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Assistantships - Teaching Assistantships (TA), Research Assistantships (RA), and Graduate Assistantships

  Table of Content What are Assistantships? How many types of assistantships are there? What is Teaching Assistantship (TA)? What is Research Assistantship (RA)? What is a Graduate Assistantship (GA)? How to get an assistantship? Some guidance to help you get an assistantship - What is the difference between assistantships, scholarships, and financial aid?...  Read more

6 Strategies to Lower Your Cost of Studying Abroad

Table of Content Apply for Scholarships and Grants Look for ways to save money on the bottom Cut down the price on your stationery items Search for cheap flights/airfares Encourage responsible usage Use public transportation Indians have a natural pull towards western countries, be it for relaxation or education.  We now bring you the major ways through which...  Read more

5 Best Countries to Study in Europe

  Table of Content #1 Spain #2 Netherlands #3 Switzerland #4 France # 5 United Kingdom Studying abroad is indeed a good opportunity for you. This is not just because of the exposure to the real world and a different education system, but also because you get the opportunity to travel to a new country and learn how to live alone in a different place. But it is...  Read more

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