About Us

We experienced financial constraints during our studies. This experience fuels our passion for democratizing education. We draw the tools needed to build a sustainable education financing offering from the several years we spent shaping credit strategies for Capital One, one of the biggest banks in the US.

Ankit Mehra


Ankit is a ‘07 IIT Kanpur grad and a ‘15 IESE alum. He has ~6 years of experience in credit strategy at Capital One.

Jainesh Sinha


Jainesh is a ’09 IIT Delhi grad, with ~5 years of credit strategy experience at Capital One. Jainesh is also a Super 30 alum.

Jayant Sharma

Principal Software Engineer

Jayant majored in CS from IIT Kanpur. He frets over clean code too much and enjoys a good walk up a hill.

Aman Jain

Manager Business Development

Aman is a '16 IIT Kanpur grad. He headed the Marketing Team, Techkriti'15 (Tech Fest, IITK) and has been a part of a plethora of activities at IIT Kanpur.


Bored of the corporate culture and want a new spark? Or are you looking to get back in the startup scene after your previous venture? We are looking for a leader to join the management team at GyanDhan and shape the future of education financing

Senior Data Scientist

We understand and appreciate the value of data in lending business. Join us in improving the proprietary GyanDhan score that drives our partnerships with banks and helps students get better loan products

Senior Software Developer

Unhappy with GyanDhan's tech?
Concerned that banks are still ages behind in tech adoption?
Join us in redefining the education financing landscape in India

Business Development Intern

Work with us to build on the foundations of the premier education financing platform