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Yogender is a tech enthusiast with specialization in digital marketing. He is currently working at Gyandhan a leading company which provides Education Loan who are studying Abroad. Playing Volleyball, driving a car, traveling, researching new online marketing trends are some of his interest areas that keeps his rejuvenated.

Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Education Loans (CGFSEL)

Updated April, 22, 2021

Read about (CGFSEL) Credit Guarantee Fund Scheme for Education Loans. Know features and criteria of Credit guarantee fund trust scheme for micro & small enterprises and students.

IELTS Sample Questions - Section-Wise

Updated October, 21, 2019

Practicing IELTS sample questions is crucial to landing a good score in the test. Give your preparations that extra-edge by practicing section-wise sample questions listed here

Why You Should Take an InCred Education Loan?

Updated April, 08, 2019

InCred offers education loan to Indian students for studying in India as well as abroad. Know more about it in this blog. Click here

Vocational Courses in Canada for International Students

Updated February, 17, 2022

Read all about vocational courses in Canada for international students. Know the loan options and major lenders offering Canada vocational loans.

Mechanics of the IELTS Exam

Updated October, 16, 2019

What is IELTS? How to book a test? What is the registration fee? Who can apply? What is the ideal IELTS score? Here’s everything you want to know about IELTS!

Secured vs Unsecured Education Loan for Abroad Studies

Updated November, 27, 2019

Explore the types of education loan and know the difference between secured and unsecured education loan. GyanDhan’s guide on different lenders providing secured and unsecured loan.

How to Convert Indian Percentage to US 4.0 GPA?

Updated May, 16, 2019

Learn how to calculate GPA and convert Indian percentage to US 4.0 GPA. with GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide.

A Gap Period: What Is It and How Does It Impact the Chances of Studying Abroad?

Updated June, 24, 2019

Are there any study abroad programs for college students that don't consider gap periods negatively? The article answers all questions connected to gap year!

How is the GRE Score Calculated?

Updated January, 08, 2020

Know everything about the GRE score calculation by ETS and how to score well.

Top Ranked Universities in the United Kingdom

Updated April, 17, 2019

Most of the UK universities rank quite high on the global scale. In spite of the relatively low fee, financing higher education in the UK can still be difficult. What to do? Visit us at GyanDhan for solutions.

What is TOEFL Exam?

Updated January, 16, 2020

Planning to take TOEFL? Know about eligibility, registration, test fees, test pattern, syllabus, scores, and a lot more in this introductory guide to TOEFL!

What is GRE? Here’s a complete GRE guide

Updated January, 13, 2020

Taking the GRE? Here’s a complete GRE guide covering all the essentials from eligibility and syllabus to scoring process and ideal scores.

How to Prepare for IELTS - Section-wise Study Guide

Updated October, 16, 2019

Wondering how to score well in IELTS? Read our complete IELTS preparation guide to excel in all the sections of IELTS!

Can a B2 Tourist Visa be Changed To An F1 Student Visa?

Updated February, 20, 2019

A B2 visa is a tourist’s visa while an F1 Visa is a student’s visa. Know if you can change your B2 visa to F1 visa.

Top Ranked Universities In France: Gateways to Endless Opportunities

Updated June, 07, 2019

The articles lists the best universities in France for international students, specifically for STEM & MBA courses. Read on to know all about the top ranked.

Importance of IELTS and a Good Score for Getting Admissions - Learn Ideal IELTS Scores

Updated October, 15, 2019

IELTS plays an important role in admissions to universities abroad. Learn here the minimum scores of top universities, scoring method and tips to score well in IELTS.

How to Write a Letter Of Motivation (SOP) for German Universities?

Updated February, 15, 2019

An effective SOP can go a long way in presenting your application to the university in an impressive manner.

How To Prepare for IELTS - Writing Section

Updated October, 21, 2019

IELTS writing section can be a bit challenging , but we have got you covered! Check here IELTS writing study tips, topics, sample questions and books, and so on.

On-Campus VS Off-Campus: What Accommodation Should Indian Students Choose in the US?

Updated March, 03, 2020

Should I live on campus or off campus when studying in the US? GyanDhan helps answer this critical and often-asked question!

UK Scholarships for Indian Students

Updated February, 17, 2020

Looking for UK scholarships? Check out top UK Scholarships for Indian Students. Also know College-Specific Scholarships for UK and know amount, eligibility criteria, and how to apply.

Student Speak 5 - How Yugali Planned for MS in Computer Systems and Networking at Wisconsin-Madison, US

Updated May, 21, 2019

Read the informative and inspiring conversation between team GyanDhan and Yugali regarding her journey to the US. She has completed her masters and planning to join as a Software Engineer at Microsoft, Redmond.

How to Prepare for TOEFL Writing Section?

Updated March, 13, 2020

Aspire to become an expert in TOEFL writing section? This ultimate guide will acquaint you with the necessary preparation tips to ace the TOEFL writing section!

