Process: What You Need to Know!

The United Kingdom is home to one of the oldest and richest cultures in the world. It is a great blend of various cultures among the world and owing to the advancements in all fields, the United Kingdom has become one of the most promising places for students especially from India to pursue their education. The United Kingdom has a total of 12 universities in the top 100 universities in the... Read more

US Student Visa Process the for F-1 Visa and J-1 Visa

Every year, USA receives over 90,000 applications for student visa (both F1 and J1) from students all over India. For an Indian student to gain entry into the US, they need to fulfil all the criterias for application, the most important of which is the documentation submission.     There are three categories of student visa basically: F1, J1 and M1 visa. But in this article we're gonna look... Read more

US Student Visa: Note These Do's and Don’ts!

The United States of America is perhaps the best country in the world for education due to the government’s immense investment in education. World class infrastructure, a friendly learning environment and great job opportunities are what make it conducive for international students to study in the US. Every year there are more than 9,00,000 students who go to the US to pursue their... Read more

Why should students take education loans via GyanDhan?

    Education Loans have over the years helped lakhs of students fulfill their dream of obtaining a world-class education at the most premier universities of the world. However, it is not easy to get an education loan as the whole process is fraught with documentation issues, numerous delays and an inordinate amount of red-tape. There are two ways of getting the education loan.... Read more