How to Convert Indian Percentage to US 4.0 GPA?

How to Convert Indian Percentage to US 4.0 GPA?

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Learn how to calculate GPA and convert Indian percentage to US 4.0 GPA. with GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide.

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Key takeaways from the blog:

  • list items GPA, a crucial metric in US and Canadian education, offers a standardized assessment of academic performance, simplifying comparisons among students.
  • list items Indian percentage-based grades have distinct equivalents on the US GPA scale, enabling seamless translation for study abroad applications.
  • list items Converting Indian percentages to US GPA involves multiplying grade points by credit hours and averaging, supported by tools like GyanDhan's grade converter.


Understanding the grading systems in different countries is essential, especially when considering international education opportunities. In India, percentages are commonly used, while the US and Canada follow the Grade Point Average (GPA) system. Additionally, European countries like Austria adopt a different approach, providing qualitative assessments rather than specific grades. Germany utilizes a 1-5 score, while places like the Netherlands apply a 1 to 10 order. With each country and school having its unique evaluation method, this comprehensive guide aims to provide clarity on calculating GPA, when applying to universities in US and Canada, the two most popular study abroad destinations.


What is a GPA system?

GPA is a numerical representation of a student's academic performance over a given period. It is typically used by colleges, universities, and other educational institutions in the US & Canada to assess and compare students' achievements. GPA is calculated by assigning point values to each grade received in various courses and then averaging those points to determine an overall GPA.

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Understanding Indian system  

Under the Indian grading system, grades are represented as percentages. The percentage to GPA is demonstrated below:

Grade Percentage










Below 60%


Standard Indian grade to US GPA 4.0 scale

The grading system used in the US and Canada is based on a 4.0 scale GPA. In comparison to the Indian grading system, the table below illustrates the corresponding GPA for each grade.

Grade GPA











Why is the Grade E Missing?

You might be wondering what about the Grade E? Well, the grading system in the US & Canada lacks Grade E. The reason for it dates back to 1897 when the lowest grade a pupil could get was E. With the start of the 20th century, the student-to-teacher ratio in the country magnified because:

  • list items Immigration increased, and these newly migrant parents mistakenly thought the lowest score E stood for excellent.
  • list items School attendance became compulsory: To make it easier for the parents and reduce the teacher’s effort to explain the same, E was switched with F which is intuitively understood to mean failure.

How to calculate GPA?

Once you have assigned a numerical value to each letter grade, you can calculate your GPA. To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1: Multiply the numerical value of your grade by the number of credit hours for the course.

Step 2: Add up the total numerical values for all of your courses.

Step 3: Divide the total numerical values by the total number of credit hours.

For example, let's say you took three courses with the following grades and credit hours:

Subject Grade Credit hours











To calculate your GPA, you would follow these steps:

English: 4.0 x 3 = 12.0

Math: 3.0 x 4 = 12.0

History: 2.0 x 3 = 6.0

Total numerical value: 12.0 + 12.0 + 6.0 = 30.0

Total credit hours: 3 + 4 + 3 = 10

GPA: 30.0 / 10 = 3.0

So your GPA would be 3.0.

Well to simplify the process of converting Indian percentages to US GPA by using the convenient GyanDhan grade conversion tool, which allows you to convert your grades with just a single click.

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How to convert 10 scale CGPA and percentage to a 4.0 scale GPA?

Grade GPA CGPA Percentage



> 8.5

85 - 100



8.0 - 8.4

80 - 84



7.5 - 7.9

75 - 79



7.0 - 7.4

70 - 74



6.5 - 6.9

65 - 69



6.0 - 6.4

60 - 64



5.5 - 5.9

55 - 59



5.0 - 5.4

50 - 54



4.5 - 4.9

45 - 49



4.0 - 4.4

40 - 44



0 - 3.9

0 - 39


What is WES?

Do you know that when you apply for education abroad, during the admission process, you are required to submit your original education documents into transcripts via WES? Once submitted your grades are converted to GPA (as per the abroad grading system). The World Education Services (WES) is a popular organization that evaluates and verifies academic credentials for international students and immigrants. 

To initiate your WES procedure, you need to follow the following steps

Step Description

Create an account

Visit the WES website & select the course-by-course evaluation

Submit documents

Authenticate the documents before finally hitting the submit button

Evaluation fee

The WES evaluation fee is $163

Document request form 

Mail the document request form to WES

Evaluation report

WES will generate an evaluation report



Please note that if you require additional copies of the evaluation report or need it to be sent to other institutions or organizations, you can request those services through your WES account. Additional fees may apply.


Important things to keep in mind while converting GPA to grades

  1. list items Credit hours: Some institutions assign credit hours to each course, reflecting the course's weight or workload. In such cases, it is crucial to consider credit hours while calculating GPA. Multiply the numerical value of each grade by the credit hours for that course before calculating the GPA.
  2. list items Weighted GPA: Certain institutions employ a weighted GPA system to acknowledge the rigour of advanced courses like honours, Advanced Placement (AP), or International Baccalaureate (IB). In a weighted system, these advanced courses are assigned a higher numerical value, which results in a higher GPA. If your institution employs a weighted GPA system, consult with your academic advisor to determine the specific conversion scale.
  3. list items Transcripts and conversion tables: When submitting your academic records, it is essential to provide the official conversion table used by your institution. This ensures transparency and helps admissions committees or other evaluators understand the grading system and GPA calculation.

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Understanding the process of converting an Indian percentage to a US 4.0 GPA is essential for students seeking educational opportunities in the United States and Canada. By following a standardized methodology and utilizing reliable conversion tools like GyanDhan’s Grade convertor, individuals can confidently present their academic achievements in a format familiar to US and Canadian institutions.

A well-converted GPA is one of the most crucial aspects of the application process, and it should be complemented by other necessary documents and a strong overall application. Ultimately, with the right approach and proper research, individuals can confidently make the transition from the Indian percentage system to the US 4.0 GPA system, opening doors to a world of opportunities for academic and professional growth.

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Frequently asked questions

What does the scale 10 grading system mean?

The GPA scale spans from 0 to 10, representing a range of academic performance. A score of 0 signifies examination failure, while a score of 10 represents outstanding academic excellence.

What is the CGPA full form?

CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade Point Average.

What is a 4.0 GPA in percentage?

A 4.0 GPA is equivalent to 93 - 95%.

How to calculate grade points from marks?

To calculate grade points from marks, you need to first convert your marks in percentage, then divide the total points earned by the total number of credits attempted.

How to calculate cumulative GPA?

To calculate cumulative GPA you need to multiply the grade you have earned in each course taken for credit by the number of credits you earned in the course.

Do I need to calculate my GPA if it is not given on my transcript?

According to top universities such as Yale, Columbia, and Stanford calculating GPA is not mentioned on your transcript is not required. The only time you should calculate your GPA is when a college explicitly asks you.

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