What All Do You Need To Apply For MS In The UK?

What All Do You Need To Apply For MS In The UK?

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For applying for an MS in UK, you would need the scores of IELTS, TOEFL, GRE along with being academically eligible. Apart from that, you would also need Statement of Purpose and a stellar Letter of Recommendation in order to maximise your chances of gaining admission.

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A Master's degree at a UK university is an excellent opportunity for your scholastic and personal life. Typically, a Master’s degree is a one-year course in a subject area you want to specialize in. It is true that applying to any Master’s degree takes time and effort. To help take away some of the stress and confusion, here is a complete guide to what all do you need to apply for MS in the UK.


What Are The Eligibility Criteria For UK Universities?

Most UK universities accept 15 years of formal education for admissions to postgraduate courses. An Indian Bachelor Degree likes or B.Sc. Is equivalent to a British Bachelor (Ordinary) Degree. However, some universities require a qualification of a British Bachelor (Honours) Degree, which requires 16 years of formal education.

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How To Apply To UK Universities As An International Student?

For several universities, the application process usually starts from an online channel called UK PASS (UK Postgraduate Application and Statistical Service). UK PASS provides a Course Search facility for all postgraduate courses in the UK. However, you can make a direct online application to the desired universities as well. Requirements in the application include full details of your education including your course subjects and grades. Transcripts or official records of your previous academic qualifications are crucial for your application. Most universities require only one transcript but some may ask for more than one transcript. Originals not in English should have a good English translation enclosed with them.


What Are The Top 5 Colleges in the UK For MS?

The top 5 universities in the UK for an MS are  - 


What Are The English Language Requirements For UK Universities?

Most universities require having an internationally recognized English language qualification such as TOEFL or IELTS. The minimum English requirements vary as per the university and course but typically range from IELTS 6.5 to 7.5 and TOEFL 90 - 95.

For students who do not meet the minimum English requirements, there are certain English language courses offered by various universities.

  • list items IELTS - International English Language Testing System:  IELTS is a usually paper-based exam. The test comprises two sessions of reading, listening, writing, and speaking (which is done separately).
  • list items TOEFL - Test Of English as a Foreign Language:  Unlike IELTS, the TOEFL is both computer-based and paper-based. TOEFL is divided into sections of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. 

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What Are Other Test Requirements To Secure Admission in UK Universities?

  • list items GRE- Graduate Record Examinations: The test assesses the general academic abilities of the graduates. Most universities do not require GRE for admissions into their programs. However, it is always a good idea to have a GRE score at your back because it can act as a tie-breaker in case you have a profile as good as someone else. Next, we shall deal briefly with a few other requirements.
  • list items LOR- Letter Of Recommendation:  Letters of recommendation letters play a pivotal role in your admission. The LOR should briefly explain who you have worked with and should evaluate your skills and accomplishments. 
  • list items SOP- Statement Of Purpose:  In the process of evaluating your application, another thing that plays a crucial role is the statement of purpose. Statement of Purpose (SOP) describes your aim for getting enrolled in a particular course.

What Are The Education Loan Options For Studying in the UK?

Financing is a big part of the eligibility criteria for getting a UK visa. Students need to show the finances in their bank accounts as proof of funds and maintain the amount for 28 days. The living expenses are set at £1,265 if you are living in London, and £1,015 if you are living outside of London. This is in addition to the tuition fees. Students can also present the sanction letter as proof of funds.

It becomes imperative to get your finances in order before you apply for the visa. There are two types of education loans - secured education loan and unsecured education loan. Earlier lenders used to refuse giving out unsecured education loans because of the shorter post-study work permit. However, since the announcement of the Graduate Immigration Route (GIR), the lenders are also sanctioning unsecured education loans for the UK. Contact GyanDhan for a hassle-free loan journey. 

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What Are The Post-Study Work Options in the UK?

On 11th September 2019, the Prime Minister of the UK announced the Graduate Immigration Route (GIR) which will allow students to get a one-time two-year extension to stay and work in the UK. The GIR will be implemented in the Summer of 2021. Students who graduate in Summer 2021 and after are eligible for the route. The extension can be applied at the end of the course. Since the route is still in process, the details are not yet clear. However, some of the eligibility criteria are as below - 
Students who pursue undergraduate, post-graduation, M.Phil, or Ph.D. The level of the course should be either undergraduate or above. 
Completion of the said degree.


How Can GyanDhan Help You?

GyanDhan is a one-stop-shop for students who wish to pursue an abroad education. We have a myriad of services for students to make their journey easy. For instance, admission counseling, expert SOP review, visa counseling, accommodation, to name a few. We have partnered with vendors who provide the best services. The benefit of availing of these services through GyanDhan is the heavy discount on the prices!

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If you have thought of pursuing MS in the UK, you will have to undertake a channelized procedure. We hope that this article will help you simplify the process. Good Luck!

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