Cost of Studying in Canada

Cost of Studying in Canada

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Planning to study in Canada? Well, it’s important to know the pre and post-arrival expenses. Read this blog to get a detailed overview.

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Canada is one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students. The number of Indian students studying in Canada has increased significantly in recent years. Study programs like engineering, nursing, economics, media, journalism, and many more are well-known among students.

The country has a robust economy, multiculturalism, and the best education system that attract students from around the globe. According to the Global Peace Index, Canada ranks 12th globally, making it one of the most peaceful countries. One of the best policies in Canada is the ability to work and earn money through programs like the Co-op.


Language Proficiency Test


University Application Fee

Fees vary from university to university

Additional Examinations (if required)

GRE- CAD 346 

Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec
(Only Required for Province of Quebec Universities)

CAD 120

Study Permit

CAD 150

Medical Examinations

Check the list of doctors approved by the Canadian government and accordingly the cost. 

Flight Tickets

CAD 1600-2000

College Tuition Fees

Table program-wise in the blog


CAD 3,000-8000.

Other Expenses (Food, Study Material, and travel)

CAD 2,000-3000

NOTE: CAD = Canadian Dollar

While studying in Canada has its benefits and perks, it involves a cost such as tuition fees, living expenses, pre-arrival expenses, etc.

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In this blog, we will traverse through the different costs of studying in Canada to give you an idea of how much money you’ll need to carry out your higher education in the country. 

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Before you arrive in Canada, you need to bear the pre-arrival expenses as follows:

  • list items Cost of language proficiency test: Students take English proficiency tests such as IELTS and TOEFL to demonstrate that they are capable of understanding the language in English.IELTS costs around CAD 260  while TOEFL costs around CAD 285.   
  • list items Application fees for various universities: Once students have selected the course and made up their minds to study in Canada, The next crucial step is determining the registration fees of universities. The registration fees vary from university to university, so you need to check with the universities.  
  • list items Cost of additional examinations: If you plan to study for postgraduate studies, you will be required to apply for examinations like the GMAT or GRE. The cost of the GMAT examination is CAD 346 while GRE will cost you CAD 305 approximately.   
  • list items Certificate of Acceptance of Quebec: Students planning to study in the Province of Quebec will be required to apply for a CAQ certificate, as it will allow them to study and work. The fee required for this will be CAD 120.  
  • list items Cost of a study permit: A study permit allows international students to stay in Canada. Once your study permit is approved, the authorities automatically issue a visitor visa that allows you to enter Canada. The cost of a study permit is around CAD 150, while there is no cost required for a visitor visa.  
  • list items Cost of medical tests: Medical tests and certificates are required while studying in Canada. You must take the test while you are in India for that you will have to pay the fees of the doctor and all the examinations recommended by them. Note: It is important to check the list of Panel Physicians recommended on the official site of the Canadian government.   
  • list items Cost of your flight tickets: Once you have completed all the prerequisites for studying in Canada. It's time for you to book a flight to land in the country of maple. The cost of flight tickets keeps on varying from city to city. In general, the flights will cost you somewhere CAD 1600-2000.




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Now that we are clear on the pre-arrival cost of studying in Canada, it's time to understand the post-arrival cost; this includes the cost of studying and living in Canada. 
Let's begin with the cost of studying that differs program-wise.



This table represents the cost of studying according to various programs. The cost written here is from reliable sources like QS ranking, numerous University pages of Canadian universities, and times higher education.



CAD 32,886

CAD 10,500


CAD 18,000

CAD 12,000


CAD 33,000

Not Available

Architecture and Related Technologies

CAD 22,100

CAD 20,000


CAD 26,582

CAD 15,800

Mathematics and Computer Science

CAD 25,000

CAD 13,000

Business Management

CAD 23,500

CAD 20,000


CAD 27,056

CAD 16,549

Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies


CAD 15752

Agriculture & Forestry

CAD 26,208


Social and behavioral sciences, and legal studies

CAD 31007

CAD 16273

Mathematics, computer and information sciences

CAD 35000

CAD 17000




Business Management



Personal, protective and transportation services

CAD 27681


Executive MBA


CAD 62526

Regular MBA


CAD 50000

NOTE: CAD = Canadian Dollar

We know the basic overview of the average cost of studying in Canada program-wise, it's time to understand the cost of living. 
Once you have arranged money for the total cost of studying, it's also crucial to plan the budget for the cost of living in Canada; including the cost of accommodation, travel, health insurance, and some miscellaneous expenses.

Let us look into this one by one.


Cost of living city-wise



  CAD 2,500



  CAD 3,000



 CAD 2,189 



 CAD 1,500



 CAD 1,300

NOTE: CAD = Canadian Dollar

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Accommodation Cost: The accommodation cost varies from city to city. The cost of accommodation also depends on the choice of whether you want to live in the university hostel or outside the university campus. 

  • list items Cost of living in the campus facility: You get an option to get a room inside the university with well-equipped amenities like study desks, furnished beds, bookshelves, washrooms, and a pantry. If you want to reduce the cost you can invite your collegemate to share your room. This will cost you somewhere around CAD 3,000-5000.   
  • list items Cost of living outside the campus: If you want to explore things more independently then you have the option to live outside the campus as well. For this type of system, you will have to pay the rent 2 months in advance. This will cost you around CAD 3,000-8,000.  
  • list items Health Insurance Cost: It is mandatory for International students to take health insurance so that in case of emergency they don’t face any difficulty. Health insurance will cost around CAD 700-900. 

It’s time to understand the most important part which is arranging the cost of studying and living in Canada.

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Arranging the Cost of living and studying in Canada

  • list items Education Loan: To arrange the cost of studying and living in Canada most students take Education loans against various collateral. Students can take loans from various government banks, private banks, and NBFCs. The education loan provided by these banks covers the cost of tuition fees and expenses of living, examination fees, purchase of books, uniforms, equipment and instruments, computers/laptops; and travel fare, i.e. ticket from India to Canada.  
  • list items To cope with the studying and living costs, many funding options are available, like- Host country government funding schemes Canadian higher education institutions scholarships, grants, awards, bursaries or fellowships Student loans
  • list items Host country government funding schemes
  • list items Canadian higher education institutions scholarships, grants, awards, bursaries or fellowships
  • list items Student loans


Name of scholarships 

  • list items Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship
  • list items Vanier Graduate Scholarships
  • list items IDRC Research Awards
  • list items Ontario Graduate Scholarships
  • list items Ontario Trillium Scholarship
  • list items Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship
  • list items Canada- ASEAN SEED

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We hope this blog post will help you plan your studies in Canada better and give you a better idea of the overall costs of studying in Canada. It is always smart to plan your expenses before moving outside India. Additionally, you can connect with GyanDhan, as we are here to support you throughout your study abroad journey, from providing you with the best banking partners to guiding you every step of the way. 

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