Scholarship For Indian Students In Canada

Scholarships to study in Canada for Indian Students

Scholarships to study in Canada for Indian Students

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Know different types of scholarships to study in Canada and complete a guide to scholarships to studies in Canada for Indian students with tips on how to increase the odds of getting financial aid!

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Scholarships, grants, and bursaries can provide financial assistance enabling you to pursue your studies without the burden of high debt. Canadian Bureau of International Education survey report in 2022 stated that 24.4% of students rely on scholarships from universities, 11.5% on scholarships by the government of their home country, 6.8% on scholarships by the Canadian government and 1.4% on financial aid by organizations neither in the home country nor in Canada.


Types of scholarships for international students in Canada

Scholarships in Canada can be divided according to their funding authority. You can look up to three types of scholarships in Canada: 

  • list items Government funded scholarships
  • list items Non-government funded scholarships
  • list items College-specific scholarships
  • Let’s see the scholarship details under each category. 

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    Government-funded scholarships for Indian students in Canada

    International students in Canada have access to numerous scholarships provided by the government to bear the costs of studying and living in Canada

    Scholarship Details Amount Granted Deadline

    Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

    To doctoral students in the field of Health science, Natural sciences, Engineering, Social sciences, Humanities


    70,000 CAD per year for up to 2 years

    September 21, 2023 (tentative)

    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

    To doctoral students of health research, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities

    50,000 CAD per year for 3 years

    November 01, 2023 (tentative)

    Merit Scholarship Program by the Quebec government

    To doctoral students studying in universities of the Quebec province

    25,000 - 35,000 CAD per year


    September 30, 2023

    IDRC Research Awards

    To doctoral students of various subjects.

    42,033 - 48,659 CAD per year for 2 years

    February 15, 2023 

    Ontario Graduate Scholarships

    For master’s or doctoral students at universities in the Ontario province

    10,000 - 15,000 CAD

    January - June 2023 (varies with universities). 

    Ontario Trillium Scholarships

    For doctoral students of universities in Ontario.

    75 scholarships in a year

    40,000 CAD

    March,2023 (tentative)

    Human Frontier Science Program

    To doctoral students of biology

    2,25,000 USD for 3 years

    May 11, 2023

     Dick Martin Scholarship Award 

    To students of Occupational Health and Safety courses

    3000 CAD per year

    January 31, 2023


    These are just a few examples of the many government-funded scholarships available for Indian students who wish to study in Canada. It is advisable to use Gyan Dhan’s scholarship assistance portal for free to research and apply for scholarships that are most relevant to your field of study and academic goals.

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    Non - government funded scholarships in Canada

    If you could not secure a government scholarship in Canada, you can look at scholarships by various organizations in Canada, some of which are listed below:

    Scholarship Details Amount Granted Deadline

    Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

    For doctoral students

    Theme of the scholarship program for 2023-2026 Scientific Cycle is Canada in the World

    40,000 CAD per year for 3 years

    December 2023 (tentative)

    BMO Capital Markets Lime Connect Equity Through Education Scholarship

    For students with disabilities studying financial services

    5000 CAD per year

    April 09, 2023

    Google PhD Fellowship Program

    For students in AI and IT

    Full tuition and other fees covered + a monthly stipend

    April 18, 2023

    Education Future International Scholarship

    For Indian students of UG/PG courses in top institutions abroad

    3,319 - 16,594 CAD

    Rolling deadlines

    J.N. Tata Endowment for the Higher Education of Indians(loan scholarship)

    A merit-based education loan scholarship for education abroad

    1659 - 16,594 CAD

    March 07, 2023

     K.C. Mahindra Scholarships for Post - Graduate Studies Abroad 

    Students pursuing any first - class degree or diploma at a recognized foreign institution

    8,298 - 16,594 CAD

    March 31, 2023

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    University-specific scholarships in Canada

    There are several university-specific scholarships available in Canada for international students. Here are some examples:

    Scholarship Details Amount granted Deadline

    University of British Columbia Outstanding International Student Award

    One time merit and need based to outstanding students after they gain admission at UBC

    25,000 CAD

    January 15, 2023

    Entrance Scholarships - Carleton University

    To undergraduates students with 80% scores and a demonstrated financial need

    500 - 2000 CAD per year

    June 30, 2023

    University of Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 

    Two scholarships every year for undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 2.64 or a score of 24.00 units

