New Zealand Universities Application Deadline 2022 and 2023

    Updated on: 20 Feb 2023

    New Zealand Application Deadline

    Every year students from across the globe take admission at universities in New Zealand. The educational institutions in New Zealand offer world-class education with state-of-the-art research facilities. There are 8 universities in New Zealand, and all of them feature in the top 500 institutions of the world. The standard of education, teacher-to-student ratio, interdisciplinary studies, and a lot of other factors make New Zealand a favored location for students from India. The application deadlines at universities in New Zealand vary from one university to another. So, we will be dealing with each university separately, and their application deadline. One must follow a strict timeline to secure admission at universities in New Zealand. 

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    Application Deadline for the University of Auckland

    Field of Study (Postgraduate Courses)

     Application Deadline

    All programmes not otherwise specified

    4th July 2023 (every year)

    Master of Information Technology
    Bachelor of Property

    24th October 2023 (every year)

     Postgraduate Certificate in Information Technology  

    24th October 2023 (every year)

    Graduate School of Management

     1st February 2023 (2nd Quarter term)
    1st May 2023 (3rd Quarter term)
    1st July 2023 (4th Quarter term)  
    (every year)


    Field of Study (Undergraduate Study)

     Application Deadline

    Bachelor of Arts
    Bachelor of Global Studies
    Bachelor of Commerce
    Bachelor of Property

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

    Bachelor of Dance Studies
    Bachelor of Design
    Bachelor of Fine Arts
    Bachelor of Music

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

    Bachelor of Engineering (Honors)

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

    Bachelor of Health Sciences

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

    Bachelor of Health Sciences

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

    Bachelor of Advanced Science
    Bachelor of Science

    8th December 2022
    (every year)

      All undergraduate programmes with a Semester Two intake  

    4th July 2023
    (every year)


    The University of Auckland offers a wide range of courses for students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs. The University of Auckland is ranked 87th in the QS World University Rankings and has been consistently ranked as the number one university in New Zealand. The university has a great research facility coupled with experienced faculty that helps students in getting a great learning environment. There is a wide range of courses available at the university, and students have the option to pursue interdisciplinary courses to widen their knowledge base.

    Application Deadline for the University of Otago

    Field of Study (Postgraduate Courses)

     Application Deadline

    Most Postgraduate Courses

       31st October (Study beginning at the start of the following academic year)   

    Dentistry Program

    31st May (every year) 

        Postgraduate Diploma in Wildlife Management   

    1st October (every year) 


      Field of Study (Undergraduate Courses)  

     Application Deadline

    Most Undergraduate Courses

    30th April (Study Beginning in Semester 2)

    Most Undergraduate Courses

    31st October (Study beginning at the start of the following academic year) 

    Bachelor of Laws

    10st December (every year) 

    Bachelor of Dental Technology (first year)
    Bachelor of Oral Health (first year)
    Bachelor of Radiation Therapy (first year)

    15th September (every year) 


    The application deadline varies for different courses. Students can choose from a range of courses that are available at the University of Otago. It is ranked second in New Zealand and 230th in the global rankings. Those students who are planning to enroll in Ph.D. programs don’t have to worry about deadlines. As far as other important courses are concerned the application deadline is by and large the same for both postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

    Application Deadline for the Victoria University of Wellington

    Field of Study (Postgraduate Courses)

       Application Deadline   

    Master of Museum and Heritage Practice

    1st December (every year) 

    Master of Fine Arts (Creative Practice)

    1st December (every year)

      Master of Science in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience/Forensic Psychology/ Cross-cultural Psychology  

    1st November (every year)


    Field of Study (Undergraduate Courses)

     Application Deadline

    Bachelor of Science with Honors in Psychology

    1st November (every year) 

    Bachelor of Education

    1st December (every year) 

      Graduate Diploma / Postgraduate Diploma in Film  

    1st December (every year) 


    The Victoria University of Wellington is ranked as the 3rd best university in New Zealand. It is ranked 223rd globally which makes it one of the best institutions to pursue higher education in New Zealand. The broad set of deadlines for applications for most of the courses is as follows:

    • Trimester 1 (March): application deadline 1 December (every year)
    • Trimester 2 (July): application deadline 1 May (every year)
    • Trimester 3 (November): application deadline 1 September (every year)

    Application Deadline for the University of Canterbury

    Field of Study (All Courses)


      Application Deadline  

      For Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses  

    Semester 1

    3rd January (every year) 

    Semester 2

    8th November (every year) 

    Term 1

    14th February (every year)

    Term 2

    11th April (every year)

    Term 3

    11th July (every year)

    Term 4

     5th September (every year)


    The University of Canterbury is the 4th best university in New Zealand. It is also ranked as the 258th best university in the world. There is a great research ecosystem at the university that focuses on practical learning, and it is further aided by the on-campus startup cell. It also gives students the opportunity to study at universities abroad through student exchange programs. It also offers students the opportunity to learn in a cordial environment with a great local community that makes students feel at home.

