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GRE Scores Value for Different Universities

GRE Scores Value for Different Universities

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The GRE scores hold a lot of importance and often decide your overall college while doing MS in the US. Learn about how the scores can affect your chances of gaining admission in your desired colleges

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In the world of education, nothing is static. Especially in today’s generation, subjects and courses are as diverse as the insect population. Ranging from convoluted complexities like quantum mechanics to lightweight and breezy courses such as communications.



Students Studying Abroad 

Unfortunately, this broad spectrum of college majors is quite contracted in India. So, you are likely to gather documents required for education loan and fly abroad to realize your aspirations.

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How Much Do Universities Dote On GRE Scores?

If you’re looking for an ivy-league entrance into post-graduation, the focus on GRE scores will be on point.

Top universities in the US, like Harvard and Stanford, look for an average of 149-170 marks in both the verbal and quantitative sections.


Take a Look at Some Universities’ Preferences


As you look a little further down the list, you’ll find universities settling for a varied range of scores in each division. But, to have a foolproof chance into these universities, you must target a score of 151 in both parts.

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Nevertheless, the level of scrutiny depends on your subject choice as well. For instance, if you’re searching a list of universities in the USA for MS in computer science with a score of 163 in both the sections of the GRE, you don’t have to look much further. Stanford will have its gates open to you!

Some universities, however, appreciate the cost of doing MS in the USA and hence, for some subject, absolve the student from giving GRE.

Even the elite university of MIT pardons computer science and electrical engineering majors from having to take the GRE.


What is GRE?

Graduate Record Examinations or GRE is one of the most omnipresent forms of assessment that is accepted by many graduate schools. The test is an overall gruelling and thorough evaluation of one’s thinking, reasoning and analytical skills via a series of multiple-choice questions and a few descriptive type questions.

GRE Subject tests take into account your specific field of study. GRE scores are valid for five years.


Which Countries  Accept GRE Scores?

Here’s not much dispute. As this exam evaluates many of the skills (vocabulary and quantitative) coveted by top universities, GRE is valid in countries like USA, UK, other European countries, Singapore and Australia


How Are  GRE Marks Distribution?

Take a look at the value each part of the exam holds for you. After all, numbers never lie.

  • list items Total Marks - 340
  • list items Full marks in the verbal and quantitative sections each - 170
  • list items Analytical writing assessment score: 0-6 scale, based on the student’s essay writing ability



GRE Scores Can Bag You A Scholarship!

Before you start a rigorous web search to find the cheapest education loan in India for foreign study, let us address your question of “How To Get A Scholarship For MS in USA?

Considering the fees for MS in the USA and the scanty availability of funding education loans without collateral, international scholarship for Indian students is a notable option that GRE offers.

If you score above 160 in the verbal and quantitative sections each, and a 5 in the analytical writing part, you’re one step closer to getting a scholarship. TOEFL – and English oriented exam – will further help you in achieving a scholarship – may be a fully sponsored education as well! No more of Google-ing “how to apply for an education loan”.


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