Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Application procedure, eligibility criteria, deadlines

The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship is a prestigious international scholarship program funded by the European Union. It offers financial support to outstanding students from around the world to pursue master's or doctoral studies, as well as joint or multiple degree programs, offered by participating European universities. The scholarship covers tuition fees, travel expenses, monthly living allowances, and insurance costs. The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship aims to promote academic excellence, intercultural understanding, and international cooperation in higher education. Interested candidates should check the official Erasmus Mundus website for specific eligibility criteria, application deadlines, and program offerings.

Scholarship details

Offered by

European Commission

Amount granted

Variable for courses

Type of scholarship


Level of program


Deadline/important dates

October 2023 - January 2024

International students


Official URL


  1. Financial Support: The scholarship provides financial assistance that covers tuition fees, living costs, travel expenses, and insurance for the entire duration of the program.
  2. International Experience: Scholars have the opportunity to study and live in multiple countries, gaining valuable cross-cultural experiences and expanding their global perspectives.
  3. High-Quality Education: Scholars can pursue master's or doctoral studies in renowned European universities known for their academic excellence and research opportunities.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Scholars become part of a diverse international community, fostering connections with students, professors, and professionals from various backgrounds and countries.
  5. Academic Mobility: The program allows scholars to study in different institutions within the consortium, enabling them to benefit from the expertise and resources of multiple universities.
  6. Language and Cultural Immersion: Scholars have the chance to learn new languages, immerse themselves in different cultures, and develop intercultural competence, which can enhance their personal and professional growth.
  7. Career Advancement: The Erasmus Mundus Scholarship enhances scholars' employability and career prospects, as they gain a globally recognized degree and valuable international experiences.
  8. Alumni Network: After completing the program, scholars become part of the Erasmus Mundus Alumni Association, providing access to a vast network of professionals and opportunities for collaboration and further career development.

Eligibility criteria

  1. Hold a relevant Bachelor's degree or equivalent from a recognized university.
  2. Meet the specific academic requirements of the Erasmus Mundus program you are applying to.
  3. Be proficient in the language(s) of instruction for the program, as specified by the program.
  4. Meet the nationality requirements, as Erasmus Mundus scholarships are open to students from both EU and non-EU countries.
  5. Fulfill any additional eligibility criteria set by the specific Erasmus Mundus program, such as work experience or specific academic background.
  6. Note that some Erasmus Mundus programs may have specific eligibility requirements for certain target groups, such as students from disadvantaged backgrounds or specific regions.

Application process

  1. No separate scholarship application is needed for students applying for Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s. Candidates must apply through the concerned university’s page and indicate in the form to be considered for the scholarship.
  2. Students can visit the European Commission website and filter out to see the eligible list of courses they can apply for EMJM.
  3. Prepare the required documents, including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, language proficiency certificates, and a motivation letter.
  4. Submit your application through the online portal of the chosen Erasmus Mundus program.
  5. Your application will be evaluated by the program's selection committee, considering factors such as academic qualifications, research experience, and motivation.
  6. If required, participate in an interview as part of the selection process.
  7. The documents required for the application include a motivation letter, letter of recommendation, CV, passport copy, references, etc.

Apply here for Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

Selection process

  1. The selection committee reviews the applications to ensure that candidates meet the eligibility criteria of the Erasmus Mundus program.
  2. The committee assesses the submitted documents, such as academic transcripts, letters of recommendation, and statement of purpose, to evaluate the candidate's academic achievements, research interests, and motivation.
  3. Based on the evaluation of applications, a shortlist of candidates is created, usually taking into consideration their academic merit, relevant experience, and alignment with the program's objectives.
  4. Some Erasmus Mundus programs may require shortlisted candidates to participate in an interview as part of the selection process. The interview may assess the candidate's knowledge, skills, and suitability for the program.
  5. The selection committee evaluates the shortlisted candidates and makes the final selection based on various criteria, including academic excellence, motivation, research potential, and fit with the program's goals.
  6. Successful candidates are informed about their selection and are offered the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. Unsuccessful candidates are notified of their status.
  7. Selected candidates must confirm their acceptance of the scholarship and comply with any further requirements or instructions provided by the Erasmus Mundus program.

Contact details

Candidates can raise their concerns to the following email id:

Disclaimer: The information on this page is taken from the official website of Erasmus Mundus Scholarship. See the original source for any change in the data provided, like dates, facts, etc.

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