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Is Your Masters in STEM From Abroad Universities Worth the Investment?

Whether you have just graduated or have worked for a few years, this tool can help you understand if you should go for Masters in STEM from abroad universities. This tool, one of its kind, takes opportunity cost into consideration along with the actual cost to help students understand the real return on investment. Students can use this tool to compare the countries based on the return on investment.
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  • Step-1: Enter the target branch.
  • Step-2: Enter the loan amount percent i.e. the percentage of the study abroad expenses you will be funding with your education loan.
  • Step-3: Enter your current annual salary in INR. If you are a student then the expected salary can be used.
  • Step-4: Customize your results by selecting the world ranking range of the universities you are targeting, currency, and the target country.

If you are not sure about the ranking of the university and course you are targeting, click on the ‘Check University Rank’ button to know the university rankings.

How Does The Tool Calculate The Results?

The Tool Considers That -

  • You will not be having any income during your course.
  • You will have to let go of your current salary.
  • You will be paying a part of your study abroad expenses (mentioned by you). This part gets zeroed if you are funding your entire expenses through an education loan.

The Tool Assumes That -

  • You will be placed within 6 months after graduation.
  • You will pay your loan within 5 years after graduation.

Based on the information provided and an assorted list of data points, the tool tells you the additional savings i.e. how much extra you would be able to save compared to if you would have not opted for abroad education. For Example, in 10 Years, a student would have saved INR 30 Lakhs here in India and now by going abroad is able to save INR 1 Cr, then the additional saving is INR 70 Lakhs.

It gives you a country-wise graph of the estimated additional savings (based on the target countries you choose). It also provides a country-wise salary vs investment chart. For an in-depth understanding of the mechanism that we use to compute the figures, read the ‘Methodology’ section below.



United States
Not sure about the ranking of the universities you are targeting? Check them here
Check University Ranks
What You'll Additionally Save

This graph shows how much you will be saving every year after the start of your course in a particular country. You must note that depending on your loan amount percent, the savings could go negative during the initial years as you will not be earning your current salary and will also be paying for your studies. Estimated savings will increase with the course of time. The savings calculated are based on the average salaries earned by the alumni of your target course and college.

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Salary vs. Investment Chart

It shows you two bars- one of the average annual investment and the other of the average annual salary, with respect to the country and the rank of colleges.

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