    20,000 CAD

    March 01, 2023

    University of Alberta International Undergraduate Scholarships 

    Admission-based and application-based scholarships

    Vary for different scholarships bw 5000 - 29,000 CAD

    January 11, 2023

    University of Winnipeg President’s Scholarship for World Leaders

    Master’s students with minimum 80% marks in undergraduate

    5000 CAD per year

    June 01, 2023

    University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship

    For master’s or doctoral students with a GPA of 3.0/4.0

    14,000 - 18,000 CAD per year

    January 16, 2023

    Dalhousie University Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarship - Doctoral 

    To doctoral students of various subjects 

    15,000 CAD per year

    October 03, 2023 (tentative)

    University of Waterloo Hira and Kamal Ahuja International Graduate Scholarship

    For master’s or doctoral studies in engineering with 80% marks in the last qualifying exam from IITs – Delhi, Mumbai, Ropar, Roorkee, Kanpur, and Kharagpur 

    10,000 CAD per year

    No specific deadlines

    University of Waterloo Arthur F. Church Entrance Scholarships 

    Two scholarships each year for undergraduates, to a student of Mechatronics and Computer or Systems Design Engineering

    10,000 CAD per year

    February 17, 2023

    University of Toronto Sherryl Kintu Scholarship 

    Students of diploma courses in management and business with financial need

    100% of the tuition fee

    January 31, 2023 (tentative)

    Hydro-Québec Admission Scholarship - Laval University

    For master’s or doctoral students of humanities and STEM courses 

    6,000 - 8,000 CAD per year for master’s and 100,000 - 120,000 for doctoral courses

    February 15, 2023 (tentative)

    Bursaries from Simon Fraser University

    For graduate students with a CGPA of 3.0 (waived for first semester students) with a demonstrated financial need

    Up to 60,000 CAD per year

    January 13, 2023


    College-specific scholarships in Canada

    The table below presents a handpicked list of college specific scholarships in Canada:

    Scholarship Details Amount granted Deadline

    Seneca College Entrance Awards

    Undergraduate students with a minimum of 80% marks in the last qualifying exam 

    500 - 1000 CAD per year

    October 31, 2023

    Scotiabank International Partner Entrance Scholarship

    Students of diploma, degree, or postgraduate certificate courses with a minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA

    5000 CAD per year

    January 31, 2023 - Winter session

    September 30, 2023 - Fall session

    George Brown Scholarship Assist-on Scholarship

    Students of diploma, degree, or postgraduate certificate courses with a minimum of 3.0/4.0 GPA

    1000 CAD per year

    January 31, 2023 - Winter session

    September 30, 2023 - Fall session

    Humber Entrance Scholarships

    International students of a graduate certificate, diploma, and advanced diploma with a good GPA, statement of interest, and reference letters

    2000 CAD per year 

    May 31, 2023 - Summer session

    September 30, 2023 - Fall session

    Conestoga College Degree Entrance Scholarships

    Full-time students are awarded the scholarships, based on their academic excellence 

    3000 CAD per year

    February 10, 2023 - Winter session

    June 09, 2023 - Spring session

     Lambton college scholarships for international students 

    Students with a minimum score of 6.5 in IELTS or 79 in TOEFL can apply

    3000 CAD for two semesters

    No specific dates

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    How to apply for scholarships in Canada?

    Here are a few essential steps you need to keep in mind when applying for scholarships in Canada: 


    It's important to note that scholarship applications can be competitive, so make sure to apply to multiple scholarships and give yourself enough time to complete the application process. 

    6 tips to increase your chances of getting scholarships

  • list items Start your research early, some scholarships are awarded as part of the admission process and some are to be applied for separately. 
  • list items Cast a wide net and apply for variety of scholarships, government, organizations, university specific 
  • list items Maintain a good academic record and prove your academic worth, get involved in extracurricular activities
  • list items Write a compelling scholarship essay and proofread before submission
  • list items Request strong letters of recommendation and attest your abilities and achievements
  • list items Submit your application early and avoid missing deadlines
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    How to ensure your scholarship is not revoked in Canada?

    You might lose a scholarship if:

  • list items The grade point average per semester is not as per the scholarship rules. 
  • list items The scholarship was for a specific major or subject, and the student switched to another field. 
  • list items The grant required a particular number of credit hours, and you didn't meet them. It can change your student status from full-time to part-time or half-time, which impacts the aid.
  • list items The scholarship fund is utilized for purposes other than the one mentioned in the terms. 

    As a student, make sure you keep academic scores on track as required for the continuity of the scholarship. Stay up to date regarding scholarship eligibility, selection process and deadlines by being part of GyanDhan discussion forum!

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