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InCred is a Non-Banking Financial Company or an NBFC that offers education loans to students who want to pursue higher education either in India or overseas. InCred education loan has flexible terms, and our tech-integration with them makes a quick approval possible. The InCred education loan interest rates are dependent on a student’s academic records, the co-borrower’s financial strength, type of institution applied to, type of academic course applied for and the collateral offered.

The InCred overseas education loan covers tuition fee, living and travel expenses, deposits, proof of funds and other education-related expenses.

  1. InCred Abroad Education Loan - Featured and Benefits
  2. Feature
    S.No. Features InCred Education Loan Details
    1. Loan Amount Maximum: Rs.40 lakh for Incred unsecured education loan and Rs.1 crore for secured loan. Although, case-level exceptions are possible
    2. InCred Education Loan Interest Rate (ROI) Up to Rs.10 lakh: 12.75% - 16%
    Above Rs.10 lakh: 11.75% - 16%
    3. Processing Fee 1% to 1.25% + GST
    4. Margin Money None (They can fund 100% of expenses)
    5. Loan Tenure Up to 10 years
    6. Prepayment Charges NIL
    7. InCred education loan Repayment Holiday NIL (Partial repayment mandatory, it can go as low as 2000 per month)
    8. Processing Time 5 days
    9. Payments during Study Period Simple Interest or Partial Simple Interest, depending on the student’s profile and the target course
    10. Pre-payment Allowed any time without a penalty
    1. 100% finance, no margin money.
    2. Flexible options for repayment.
    3. Express approval for urgent cases.
    4. Customized education loan solutions.
    5. Education loan also includes Living Expenses, Caution Deposit/Building Fund/ Refundable Deposit and Travel expenses for students going abroad.
    6. Digital process, when doing through GyanDhan.
    7. Online account management post disbursement of education loan.
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Low Turnaround Time

GyanDhan gets the Incred loan approved in 5 days.

Doorstep Service

To get an Incred Education Loan approved, you need only upload your documents on GyanDhan’s website. No need to go anywhere physically! What’s more - you get step-wise updates via notifications.

No Cost to You

GyanDhan’s services for applicants are absolutely free. We do not charge any kind of processing fees or commissions from the applicants at all.

Higher Chances of Approval

In case of any missing documents, property issues or other problems, we approach Incred officials promptly to find solutions. This ensures speedy resolution and significantly increases your odds of approval.

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Processing & Approval

Free Doorstep Document Collection

Loan Sanction & Disbursal

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GyanDhan provides a customized documents list for Incred Education loans, which depends on your profile, your co-applicant’s profile and any property/asset, which you may offer as collateral. At a high level, the following documents are needed.

Applicant’s Documents Pertaining to:

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address
  3. Past Academic Record

Co-Applicant’s Documents Pertaining to:

  1. Identity Proof
  2. Address
  3. Financial

After evaluating your profile, GyanDhan will present you with a customized documents’ list and then initiate the loan process with Incred. If some documents are missing, then we will suggest alternatives to get your loan sanctioned on time.

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Q. What is the maximum loan amount one can get for overseas studies?

Easily up to INR 40 Lakhs(Without Collateral) and INR 80 Lakhs (With Collateral), which can be increased as per course fee, country, and co-applicant income, etc.

Q. What is the interest rate on Incred education loan?

Typically for US, it’s between 11.75% and 13.5%, and for other countries, it ranges from 13% to 16%, depending on the college/university applied to.

Q. What is the tenure of an Incred education loan?

The tenure of an Incred education loan is up to 10 years.

Q. Is the loan disbursed in favour of the borrower or the institute/college/university?

Tuition fees and on-campus housing fee is transferred to the university, whereas other living expenses are transferred to the borrower’s account.

Q. Is there a margin on Incred education loans?

No. Incred covers 100% of student’s expenses.

Q. Do education loans have any Income Tax benefits?

No, education loans do not have tax benefits if taken from NBFCs like Incred.

Q. Is there a prepayment penalty on Incred education loans?

Nil. Prepayment is allowed any time without a penalty in Incred.

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