Australia to Offer $11 Million for Indian Students under Maitri Scholars Program

Updated February, 16, 2022

Australia has recently announced the ‘Maitri Scholars Program’. The Australian government will give a whopping $11 million under this scheme. Read the full news here.

Scholarships for Australia What You Need to Know

Updated January, 27, 2019

Planning for your higher studies in Australia? Get to know about the scholarship for Indian students in Australia that can significantly support you for your higher education.

How is IELTS Score Calculated?

Updated October, 17, 2019

Know all about IELTS score calculation - overall band and sectional band scores & how much students score in general.

Is MS in Electrical Engineering Abroad Worth It If You Are Already Earning Well In India

Updated October, 09, 2019

Is choosing MS in Electrical Engineering abroad over your current job in India a financially sound move? Using our Estimate Earning Tools, we calculate the risks and returns involved in the investment.

Make Your Dream of Studying in Australia a Reality with these Scholarships

Updated March, 01, 2019

Australia is fast becoming one of the most preferred study destinations for Indian students desirous of studying at global schools

How to Convert IELTS Score Into Other English Exam Scores?

Updated October, 21, 2019

Know how to convert IELTS into other exams, which one should be preferred as per the country you plan to study.

Top 4 Universities In Canada For MBA or STEM Courses

Updated March, 30, 2019

Choose one of these top universities in Canada and your return on investment will be that much faster and better.

How To Repay Your Education Loan Faster: A Quick Guide

Updated May, 10, 2019

Manage your education loan repayment faster with the help of our EMI Calculator, and budgeting & refinancing tips.Visit us for more details.

How To Find Cheapest Education Loan Using Online EMI Calculators

Updated February, 25, 2019

The GyanDhan EMI Calculator has the distinction of being the only online tool offering such customizations that add value to your financial plans by giving you more clarity on what lies ahead for you as you plan to repay the loan.

Know the Reasons Why Your Education Loan Application Got Rejected

Updated March, 06, 2019

Want to save your education loan application from rejection? Be aware of te reasons pf education loan rejection and avoid them while applying for your abroad education loan.

Is MS in Mechanical Engineering Abroad Worth it if you are Already Earning Well in India?

Updated August, 24, 2019

How do you decide if it is better to pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering in the US, Canada, Germany and Australia than work in India? You calculate your future earnings. Read on to learn more.

How to Prepare for IELTS - Speaking Section?

Updated October, 21, 2019

Preparing for IELTS to study abroad? Get practical and effective tips on how to study for the IELTS speaking section for a good band score!

How to Crack GMAT With Only 1 Month in Hand?

Updated July, 23, 2019

Online GMAT prep or offline, how do you study for it in 30 days to get a good score for admission in top business schools? Here's the GMAT strategy to use!

How to Manage Your Money While Studying Abroad

Updated May, 13, 2019

Planning to study abroad? Check few money management tips to help you handle your money while studying abroad.

What Is IELTS? Know all the Relevant Details

Updated October, 17, 2019

IELTS is mandatory for study/work abroad aspirants for many countries. Learn about IELTS test patterns, conduct, scoring & other information in this blog.

Student Speak 8 - Deepa's story to the University of Auckland, New Zealand for Masters in Architecture

Updated June, 04, 2019

Deepa planned the whole process very efficiently leaving nothing to chance. The blog depicts the planning of the whole process and a valuable piece of advice for the young guns out there.

How To Prepare For IELTS - Listening Section

Updated October, 21, 2019

IELTS listening section can get a bit tricky, but we have got you covered. Check here IELTS listening study tips, topics, sample questions and books, and so on!

MBA in the United States & What it Takes: Top Universities, Eligibility, Cost, and Scholarships

Updated July, 12, 2019

The top colleges for MBA in the USA for international students, the cost of studying, and the eligibility requirements are some answers the article provides!

What are the Best Value for Money Universities for STEM Masters in the US?

Updated August, 31, 2019

Which affordable universities in the US offer the best placement avenues for STEM Masters degrees? Using GyanDhan’s proprietary research, we explore the answers in this article.

Getting a Masters in Computer Science- An Opportunity to Study the Next-Gen Tech

Updated June, 17, 2019

Studying masters in Computer Science abroad has huge benefits. Learn about them in detail, in this data-driven article.

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in the US

Updated February, 18, 2019

Read our blogs for why you should study abroad in US, and how to take education loan without collateral.

Know the Features and Benefits of ICICI Bank Education Loan

Updated April, 05, 2019

ICICI Bank education loan explained in detail. Understand the loan process, top features, and major benefits of ICICI Bank study loans.

The Impact of Falling Rupee and Tips to Manage the Extra Expenses

Updated May, 28, 2019

The ups and downs of Indian Rupee with respect to USD creates a lot of problems to the Indian Students planning to study in the US. Read out the tips to manage the impact of depreciating rupee and the extra cost.

Top 5 Ranked Universities In New Zealand

Updated April, 12, 2019

New Zealand is increasingly getting popular for higher education. The blog covers key features of the Top universities in New Zealand. Contact GyanDhan for more details

Top 5 Universities For MS in USA

Updated March, 29, 2019

Find Best Universities in USA for MS. This article outline top university in USA and assist you making a better decision.

