6 Tips to Ace the GMAT in 2023

    Updated on: 11 Sep 2023

    Are you looking to get into a top business school and want some solid tips to leverage your GMAT preparations? If yes, then you have reached the perfect spot! GMAT, which stands for the Graduate Management Admission Test, is the most common and highly competitive exam integral to the business school application process. Thus, obtaining a high score in it makes your application package stronger!

    Well, acquiring a good GMAT score of 700+ is challenging, but don't worry! You can certainly achieve it with commitment, hard work, and the right preparation! And to help you with that, in this article, we have compiled a list of the six best preparation tips that you should follow to ace the GMAT in 2023!

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    Understand the Test Format 

    It is crucial to comprehend the GMAT format correctly. So before hopping onto preparations directly, first take a thorough look at the exam structure and carefully understand it. Try analysing and becoming familiar with each section, the number and type of questions, and the time allotted for them.

    It will help you gain confidence as you will have an idea of what to expect on the test day. Moreover, you will not end up killing your valuable time trying to understand the test specifics. For instance, in the test, you are allowed to use a calculator in the integrated reasoning section but not in the quantitative area. So improving your mental math skills is imperative. And the other thing to take note of is you will not have an option to return to the questions you have skipped, making it crucial that you answer each carefully.

    Make Your Unique Study Plan

    Everyone has their own different strategies for learning and preparing for the test. The methods that work for someone might not work for you. So it is vital to make your unique study plan by first taking a diagnostic test to identify what you need to improve to achieve your goal score and how much time it will take to prepare for the test. Also, when you get closer to the test date, increase your prep time. So, it is advisable to choose a test date that falls towards the end of the holiday period so that you can have ample time to devote to your studies.

    Take Practice Tests Regularly

    In order to achieve a score of 700+, it is advisable to take a practice test regularly. Remember, as many tests as you take, the better you will understand the proctored nature of the GMAT. 

    Moreover, it is an excellent approach to check your progress and ensure that you are on the right track! For instance, you will be able to know what are your strong and weak points, and accordingly, you can work upon them. And you are able to make yourself habitual to sit and focus for the entire duration of the test, i.e. three hours and thirty minutes.

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    Learn to Manage Time Effectively

    One of the challenging aspects of the GMAT is to finish it on time. Either you will try to race through questions and end up making silly mistakes, or you might spend too much time on specific questions and run out of time towards the end! Thus, it is important to manage your time well. In order to avoid such grave mistakes, you should make a time management strategy by setting certain milestones and sticking to them. For instance, during your practice test, try to complete 30 questions in 20-30 minutes.

    Practise How to Make Educated Guess

    Even after rigorous preparation, it is very likely that you will come across some questions where you have to solve them through the method of educated guessing, especially in the verbal section! And how can you do it? It's simple! You need to quickly analyse the information given in the question and guess the right answer by eliminating the wrong ones. So practise thoroughly such question types regularly to improve your educated guessing game!

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    Relax on the Day Before Your Test

    We understand it is difficult not to panic on the day before your exam! Even the most well-prepared GMAT-takers go through bouts of stress, fear, and anxiety before the test. But know that it is crucial to relax and stay calm as well-rested individuals can better manage negative emotions like nervousness and stress.

    So before the d-day, while staying inside your student studio apartment in Sheffield or student house in Manchester, keep your books and laptop aside and take some time to indulge in relaxing activities. You can talk to your loved ones, meditate in nature, take a long walk, watch your favourite movie and more!

    Best of luck! 

    First published date: 21 Jan 2022

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