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    Updated on: 04 Sep 2023

    In the academic year 2021-22, there was a notable 12% increase in international student admits. According to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs, the number of Indian students enrolling in the country exceeded 1,900 during the same period. It is expected that this figure will continue to rise in the coming years, solidifying Netherlands' status as an emerging hotspot for studying abroad. 

    Although the cost of studying in the Netherlands is relatively low compared to other popular study-abroad destinations like the USA, UK, and Canada, it still requires some financial backing when compared to the Indian subcontinent. In this blog, we will discuss how to manage the financial aspects of studying in the Netherlands.

    Table of Content

    1. Cost to study
    2. Education loan eligibility
    3. Education loan documents required
    4. Secured education loan
    5. Unsecured education loan
    6. How to choose the best lender?
    7. How to apply for education loan?
    8. Why you should choose Netherlands to study abroad?
    9. Frequently asked questions

    Cost to study in Netherlands

    Before we tell you about the different lending options that you can opt for let’s first understand the different expenses that you would have to bear when you decide to study abroad in Netherlands. The cost to study in Netherlands comprises two components i.e. tuition fees and cost of living in Netherlands. The tuition fees based on different programs offered in Netherlands are shown in the table below:


    Tuition Fees per year

    Bachelor’s Degree

    6,000 EUR - 15,000 EUR

    Master’s Degree

    8.000 EUR - 20,000 EUR

    Private universities tend to have higher tuition fees, often around 30,000 EUR, which is relatively higher when compared to the fees charged by public universities. The next component in the cost to study in Netherlands is the cost of living. An overview of monthly expenses that you may have to bear is showcased in the table below -


    Cost (Monthly)


    400 EUR -1000 EUR


    150 EUR - 170 EUR


    40 EUR – 80 EUR 


    30 EUR – 50 EUR


    150 EUR – 200 EUR

    Total Expenses

    770 EUR - 1500 EUR

    Education loan eligibility for the Netherlands

    It is essential that a student must be aware of the eligibility criteria and that they are able to fulfill all the requirements as per these eligibility criteria. Although every lender has a different set of eligibility criteria that you would be required to meet but a general idea has been shown below - 

    • The applicant must be an Indian citizen and must be at least 18 years of age. 
    • The applicant must be enrolled in a full-time program at a reputable Netherlands university.
    • Applicant must have appeared for the English proficiency test.
    • Should have a financial co-applicant and a strong career prospect in case of an unsecured education loan. 
    • Must possess collateral either equal or more in value to the required loan amount in the case of a secured education loan. 
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    Education loan documents required for Netherlands

    A set of documents are required in order to proceed with your loan application for the Netherlands. Below are some of the documents that you may need for getting the loan. They are - 

    • Letter of admission from the University
    • Fully filled out loan application form 
    • Documents on the cost of studies
    • Identification proof
    • Residence proof
    • PAN details of the candidate
    • Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's bank statements
    • Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's statement of assets
    • Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's proof of income 

    Secured education loan for Netherlands

    Secured education loans for studying in the Netherlands require applicants to provide collateral/security. Such loans are commonly referred to as education loan with collateral. Collateral can include assets like property (e.g., house or land), fixed deposits (FDs), or insurance policies. These loans come with various advantages, including lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, and the possibility of higher approved loan amounts.

    Public sector banks are often favored over private banks and NBFCs due to their attractive features, such as larger loan amounts, lower interest rates, and additional benefits. Below is a table presenting a comparison of different lenders and their offerings for secured education loans.

    Lender Name

    Maximum Loan Amount (in INR)

    Rate of Interest

    Margin Money


    Up to 1.5 Cr

    10.65% (for girls)

    11.50% (for boys)



    Up to 1 Cr

    10.5% - 10.85%

    (listed university)

    (non-listed university)

    Unsecured education loan for Netherlands

    An unsecured education loan for studying in the Netherlands is known as an education loan without collateral since it does not demand any security or pledging of assets. However, due to its unsecured nature, the interest rates may be slightly higher compared to loans offered by public sector banks.

    When considering education loans for Netherlands, you have three types of lenders to choose from private banks, NBFCs, and international lenders. The table below illustrates the specific offerings provided by each type of lender.

