5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in the US

5 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad in the US

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  1. list items Home to Internationally Acclaimed Universities and Programmes
  2. list items Attractive Pay & Employment Prospects
  3. list items Flexible Academic Programmes
  4. list items Enhanced Career Profile
  5. list items Great Research Environment
  6. list items OPT and CPT offer work opportunities in the field of study
  7. list items Importance of international students
  8. list items How can GyanDhan help you with your US education dreams?

The United States is among the most popular educational destinations in the world today. The presence of 5 of the world’s top 10 universities in the USA makes it a much-desired destination for higher studies. According to several studies, the US has the most number of international students as well.  The COVID-19 pandemic, however, has made students equally hesitant to pursue an abroad education. Travel restrictions and new visa rules have further dampened the spirits of the students. Understandably, they have several doubts about US education, with many rethinking their options. We understand the apprehension of the students in the face of a pandemic and uncertain times, yet, an international degree just might be the solution to clear the clouds of confusion. 

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If you are revisiting your decision to study abroad because of this pandemic, read on further to know why it still seems sensible to study in the USA - 


1. Home to Internationally Acclaimed Universities and Programmes

As previously mentioned, the US boasts some of the world’s best universities. With its world-class infrastructure and curriculum, US universities have been traditionally dominating the list of top universities worldwide. The US is known for its graduate program in the field of science and technology as well as management and communication. It has top-notch universities such as 

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Apart from these five names, there are numerous other US universities that are a league apart. Studying in a well-reputed institute is definitely the most important reason to plan your higher education here. Even with the pandemic raging, the popularity of these universities has not taken a hit. Moreover, the universities are working hard to provide students with quality education, while also following social-distancing measures for the health and safety of the students.  


2. Attractive Pay & Employment Prospects

Some of the world’s best companies are headquartered in the US, so employment chances are quite attractive for someone who attains higher education from the US in comparison with a person who studied elsewhere. Often, the best technical jobs are handled at the headquarters of a company and so, a person who is working there definitely has better career prospects than anyone who is employed at the other branches. 

The announcement made by the US President on 22nd June 2020 might seem contradictory to this point. It stated a temporary ban on the H1-B visa till 31st December 2020. Even so, students should remember that this is a temporary rule, which will have no impact on their future prospects. The students who will pursue US education from Fall 2020 onwards would graduate two years from now. While it is still left to be seen what new rules will come out by then, doubtless the ban would have been removed. 

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3. Flexible Academic Programmes

Another reason to pursue your higher education there is that their academic programs are very flexible. This means you can take on interdisciplinary courses such as MIS and Structural management. Are you an engineer who is very interested in film appreciation? - Then you must apply for your graduate degree in the US, as there you can study engineering further while also pursuing a course in film appreciation.

Further, the universities have introduced a new model of education - Hybrid classes, wherein the students will be able to attend classes online as well as interact with the faculty. This measure is taken keeping in mind the necessary social-distancing protocols, while also providing students with a unique educational experience. 


4. Enhanced Career Profile

Studying in the US will definitely enhance your profile. You would have the insight from working with students from all parts of the world, helping you learn about different cultures and diversity. Equally important are the skills you acquire from such an experience - collaborating for academic projects, self-reliance, and self-confidence. The worthiness of a US degree cannot be refuted. After the pandemic is over, students with a US degree would have spent their time acquiring useful skills that are going to shoot up their employability chances. 


5. Great Research Environment

The US is a leader in scientific technology. It is also known to invest well in university-level research projects related to a very diverse range of fields. Its technological strength and financial backup set a great foundation for grand research projects that are set to make groundbreaking discoveries. Such research opportunities are great learning grounds for you. This unparalleled practical exposure will be an asset to your future.


6. OPT and CPT offer work opportunities in the field of study

OPT and CPT are the most enticing bit of US education. STEM students are allowed 24 months of Optional Practical Training employment after completing their studies. Similarly, Curricular Practical Training (CPT) gives students an option to gain employment and paid internships. Students have the option to work full-time (more than 20 hours a week) or part-time (20 hours a week). CPT must be completed before graduation. 
While things might seem bleak, employment opportunities post your graduation are untouched by the new rules announced during the pandemic. Students will be able to stay back in the country and earn in dollars. 

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7. Importance of international students

 Abroad universities and international students have mutually beneficial dynamics. International students are provided with a global platform to work on professional and personal growth. And abroad universities benefit from the enormous business these students bring to the country. For many universities, international students are a huge resource for their budgetary needs. These students also contribute to the local economy. Consider this - In the year 2018, international students contributed $44.7 billion to the US economy. 
The universities, as well as the country, would make arrangements to accommodate the students so as to not lose business. International students are equally important for the growth of the US economy, and therefore, would take definite steps to retain the number of international students in the country.  
Pursuing your graduate studies from this dream destination is definitely going to open many new opportunities for your future, but are you bothered about the financial planning involved? Due to its popularity as a prime choice for international students, there are many options available for you to plan the cost of acquiring an MS degree from the USA.

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How can GyanDhan help you with your US education dreams? 

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