Scholarships for MS in the USA

Scholarships for MS in the USA

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Are you looking for scholarships for MS in USA? Check out GyanDhan’s comprehensive list of scholarships for MS in US which will cut down the cost of studying abroad.

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Studying MS in the USA has always been an attractive proposition but one thing that remains a challenge is the cost of studying. Scholarships for MS in the USA can provide substantial financial support and help you to study with ease as you won’t have stress due to financial burden. Given the rise in aspirants going USA to pursue MS courses, getting scholarships for abroad studies has become competitive. To help you choose the best scholarship as per your requirements and calibre we have developed this blog in which few top scholarships and university-specific scholarships will be covered.


Top scholarships for MS in the USA

There are many scholarships that you can choose from to ease your financial burden to study MS in the USA and all of them are compiled by us on GyanDhan’s scholarship portal. Let’s discuss the top 7 scholarships among the many that you can consider that are not university-specific in nature. These scholarships are -

Scholarship Benefits

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

100% of tuition fees and cost of living; 50% scholarship, 50% loan basis

Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship

Covers living expenses, visa cost, round-trip economy class travel to and from the US, health insurance coverage, part of tuition fees

National Overseas Scholarship

A one-time payment of 15,400 USD covers educational materials, flight and living expenses, health insurance, and visa charges, supporting students comprehensively.

AAUW International Fellowship

Grant of 20,000 - 50,000 USD is provided.

Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship

Interest-free loan up to 20 Lakh that can cover the cost of study.

GyanDhan Scholarship

Amount of 1,00,000 is granted to one meritorious student.

Prodigy Finance - GyanDhan Engineering Scholarship

Total Amount - 5,000 USD. (Each individual gets 2,500 USD)

Let’s see which of these scholarships you can apply for.

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Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship

The Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Programme provides financial assistance to students from developing countries pursuing master's degrees in the US, Canada, and other countries. The scholarship covers 50% of the costs as a grant, with the remaining 50% as a loan to be repaid. Repayment begins six months after completing the course, or after two years if students continue to study or work in the same country.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Should be from the Asian region.
  • list items Good academic background.
  • list items Enrollment in a postgraduate program.
  • list items Above average score on English proficiency test.

Fullbright-Nehru Master’s Fellowship

It is a merit/need-based scholarship program that offers funding for Indian students to pursue a master's degree at selected colleges and universities in the USA.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Bachelor's degree with 55%
  • list items 3 years experience
  • list items Community service
  • list items Should be from one of the eligible courses. Know more here.

National Overseas Scholarship

National Overseas Scholarship is one of the popular scholarships to study abroad in destinations like the USA. the aim of this scholarship is to uplift the economic and social status of low-income students from the Scheduled Castes, Denotified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Landless Agricultural Laborers, and Traditional Artisans categories through higher education abroad.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Minimum 60% score in bachelors
  • list items Should be from SC, ST, or OBC community
  • list items Family income less than 8 Lakh
  • list items Age less than 35 years

AAUW International Fellowship

The AAUW (American Association of University Women) international fellowships support women from non-US countries for graduate or postgraduate studies in the US. The fellowships aim to help candidates who align with the organization’s vision and are expected to have a commitment to uplifting women and girls in their home countries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Citizens apart from the USA
  • list items Undergraduate done with good academics and non-US institute
  • list items A good score on the English proficiency test.
  • list items Proof of how the course will help in a career in your home country

Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation Scholarship

The Narotam Sekhsaria Scholarship for Higher Studies is an interest-free loan by the Narotam Sekhsaria Foundation, a prominent non-profit organization in India. Awarded to meritorious students who secure admission to reputed universities in India and abroad, this postgraduate scholarship is restricted to selected fields of study. Repayment of the loan starts from the second year of study and must be completed by the fourth year.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Indian citizen
  • list items Age less than 30 years
  • list items Enrolled in postgraduate courses at a top university
  • list items Guidance from mentors

Interest-free loan up to 20 Lakh that can cover the cost of study.

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GyanDhan Scholarship

GyanDhan scholarship is a financial aid of a fixed amount that will be granted to students based on the merit and strength of the profile submitted. This can be availed by students who plan to study master's in the USA, Canada, or other countries.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Enrollment in 2-year MS courses in the USA or other eligible countries.
  • list items Indian resident
  • list items Loan application process through GyanDhan

An amount of 1,00,000 is granted to one meritorious student.

Prodigy Finance - GyanDhan Engineering Scholarship

The Prodigy Finance - GyanDhan Engineering scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is awarded to two individuals at the beginning of fall every year. All the applicants are judged based on their individual calibre and academic records.

Eligibility Criteria

  • list items Indian resident
  • list items Completed UG from a reputed Indian Institute
  • list items Completed or in process of Prodigy Finance loan through GyanDhan
  • list items Must be enrolled in MS engineering course.

Note: There is one more scholarship called “Prodigy Finance - GyanDhan Scholarship” which also offers 2,500 USD to two high-achieving students who want to pursue MS or MBA abroad. The eligibility criteria are the same as previously mentioned.


