About Us

We experienced financial constraints during our studies. This experience fuels our passion for democratizing education. We draw the tools needed to build a sustainable education financing offering from the several years we spent shaping credit strategies for Capital One, one of the biggest banks in the US.

Ankit Mehra


Ankit is a ‘07 IIT Kanpur grad and a ‘15 IESE alum. He has ~6 years of experience in credit strategy at Capital One.

Jainesh Sinha


Jainesh is a ’09 IIT Delhi grad, with ~5 years of credit strategy experience at Capital One. Jainesh is also a Super 30 alum.

Jayant Sharma

Principal Software Engineer

Jayant majored in CS from IIT Kanpur. He frets over clean code too much and enjoys a good walk up a hill.

Aman Jain

Head, marketing

Aman is a '16 IIT Kanpur grad. He headed the Marketing Team, Techkriti'15 (Tech Fest, IITK) and has been a part of a plethora of activities at IIT Kanpur.