Customer Story 1 : How Vaibhav Planned his MS in US ?

Customer Story 1 : How Vaibhav Planned his MS in US ?

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This extraordinary Customer Story will tell How Vaibhav planned his MS in the US. What was his game plan and how he strategized his entry into one of the most premier institutes of the world

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We invite all our customers to a short interview, and a few of them are kind enough to oblige. This is first in the series of such interviews.  




Vaibhav Desai

 (Mumbai University to Stevens Institute of Technology)*



1.  What were you doing before you went to Stevens Institute Of technology

I was working with Datavail Infotech as Data Engineer- SQL.

2.  Why did you decide to go for masters?

I decided in the month of November 2015 to pursue masters from the United States. I want to upgrade my skills to take up the challenge of Big Data and I felt pursuing a master in it from the United States will open up many opportunities.

3. How did you go about shortlisting colleges to apply for your masters?

I had done my research on universities offering Data Analytics course and had later also joined an online counselor with whom I confirmed regarding my choice.

4. Is there anything you wish you knew before you started preparing for your applications?

A lot. I started very late as I took the decision of Masters on basis of my other work’s outcome. This caused me to miss out on some universities due to their deadline. Regarding entrance tests You need to be prepared and these can be done online. However, regarding University selection and the remaining processes including your education loan, you do need a proper guidance in advance.

5. Which services (online / education consultants / networks) did you use at the different stages during your                      application?

I used GREEDGE for GRE by doing it online. I used Youtube and Magoosh for GRE and TOEFL. I joined GREEDGE online counseling for University process.I came across Gyandhan (Jainesh, Co-Founder) for educational loan which for me was very important though last step.

6.How did you get to know about GyanDhan?

I received a mail regarding the Gyandhan organization and I had a conversation with Jainesh which made me very comfortable and felt the right counseling team to get a loan from nationalized bank.

7. How was your overall experience getting the loan sanctioned via GyanDhan?

The experience with Gyandhan team especially Jainesh, Milan, and Aman (Head Marketing & Operations) have been great.The service was so efficient and most importantly personal. I really loved the follow up by this team.

8. What problems did you face during the loan application process? And how did the GyanDhan team help you during the process?

I always had a doubt regarding the cumbersome process of securing a loan from nationalized banks and I did face many difficulties in completing the process. I have to say that it was this team especially Milan and Aman who kept me on the track and helped in securing it successfully.

Two instances:

  • list items I had submitted my documents with SBI and called them regarding the update but didn’t get any news. It was the follow up by Milan and due to her initiative, I got the feedback on time.
  • list items Similarly, my file was stuck for one document which I explained to the SBI team that this will be furnished while the other part can be done parallel so that I don’t lose out on time however my request fell on deaf ears. It was Aman’s interference which got the process moving and yes I did furnish the single pending document at the later stage.

9. Did you apply anywhere else apart from GyanDhan? If yes, then what made you choose GyanDhan among all the loan providers.

Yes, I had applied at Credila and Avanse. As I said earlier the follow-up and the personal touch by this team has been very fruitful. Also, the product by the nationalized banks are better.This team is handled by the ones who know the process a student has to face in securing a loan via a nationalized bank.Most importantly moneywise I didn't saw any commission fee or interest fee by the team and guidance has been great at each stage.

10. Would you recommend your juniors to apply for a loan at GyanDhan? If yes, Why?

Definitely, securing a finance support for your education is a very important stage and there are good educational loan products. To secure it completely, many stages have to be passed which can be tiresome and a negative response/feedback in any of these stages can lead to failure. Therefore I feel we do need a proper and experienced guidance for it. In my experience, Gyandhan has been awesome.

*As told to Aman Jain (GyanDhan) by Vaibhav Desai

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