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Education Loan to Study in France 2023

Education Loan to Study in France 2023

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Thinking of Studying abroad in France? These are your choices for an education loan with the lowest interest rates and a hassle-free process, along with free doorstep assistance.

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Currently more than 6,000 of them coming from India. The French government aims to welcome 20,000 Indian students to the country by 2025. This can be an excellent opportunity if used wisely, as France offers new endeavors like learning a second language, exploring research in new areas, and more. Studying abroad can be financially challenging, and to make your learning experience stress-free, an education loan can be useful. In this blog, we will discuss the education loan options available for France.


Cost of studying in France

Studying in France is considerably cheaper than usual study abroad destination choices, such as the USA, UK, or Canada. This is because the government provides subsidies to public universities, which results in lower tuition fees. Even private universities in France have lower tuition fees when compared to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia. Due to this cost advantage, France has been rising in popularity as a new study-abroad destination.

The tuition fee for the Bachelor's program is around EUR 2,770 per annum, and for the Master's program, it is EUR 3,770 per annum. Additionally, French universities charge a small annual admin fee for international students. The cost of living in France can vary from city to city, but on average, the cost of living in France is considered to be around EUR 1,100 per month.

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Education loan eligibility for France

To successfully get admitted to a French university and obtain an education loan for studying in France, you would need to fulfill the below-mentioned eligibility criteria:

  • list items You must be a minimum of 18 years and an Indian citizen. 
  • list items You must have applied to a recognized French university for a full-time program.
  • list items You should have an excellent past academic record. 
  • list items Strong career prospects for unsecured loans, and collateral for secured loans.
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    Expenses covered by an education loan for France

    The different expenses which are covered under the education loan for France are - 

  • list items Tuition fees
  • list items Travel expenses 
  • list items Caution deposit money
  • list items Accommodation expenditures
  • list items Purchase of books, laptop, and stationery
  • list items Study tours and project work during the academic year
  • list items Other reasonable expenses that would be required to complete the course successfully
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    Secured education loan for France

    A secured education loan for France is a type of education loan in which you would be required to pledge collateral/security. Thus, this is also called an education loan with collateral. Collateral can include property (such as a house or land), fixed deposits (FDs), or insurance policies. This type of loan typically offers several benefits, including lower interest rates, extended repayment periods, and the potential for higher loan amounts to be approved. Public sector banks are preferred due to their large loan amounts, lower interest rates, and other benefits over private banks and NBFCs. Below is a table that showcases different lenders and their offerings in terms of secured education loans.

    Lender Name Maximum Loan Amount (in INR) Rate of Interest Margin Money


    Up to 1.5 Cr

    10.65% (for girls)

    11.50% (for boys)



    Up to 1 Cr

    10.5% - 10.85%


    (listed university)


    (non-listed university)

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    Unsecured education loan for France

    As the name suggests, an unsecured education loan for France does not require you to pledge collateral and thus it is also called an education loan without collateral. Being an education loan this is not asking you to put in a security, the interest rate can be a bit high as compared to public sector banks.

    Three types of lenders can provide you with education loans for France. They are private banks, NBFCs, and international lenders. Let's look at the particular lender offering in the table given below - 

    Lender Name Maximum Loan Amount  Rate of Interest Margin Money

    Axis Bank

    Up to 50 Lakhs INR

    11% - 13.50%


    ICICI Bank

    Up to 50 Lakhs INR

    10.85% - 12.50%

    0 - 15%


    Up to 35 Lakhs INR 

    11.75% - 13.25% 


    HDFC Credila 

    Up to 20 Lakhs INR (Only STEM Courses)

    12% - 13%



    Up to 20 Lakhs INR (Only STEM Courses)

    12.75% - 13.25%


    Prodigy Finance

    Up to 100,000 USD

    12% - 14%



    Choosing the best lender

    We understand that having more choices can make it complicated to choose the right lender. However, don't worry! We have prepared a list of factors that can assist you in comparing lenders and finding the one that aligns best with your needs. These factors will help you evaluate and choose the perfect lender for yourself: 

    These factors will help you evaluate


    Documents required for education loan for France

    Now that you know how to choose the best lender, it is essential to understand the documents required to complete your loan application process seamlessly. The documents requirements for getting an education loan to study in France are shown in the list below:

  • list items Letter of admission from the University
  • list items Loan application form filled out in full
  • list items Documents on the cost of studies
  • list items Identification proof
  • list items Residence proof
  • list items PAN details of the candidate
  • list items Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's bank statements
  • list items Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's statement of assets
  • list items Guarantor/ co-borrower/ student's proof of income
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    How to get education loan for France?

    Acquiring an education loan for France is a straightforward process. However, dealing with multiple lenders individually can be overwhelming. To simplify this, GyanDhan offers streamlined assistance in obtaining education loans for France through the following steps:

  • list items Check your eligibility on GyanDhan's platform.
  • list items Connect with a dedicated loan expert for personalized assistance and lender recommendations.
  • list items Receive a customized document checklist for easy organization.
  • list items Submit the required documents as per the lender's guidelines.
  • list items Await verification (usually 7 to 15 days). Once approved, sign the agreement and monitor progress on GyanDhan's user dashboard.
  • list items Initiate loan disbursement following the lender's procedures, with funds directly deposited into your account or disbursed to the university by international lenders.  
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    Reasons why you should study in France

    Although, if you've reached this far in the blog, there's no need to convince you to study in France and explain why it's a good study abroad destination. However, below are some reasons why you should consider studying in France

  • list items You don't have to worry about language barriers in France. Schools like the Paris School of Business and others teach international students entirely in English.
  • list items In the Global University Employability Ranking 2022, 18 French universities, including renowned business schools like HEC Paris and ESSEC Business School, hold prominent positions on the list.
  • list items There are various scholarships available that you can apply when planning to study in France as the government here promote higher education by giving out scholarships
  • list items International students with valid student visas are allowed to work up to 964 hours per year while studying in France. This opportunity enables students to take on part-time jobs on or off-campus, providing them with a means to supplement their financial resources.  
  • From everything that has been discussed above, it is evident that in the coming years, France will be one of the top study abroad destinations for Indian students. The country provides unique advantages such as learning a second language and exploring areas of study that are not well established in other places like fashion, film-making, and more. GyanDhan, the education financing expert, can make your journey seamless. Check your loan eligibility with GyanDhan to find the best lender and receive a customized document checklist. We will help you in the entire process free of cost. Embrace an extraordinary educational adventure in France, supported by GyanDhan's expertise. Don't miss the chance to make your dreams of studying in France a reality!

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    Frequently asked questions

    Is France an expensive country to study in?

    France is not expensive when compared to other European countries. Their public universities have very low tuition fees and the majority of city excluding Paris has a low cost of living as well. 

    What is the highest amount available for an unsecured education loan to pursue studies in France?

    If you are looking for an unsecured education loan then you can get an amount up to 50 Lakhs to study in France. 

    How I can improve my eligibility to get an education loan for France?

    Here are several strategies to enhance your eligibility for securing an education loan for France:

  • list items Achieve excellent academic performance and grades.
  • list items Gain acceptance into prestigious universities and educational institutions in France.
  • list items Present a robust financial profile.
  • list items Exhibit stable employment prospects after completing your studies.
  • Can I work while studying in France?

    International students with valid student visas are allowed to work up to 964 hours per year while studying in France.

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