How to Decide Between GRE and GMAT: A Comparative Analysis

Updated July, 30, 2019

The question of GMAT vs GRE for MBA comes up a lot. The article helps students decide which test is better while applying for graduation abroad.

Student Speak 6 - How Ashutosh Successfully Planned his Journey to the University of Utah

Updated May, 27, 2019

Read how Ashutosh mixed spirituality with realism and successfully completed his studies from the University of Utah. Ashutosh is currently working as a Data Scientist in a bank.

Mastering the IELTS Academic Reading Test: Expert Tips and Strategies

Updated October, 21, 2019

Confused as to how to go about the IELTS reading section? Well, we have got you covered. Check here IELTS reading study tips, topics, sample questions and books, and so on!

Student Speak 7 - How Ganga Barani Planned his MS from the SUNY Buffalo US

Updated May, 30, 2019

Ganga was working as a software developer after his engineering. His wanderlust motivated him to pursue his studies from abroad. Read on how he managed the whole process.

Student Speak 4 - Hemalatha’s Story from the Technical Domain to an MBA in the United States

Updated May, 20, 2019

This story tells How Hemalatha went from working in a government enterprise (HAL) to Rochester Institute of Technology - Saunders College of Business. The way she managed the whole application process and took smart financial decisions to get into one of the top business schools in the United States.

Thinking STEM Or MBA? Here Are 5 Top Universities in Australia For You

Updated April, 03, 2019

Getting a degree from Top universities in Australia will definitely boost your career. This blog navigates higher education possibilities in Australia for post-graduation courses.

Brexit’s Impact on Indian Students: The Silver Lining in the Chaos

Updated July, 20, 2019

What is the effect of Brexit on Indian students already studying in the UK or thinking of applying for higher education there? The article explains the benefits of Brexit for international students.

Student Speak 9 - How Akash's Analytical Approach Helped Him in His Study Abroad Dream

Updated September, 20, 2019

Learn about Akash Kashyap's journey to MS in the US. He managed the whole process quite efficiently. Here Akash talks about the intrinsic factors that helped him succeed

A Complete Guide For Students Moving To The United States Of America

Updated February, 11, 2019

Living in The United States is a cakewalk if you follow the rules of the country and your University. We are sure that students who keep the above tips in mind will make the most their experience in the United States – both academically and socially. Here’s wishing you all the best for your new journey as a student in the U.S!

How To Study Abroad Without An Education Loan

Updated April, 30, 2019

Finance your abroad studies without education loans. Visit us to know more about scholarships, affordable universities and such other tips!!

Top 10 Cities To Learn and Earn Simultaneously

Updated February, 27, 2019

if you are searching which country is best for you to studying abroad and you can earn simultaneously. Read our latest blog and apply!!

Is MS in Material Science Abroad Worth it if you are Already Earning Well in India?

Updated September, 10, 2019

Is choosing MS in Materials Science abroad over your current job in India a financially sound move? Using our Estimate Earning Tools, we calculate the risks and returns involved in the investment.

6 Strategies to Lower Your Cost of Studying Abroad

Updated December, 28, 2020

Read the 6 strategies by which you can reduce the cost of studying abroad. Save money during your studies and achieve great success while spending less

How to Get an Avanse Education Loan Quickly

Updated March, 18, 2019

Avanse is a leading NBFC offering education loans for courses in India and abroad. Both with and without collateral options are available. Read ahead for details.

4 Best Universities in Germany For Indian Students in STEM Field

Updated April, 10, 2019

German Universities are the Avant-garde in the STEM courses field. Get in touch with GyanDhan to get rid of your financial worries.

Top 5 US Universities for Undergraduate STEM Courses

Updated July, 17, 2019

Planning to study in US ? Findout what are the top universities in the USA for a bachelor's degree in science, technology, engineering, and math, and reason to studies undergraduate in US.

Is MS in Aerospace Engineering Abroad Worth It If You Are Already Earning Well In India

Updated September, 27, 2019

Is choosing MS in Aerospace Engineering abroad over your current job in India a financially sound move? Using our Estimate Earning Tools, we calculate the risks and returns involved in the investment.

MBA in Canada & What it Takes: Top Universities, Eligibility, Cost and Scholarships

Updated April, 22, 2019

Canada is growing as a popular destination for management courses. Compare the top universities in Canada for an MBA. Get in touch with us for complete information.

Study in The U.S. – Which Master’s Degree to Choose?

Updated June, 19, 2019

The number of Indian students in the USA for MS is growing every year. This article helps you find the best master’s degree in the US that suits you!

Scholarships to study in Canada for Indian Students

Updated February, 12, 2020

Know different types of scholarships to study in Canada and complete a guide to scholarships to studies in Canada for Indian students with tips on how to increase the odds of getting financial aid!

A Comprehensive Guide to Axis Bank Education Loan

Updated March, 12, 2019

Axis Bank offers education loans to students for higher studies in India and abroad. Know more about this loan in this blog.