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How Your Education Loan Rate of Interest Can Change?

Updated March, 20, 2017

It is not commonly known that your education loan rate of interest can change depending on various factors - floating rate plus Spread value. In this article, learn all the details here so that you can save money.

What Constitutes A Good Letter Of Recommendation?

Updated December, 02, 2016

A Good Letter Of Recommendation can often make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Learn how you can get a stellar LOR detailing your virtues and other aspects of your personality

How to Improve your CIBIL Score?

Updated July, 21, 2017

Your CIBIL score is an important part of your loan application and hence, it is imperative that it ought to be in the optimum range for success of your loan application. Learn how you can improve your CIBIL score and also maximise your chances of landing the loan

Customer Story 2 : How Pradeep went to UCSB from IIT Madras ?

Updated December, 29, 2016

This extraordinary Customer Story will tell How Pradeep went to UCSB from IIT Madras. What was his game plan and how he strategized his entry into one of the most premier institutes of the world

How to Write a Killer Statement of Purpose (SOP) ?

Updated November, 22, 2016

Statement of purpose (SOP) is a critical aspect of application. A Good SOP can often make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Learn how you to write a stellar SOP detailing your virtues and other aspects of your personality

MBA in India vs. Abroad vs MS vs Job

Updated January, 04, 2017

It is quite a confusing thing to choose between MBA in India vs. MBA abroad vs MS vs Job. Each of these entities hold their own special importance and this article will guide you into making an informed decision.

Prep for your Education Loan for MS/MBA Abroad: CIBIL Score

Updated January, 25, 2017

While Prepping for your education loan for MS/MBA abroad, the CIBIL score is an important aspect of the application process. Learn about how it can affect your overall application

Education loan for MS/MBA Abroad: 2 Common Misunderstandings

Updated March, 31, 2017

It is not easy to get an Education loan for MS/MBA abroad as the Sanctioned amount vs disbursed amount are not always in sync plus there's the issue of margin money.

Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Overseas Vidya Nidhi Telangana Details

Updated February, 15, 2022

Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Overseas Vidya Nidhi gives financial assistance to underprivileged students from backward classes for studying abroad. Get complete info on the scholarship here

Customer Story 1 : How Vaibhav Planned his MS in US ?

Updated December, 19, 2016

This extraordinary Customer Story will tell How Vaibhav planned his MS in the US. What was his game plan and how he strategized his entry into one of the most premier institutes of the world

Spain Study Visa for Indian Students

Updated November, 01, 2021

Know the Spain study visa for Indian students. Understand the time to apply, the application process, documents required, and types of Spanish student visas.

All About The Disbursement Process of InCred Education Loan

Updated August, 26, 2020

Availed the InCred education loan but not sure how the funds are transferred? Read the blog to know about the disbursement process of InCred in detail.

Italy Student Visa For Indian Students

Updated October, 16, 2021

Know all about Italian study visa for Indian students. Understand the time to apply, application process, documents required, and the types of Italy student visas.

Foreign Education Loan for Abroad Studies: A Complete Guide for Students

Updated March, 01, 2021

Learn everything about education loans for foreign studies. Know about the interest rates, types of loans, eligibility, process, loan tenure, and more.

Central Bank of India Education Loan Options

Updated November, 03, 2020

Read GyanDhan’s complete guide on Central Bank of India education loan schemes for India and abroad. Learn about schemes, eligibility criteria and documents required.

How To Apply To A University Outside Your Area Of Specialization?

Updated December, 08, 2016

Do you want To Apply To A University Outside Your Area Of Specialization and then how you should go about it? This article discusses how you can successfully do so by networking, research work, minor degree etc.

Education Loan Without Cosigner for Abroad Studies

Updated August, 09, 2021

Check loan eligibility, top lenders. Documents required for unsecured loan- no collateral, no co-applicant, admission proof, your credit report, address proof.

New Zealand Universities Application Deadline

Updated March, 04, 2022

Read GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide on outlining the application deadlines for New Zealand’s universities in the academic year 2024.

Education Loans & Schemes for Girl Students in India

Updated May, 10, 2021

Discover the best education loan schemes for girl students in India and the amazing concessions available to Indian women! Read on, learn, and apply for the right ones.

SBI Global Ed-vantage Scheme - Benefits, Scheme Details, & Process

Updated January, 16, 2021

Know all scheme details, benefits, and the process of SBI Global Ed-vantage Scheme. Understand the features and details of the SBI education loan.

University Of Zurich- A Complete Guide For The Best Swiss University

Updated September, 25, 2020

Get a detailed overview of the University of Zurich and know what are the courses available in the college. Also read about notable alumni, education loan options, and more.

How to Get a Premium Credit Card as an International Student in the U.S.

Updated April, 24, 2021

Know the process of getting a premium credit card as an international student in the US. Understand how to get a credit card in America by using your credit score in India.

6 Tips to Ace the GMAT in 2023

Updated January, 21, 2022

Read the blog to get the best advice on how to prepare for GMAT in 2023. Know how you can easily crack the GMAT test by following 6 simple tips.

How To Decide When You Receive Multiple Admits?

Updated January, 19, 2017

When you receive Multiple Admits for MS in the US then it is often not easy to decide on the university whose admit you want to accept. In this article, learn how you can take this crucial decision based on several factors

Education Loan for New-Zealand

Updated July, 14, 2021

Explore the secured and unsecured education loans for New Zealand. See the eligibility, expenses covered, and suggestions for choosing the right education loan for New Zealand.