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    Application Deadline for Massey University

    Semesters For Enrolment

      Application Deadline  

      Semester One and Double Semester  

    31st October 2022

    Semester Two

    1st May 2023

    Summer School

    31st October 2023


    Massey University is the fifth-best university in New Zealand. It is ranked 272 globally which makes it one of the preferred institutions by Indian students. The campus is one of the most diverse when it comes to hosting international students. Students from more than 80 countries study at the university. The university has three campuses in Auckland, Palmerston North, and Wellington. There is a great range of courses available at the university from Accounting to Technology and Management. The research facility at Massey University gives students the opportunity to access the state of art facilities that further helps students in getting a better insight into the subjects. The internship opportunities also provide students the opportunity to work with the world’s best organizations.


    Application Deadline for the University of Waikato

    For undergraduate and postgraduate courses the application deadline is the same for all the trimesters. Different intakes have different application deadlines. For UG and PG courses, the deadlines are as follows: 

    • Trimester 1- 22nd February 
    • Trimester 2- 5th July 
    • Trimester 3- 8th November 


    For admissions to MA, MSc, and MSoSc the deadline for different intakes are as follows:

    • April Intake: 2nd March
    • August Intake: 1st July
    • December Intake: 1st November


    There are different faculties and departments through which the university regulates the studies of students. The university is divided into the following divisions:

    • Division of Arts, Law, Psychology and Social Sciences
    • Division of Health, Engineering, Computing, and Science
    • Division of Education
    • Waikato Management School
    • Faculty of Maori and Indigenous Studies


    All the divisions have a great pool of experienced faculty with excellent employment opportunities post-completion of the studies. The university gets funding from both public and private bodies for conducting advanced-level research which makes students industry ready and even makes them ready for advanced studies.

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    Application Deadline for Lincoln University



      Application Deadline  

      For all the UG and PG courses  

      Summer Semester 1  

    12th January (every year) 

    Semester 1

    28th February (every year) 

    Semester 2

    25th July (every year) 

    Summer Semester 2

    21st November (every year) 


    The wide range of courses available at both UG and PG courses makes it one of the preferred universities in New Zealand. It is ranked the 7th best university in New Zealand and ranked 387 globally. When it comes to postgraduate and doctoral courses the university has the highest percentage of master's and Ph.D. students in New Zealand. The university is home to the world’s most advanced laboratories in the world. There is a wide range of courses available from business to tourism, and from the environment to technology. Interdisciplinary studies also give the option to study beyond the usual courses and explore new opportunities in the changing world.

    Application Deadline for Auckland University of Technology

    Field of Study

    Application Deadline

    General Courses for both UG and PG

    Semester 1: 1st March 

    Semester 2: 12th July
    (every year)

      Management Courses (MBA Programs)  

    Trimester 1: 1st March

      Trimester 2: 26th October
    (every year)  


    The Auckland University of Technology is ranked the 8th university in New Zealand, and globally it is ranked at 437th position. The university has made a name for itself by constantly proving to be among the top institutions for world-class research globally. There is a great blend of courses at the AUT which makes it a great place for students who wish to study a diverse range of courses. The university encourages entrepreneurship among the graduates and gives them ample opportunity to get access to the market. The research ecosystem at the university is among the top in the world with more than 60 centers of excellence working on the campus. The university also ensures that there is a diverse pool of faculty which makes it possible for students from across the globe to feel at home. Members of the teaching faculty are among the best minds in the industry and act as a bridge between academia and industry.

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    These are the universities in New Zealand, and their tentative dates of application. It is advised that you should check the university website for more information. If you are planning to take admission in 2023 then you should be ready with your standardized test results (GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS, etc). You should also do your accommodation search before the applications. Once you receive the letter of acceptance, you should apply for an education loan without any delay. Once the loan is sanctioned, you can apply for a visa, and then book the tickets to New Zealand to start your new journey.

    First published date: 04 Mar 2022

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