Customer Story 3 : How Ashish Acharya Planned his MS in National College of Ireland ?

Customer Story 3 : How Ashish Acharya Planned his MS in  National College of Ireland ?

customer interview 3 MS in Ireland

Gurkirat Singh Sidhu
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We invite all our customers to a short interview, and a few of them are kind enough to oblige. This is third in the series of such interviews. 

Ashish Acharya  
College of Ireland)


1. What were you doing before deciding to go for masters? 

 Was working for multiple companies in the financial domain for 8 years. Most of my experience is in product implementation.  

2. Why did you decide to go for masters?

Always wanted to go for a postgraduate degree but couldn't afford it back then right after my graduation in the year 2008.

Financial stability and the boom in the analytics field helped me take this decision.

3. How did you go about shortlisting colleges to apply for your masters?

Approached an agency who did all the shortlisting for me.

There were very few colleges in Ireland who were open for January admissions and hence my options were already limited.

4. Is there anything you wish you knew before you started preparing for your applications?

Was lucky enough to have found the right people for every step of my admissions, so except for a thing or two everything else was pretty smooth.

5. Which services (online / education consultants/networks) did you use at the different stages during your application?

 Below is the list of services I used:

Education loan: GyanDhan

Admission consultants: Edwise International. 

6. How did you get to know about GyanDhan?


7. How was your overall experience getting the loan sanctioned via GyanDhan?

 Gathering the required documents for the loan was a headache but I guess that was expected.

The list of required documents provided by Gyandhan was quite helpful. 

8. What problems did you face during the loan application process? And how did the GyanDhan team help you during the process?

Initially had planned on using my parent's apartment as a collateral for the loan but as it didn't have a NOC the loan could not be granted.

Had to use my brother's apartment which had all the documentation for the loan.

 The loan application with SBI took ages and was granted at the last minute. GyanDhan did help here but I guess the problem was with SBI internally.

At one point was even asked by SBI to pay the college fees from my own pocket and get it reimbursed later (Why would I be taking a loan if I had that amount of liquid assets.) 

The relationship manager who was handling my case helped here by talking to the concerned authorities and getting SBI to pay the college directly.

9. Did you apply anywhere else apart from GyanDhan? If yes, then what made you choose GyanDhan among all the loan providers.

No, as all the other loan providers had very bad reviews.

10. Would you recommend your juniors to apply for a loan at GyanDhan? If yes, Why?

 Gyandhan team were quite helpful when it came to answering my stupid queries and had a methodical approach to the loan application.

Would definitely recommend this to others. 

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