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Friendship Day Special - The One Where Friends Go For Higher Education

  Table of Content Ross Geller (MS in Marriage and Family Therapy) Joey Tribbiani (Diploma in French) Rachel Green (Diploma in Culinary Arts) Chandler Bing (Masters in Advertising) Monica Geller (Masters in Event Management) Phoebe Buffay (Masters in Music) On 27th May 2021, Friends' reunion special was aired where the sextet united 17 years after the sitcom...  Read more

A Complete Vaccination Guide for Indian Students Going to Study Abroad

Table of Content Which vaccine should students take? What are the country-wise rules for international student travel from India? What are the quarantine rules for international students in different countries? What are the Indian Government's vaccination rules for students going abroad for education? Are there any special vaccination sites for Indian students going to...  Read more

How to Choose Between Off-campus and On-campus Accommodation?

Table of Content On-campus housing: University dorms Off-campus housing Distance from the University Availability of the accommodation Cost and comfort Social life How can Amberstudent help you? Once you start planning your overseas studies, the first thing you need to check off the list is a secure and friendly place to stay. Your parents must be equally...  Read more

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