Yugali's Journey to Planning MS in the US

Student Speak 5 - How Yugali Planned for MS in Computer Systems and Networking at Wisconsin-Madison, US

Student Speak 5 - How Yugali Planned  for MS in Computer Systems and Networking at Wisconsin-Madison, US

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Read the informative and inspiring conversation between team GyanDhan and Yugali regarding her journey to the US. She has completed her masters and planning to join as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond.

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We invite all our customers to a short interview, and a few of them are kind enough to oblige. This is fifth in the series of such interviews. 

By the time, her story gets published, Yugali must have joined Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond. Here are edited excerpts from her journey's story of pursuing  MS in Computer Systems and Networking, Wisconsin-Madison US.


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1. What were you doing before you decided to study abroad?

I was working with Cisco Systems. Then I started working full-time in 2015 July. 


2. What motivated you to pursue your course abroad?

I wanted to do more and felt that I did not learn enough during my Bachelors. Plus, I wanted global exposure. I wanted to be in the midst of the entire pace.



3. How did you shortlist colleges for applying?

I had a good job, so I felt there was no reason to go for master’s unless wherever I go is better than what I was leaving behind. So, I applied to only US top 10 colleges for Computer Systems and Networking.


4. Is there anything you wish you knew when you were applying?

I did my research pretty thoroughly. So, I guess nothing more. I wouldn’t change anything about my journey.


5. Which services (online / education consultants/networks) did you use at different stages during your application process?

For college short listing I basically used Yocket (an online forum where aspirants discuss all sorts of issues regarding their abroad preparation) a lot and csrankings.org. There were various other random web pages and Google pages I used for different kinds of information I needed, like weather-safety-fee structure-job opportunities, etc.


6. How is/ was your experience at your university? Will you recommend this course to your juniors?

I love the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I would definitely recommend this University for anyone with a good overall profile.

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7. After finishing the course, what is your next pursuit?

I am joining Full Time as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond.


8. What advice can you offer to your juniors to improve their chances of finding the internship/job of their choice

My only advice would be, do well in your courses and be confident in your problem-solving abilities and in articulating your opinions well.


9. What do you miss most about India?

Definitely miss my mom and dad. And home-cooked food.


10. Are you open to juniors reaching out to you for advice? Which areas can you help them out?

Yes, for sure, provided they are serious about their pursuit. I can help in short-listing the institutes and finding an Internship.


11. We have started a discussion forum, may we list you there as a mentor?

Yes, absolutely.


12. How was your overall experience at GyanDhan? Did you face any problem during the loan application, and if so, how GyanDhan assisted in redressing the issue?

Initially, I faced some issues with the speed of approval from Axis Bank, and GyanDhan helped me by talking to the managers and speeding up the process. But the mere fact that it is because of GyanDhan that I got a collateral free education loan itself is pretty amazing.

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13. Having experienced the whole process yourself, would you like to add anything else or give a piece of advice for future students?

Nothing much in particular, I guess. If students are serious enough about their career, they will definitely find the right people and the right answers to all their questions. The Facebook group is a great place to get some sensible answers.

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