UK’s Graduate Immigration Route (GIR) & Its Impact on Study in UK Aspirants

Updated June, 05, 2020

What does the new UK immigration rule, i.e, GIR, entail? Will it have a positive impact on Indian students? Read here as we explain GIR and its possible outcomes.

Study Abroad Packing List: A Complete Guide

Updated April, 28, 2021

Read all you must know about the study abroad packing list. Know what to carry when going to study overseas. Understand do’s and don’ts of packing for foreign travel. Read all you must know about the study abroad packing list. Know what to carry when going to study overseas. Understand do’s and don’ts of packing for foreign travel.

How to Choose Between Off-campus and On-campus Accommodation?

Updated June, 30, 2021

Know how you can choose between off-campus and on-campus accommodation. Learn the top tips to keep in mind while selecting the right student accommodation abroad.

How To Score An Assistantship/Part Time Job?

Updated May, 16, 2017

Students can ease their financial burden while studying abroad with education loans, scholarships and even part time jobs. In this article we will discuss how you can score an assistantship/part time job?

All About Auxilo Education Loan Disbursement Process

Updated November, 21, 2020

Confused about which lender to choose to finance your abroad education? Read about the Auxilo Education loan to make an informed decision about your future.

Education Loan Interest Rate: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated February, 26, 2021

Education loans are easy. But interest rates? How to choose? What is the lowest interest rate? Don’t worry! Read this article and end the fear of interest rates.

Why Should Students take Education Loans via GyanDhan?

Updated March, 01, 2018

GyanDhan has tied up with numerous banks and Non-Banking-Financial Corporations like State Bank of India, Bank of Baroda, Axis Bank, Sundaram Finance, Avanse in order to facilitate education loans for students who aspire to study abroad

Is Education Loan Extension Possible in India?

Updated March, 17, 2021

Read the blog to know whether or not you can defer your education loan with banks and other financial institutions in India. Know all the criteria, terms and conditions.

Study System in the Post-Pandemic World

Updated July, 17, 2021

Read how the study system would be in the post-pandemic world. Know the challenges that can be faced by the education sector and what measures to be followed.

India’s First Ever Exclusive Networking Event for MS Students Going to US in Fall’19

Updated March, 28, 2018

Students who have gained an admit for US in the Fall semester will get an exciting opportunity to bond and network with their future class-mates and peers in our Networking event, which will also help them to choose their future roommates and flatmates as well.

How To Apply For MS in Europe?

Updated September, 26, 2017

For applying for an MS in Europe you would need the scores of IELTS, TOEFL along with being academically eligible. The particular requirements of the major European countries for MS are also discussed in a comprehensive manner

Quick Guide on Time Management for International Students

Updated November, 17, 2021

Know the top tips on how to manage your time during your abroad studies. Know what to keep in mind while making your study schedule while you are studying overseas.

Should I Take Admission Counseling?

Updated September, 30, 2020

Decided to study abroad but confused about admission counseling? Should you avail of a free counseling service or go for a paid counseling service? Read this blog to know about the right type of consultants and more.

Allahabad Bank Education Loans: Interest Rates, Features & Eligibility Criteria

Updated May, 07, 2021

Read about Allahabad Bank education loan for studies in India & abroad. Know the interest rate, eligibility criteria, margin money, repayment tenure, and more.

Best Banks For Abroad Education Loans in India

Updated May, 12, 2021

Best banks for education loans to study abroad. Know how to select the best Indian banks for an education loan to study abroad. Compare bank education loan products.

How to Choose the Right Country for Overseas Education?

Updated November, 18, 2020

Planning to study abroad but confused about the destination? Read the blog to know the hacks to choose the right country for overseas education

Types of Education Loans for Abroad Studies

Updated May, 19, 2021

Know the types of education loans available for foreign studies, Compare the interest rates, terms and conditions, and understand the major differences.

Bank vs. NBFC Education Loan: The Ultimate Comparative Guide

Updated February, 15, 2018

Check and Decide Which bank and NBFC are the best options for your education loan as per your profile. In this article, we are going to clear all the cobwebs of confusion so you can choose the best education loans options.

How to Prepare for Your First Year at the University

Updated December, 23, 2021

Read the ways to prepare yourself for your first year at the university when you are going to study abroad. Know what to anticipate during the first year of your higher studies.

Bank of Maharashtra Abroad Education Loan Explained

Updated February, 22, 2022

Get a comprehensive guide on Bank of Maharashtra education loan covering the eligibility, interest rate, documents needed, etc. Weigh the pros and cons for a better choice by the end.

Education Loan Refinancing: Process and Eligibility Criteria

Updated May, 27, 2021

Worried about repaying EMIs for your student loan? Refinance your education loan at a lower interest rate. Read about it in detail in this blog!

Financial Requirements at different stages of a US Masters Admission Process

Updated March, 04, 2017

There are various financial requirements at different stages of a US Masters admission process, which are detailed in this article - pre-admit process, post-admit process, and the visa process.

How To Prepare For a US Student Visa Interview

Updated May, 05, 2017

Learn all the details about the student visa interview process of USA and how you can get one easily. All the documents, dos and don'ts and the other nitty gritties of the entire process are listed in detail so that you can get the student visa in the most hassle free manner.