University-specific scholarships for MS in the USA

In addition to the scholarships mentioned earlier, there are additional opportunities available for pursuing MS in the USA. These scholarships are known as university-specific scholarships, and as the name suggests, they are specifically for a particular university, usually sponsored by that institution. Below is a table that has been compiled to show 10 such scholarships that you can consider applying for.

Scholarship/University Name Benefits Eligibility

TATA Scholarship at Cornell University

100% of tuition fee is covered

  • list items Indian citizen
  • list items UG degree admit to Cornell University
  • list items 70% marks in school
  • list items No year gap
  • list items TOEFL: 100
  • list items IELTS: 7

Illinois State University scholarship

Up to 5,000 USD per semester

  • list items Good academic background.
  • list items Continuous performance of the semester.
  • list items Average 3.5 GPA

Oregon State University scholarship

Up to 3,000 USD per year

  • list items Indian resident
  • list items Good GPA and other standardized test scores.

New York University Wagner Scholarship

Up to 100% of tuition fees

  • list items Based on merit and application strength.
  • list items Past academic background.

Michigan State University scholarship

Up to 25,000 USD

  • list items Academics scores
  • list items Involvement in extracurricular activities

Columbia University Scholarship

15% - 100% reduction of tuition fee

  • list items Good past academics
  • list items Above 3.0 GPA
  • list items A good score in standardized tests

Colby-Sawyer College scholarship

15,000 USD - 28,000 USD per year

  • list items Past academic scored
  • list items Current GPA
  • list items Community service involvement

East Tennessee State University

Upto 11,500 USD per year

  • list items Enrollment in full-time course
  • list items 3.0 GPA or above
  • list items STEM course

Yale Univerisity Scholarship

Up to 70,000 USD per year

  • list items Enrolled in full-time masters course
  • list items Maintain above average GPA
  • list items Excellent past academics

University of Minnesota Fellowship

Up to 100% cost to study in USA

  • list items Completed bachelors at reputed university.
  • list items Excellent professional and academic record.

Did you know? Maintaining a consistent GPA throughout your MS course is crucial, as it serves as a significant factor for scholarship sponsors. There exists a misconception that an excellent GRE score can compensate for a lower GPA, but in reality, this is not the case.

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How to increase your chances of getting scholarships?

There are a few strategies that can help you to ensure that you are able to increase your odds of getting your scholarship approval. These strategies are as follows -

  • list items Adherence to eligibility - You should ensure that you have checked the eligibility and all other requirements in relation to the scholarship so that you are able to meet all these and the chances of rejection can be decreased as much as possible.
  • list items Strengthening your application profile - There are certain ways in which you can increase the strength of your profile and result in increasing the odds of scholarship approval. You can include extracurricular activities, leadership qualities, internships, publications, recognition, etc for the same.
  • list items Researching - It is important that you research for all the eligible scholarships for yourself so that you have multiple options in front of you. You can apply to multiple scholarships so that you can have increased chances to ease your financial burden.
  • list items Early application - There are deadlines for every scholarship and in order to ensure that you do not end up missing them it is advised for you to apply early.  

Did you Know? There are more than 1,100 scholarships available at USA top universities for international students for the academic year 2024-2025.

There are numerous scholarships available when planning to pursue MS in the USA, but the key lies in applying for the right ones that can be approved and reduce your financial burden. This blog discusses the top scholarships for MS in the USA and also delves into a selection of university-specific scholarships. Armed with this information, you will be better equipped to make an informed choice. If you desire further details about these scholarships or have questions about aspects such as the application process, eligibility criteria for specific scholarships, and more, feel free to post your queries on the GyanDhan discussion forum. Here, you can benefit from insights provided by experts, prospective students, and alumni.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I get fully funded scholarship to study MS in US?

There is no fixed amount or benefit related to scholarships for MS in the USA. All the scholarships have different benefits associated which can cover up to 100% of your cost to study.

What type of scholarship can I get for MS in the USA?

You can get a full scholarship or a partial scholarship depending on the eligibility criteria and the scholarship conditions. There are some scholarships that are provided semester or year wise which need to be renewed on the basis of a consistent GPA is maintained throughout the previous semester or year.

Can a scholarship for MS in the USA be revoked after being approved?

Yes, there are specific scenarios in which your scholarships can get revoked. These scenarios include - if the information is incorrect in application if you have not maintained an average score during your studies, or if you have changed university/course.

How much CGPA is required on average to get a scholarship for MS in the USA?

The average CGPA that you would require for the majority of the scholarship is 3.0 on a point scale. The required CGPA may vary depending on the scholarship and the university you are targeting.

When should I begin applying for a scholarship for MS in the USA?

It is advised that you should begin your scholarship application process 8 to 9 month before starting your degree. This will ensure that you are able to secure the required scholarship on time.

What is the average IELTS or other English language proficiency test required to get a scholarship for MS in the USA?

To maximize your chances of securing a scholarship for a Master's program in the USA, having an IELTS score in the 6.5 or higher range is typically a prerequisite and a strong indicator of your eligibility.

How much GRE score is required to get a scholarship for MS in the USA?

To enhance your chances of securing a scholarship for pursuing a Master's degree in the USA, aiming for a GRE score exceeding 300 is advisable. This score threshold not only strengthens your eligibility but also boosts your competitiveness for the targeted scholarships.

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