    Lender Name

    Maximum Loan Amount 

    Rate of Interest

    Margin Money

    Axis Bank

    Up to 50 Lakhs INR

    11% - 13.50%


    ICICI Bank

    Up to 50 Lakhs INR

    10.85% - 12.50%

    0 - 15%


    Up to 35 Lakhs INR 

    11.75% - 13.25% 


    HDFC Credila 

    Up to 20 Lakhs INR (Only STEM Courses)

    12% - 13%



    Up to 20 Lakhs INR (Only STEM Courses)

    12.75% - 13.25%


    Prodigy Finance

    Up to 100,000 USD

    12% - 14%


    How to choose the best lender?

    We understand that having more choices can make it complicated to choose the right lender. However, don't worry! We have prepared a list of factors that can assist you in comparing lenders and finding the one that aligns best with your needs. These factors will help you evaluate and choose the perfect lender for yourself: 

    1. Interest Rate
    2. Processing fee and time
    3. Margin Money
    4. Moratorium Period
    5. Tax Benefit
    6. Loan Duration
    7. Covered Expenses
    8. Prepayment terms and conditions

    Apart from all the above variables that you can use to compare lenders there are some points mentioned below that you may also like to consider before finalizing your lender. They are - 

    • Secured education loans offer a higher loan amount limit and lower interest rate. It will ensure that most of your expenses are covered and there is a less financial burden on you. 
    • Students often prefer to take an unsecured education loan for the ease of application and approval. Private banks such as Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, and more offer better terms and conditions. NBFCs come next in line if for any reason you are not able to get an education loan from private banks.
    • In the case where you do not have any financial co-applicant that can back you in your loan application then you would have to proceed with an international lender. 

    How to apply for education loan to Netherlands?

    Acquiring an education loan for Netherlands is a straightforward process. However, dealing with multiple lenders individually can be overwhelming.
    To simplify this, GyanDhan offers streamlined assistance in obtaining education loans for France through the following steps:

    • Check your eligibility on GyanDhan's platform.
    • Connect with a dedicated loan expert for personalized assistance and lender recommendations.
    • Receive a customized document checklist for easy organization.
    • Submit the required documents as per the lender's guidelines.
    • Await verification (usually 7 to 15 days). Once approved, sign the agreement and monitor progress on GyanDhan's user dashboard.
    • Initiate loan disbursement following the lender's procedures, with funds directly deposited into your account or disbursed to the university by international lenders.  
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    Why you should choose Netherlands to study abroad?

    With its rich cultural heritage, world-renowned universities, and vibrant international community, the Netherlands offers a unique and rewarding experience for students from around the globe. Let's dive into the top reasons why the Netherlands should be your top choice for studying abroad.

    • Affordability - when compared with other study-abroad destinations or other European countries then it can be said that the cost to study in Netherlands is on the lower end.
    • English is widely spoken - Netherlands provides several degrees and the best part is that almost all of them are taught in English. 
    • Internationally recognized degrees - the degrees that one decides to do in Netherlands are internationally recognized that is once you complete a degree from Netherlands you can get a job anywhere in the world.
    • Potential career opportunities - Netherlands is a country that has seen rapid growth in its GDP, especially after the pandemic. Being a developed country you can have several career opportunities in Netherlands. 
    • Work while studying - as an international student you can work up to 16 hours a week which can help you to earn some money and become a bit financially stable.

    Based on the insights shared above, it's evident that the Netherlands is set to become a top choice for Indian students seeking to study abroad in the coming years. At GyanDhan, the education financing expert, we strive to make your journey seamless. Check your loan eligibility with us to find the best lender and receive a personalized document checklist, all at no cost. With our support, embark on an extraordinary educational adventure in the Netherlands, turning your dreams into reality. Don't miss this opportunity to study in the Netherlands with GyanDhan by your side!

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    Frequently asked questions

    What is the maximum unsecured education loan amount that I can get for Netherlands?

    The maximum amount of loan that you can get in an unsecured education loan to study in the Netherlands is up to 50 Lakhs INR. The amount can differ based on your application and the target university as well. 

    How much bank balance is required to study in Netherlands?

    In order to pursue studies in the Netherlands, students are required to have sufficient funds to cover living expenses for the first year, amounting to EUR 10,732, approximately equivalent to 10,00,000 INR.

    Do I need to take IELTS to get admission to a Netherlands university?

    You will need to have an English proficiency test score in your hand to get admission to a Netherlands university. It is recommended that you should take IELTS as the majority of universities support it. 

    What is the eligibility to study in Netherlands?

    To be eligible to take admission to a Netherlands university you have to be a minimum of 18 years, should have a good past academic record, must have given and secured a minimum score in an English proficiency test and as per university requirements should have appeared and scored above average in GRE or GMAT.

    First published date: 10 Sep 2020

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