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Planning to Apply for an H-1B Visa? Everything You Need to Know for FY24 Registrations

Planning to Apply for an H-1B Visa? Everything You Need to Know for FY24 Registrations

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Read the blog to know everything you need to know for FY24 Registrations for an H-1B Visa. It’s highly useful info especially for those looking to apply in the near future.

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Latest Update: As per the latest update by the US Department of State, students seeking US visas will have to pay $185 instead of $160 starting May 30, 2023.

Indians wanting to go to the US for work have to apply for the H-1B visa, a non-immigrant visa type for foreigners. The visa process aims to enable employers based in the US to employ foreign nationals as specialists. Different sectors in the US use this option to hire foreign nationals for specialized occupations, and Indians take the biggest part of total H-1B visas issued. The specialists from areas like medicine and health, architecture, engineering, mathematics, social sciences, education, business specialities, accounting, law, theology, and the arts can apply for an H-1B visa on the official page of USCIS (US Citizenship and Immigration Services).

For FY2023, the registration for H-1B Visa begins at noon Eastern Time (ET) on 1 March and ends at noon (ET) on 18 March. In the last decade or so the number of applicants has risen exponentially, and one needs to complete the entire process in the stipulated time frame to rule out any possibility of visa application rejection. Every year 65000 applicants ( it is the annual numerical limit or cap) are given the H-1B visas, and an additional 20,000 visa is granted to those who have master’s degree or higher from an institution in the US. The number of visa applicants is always more than the H-1B Visas available. For instance, in FY2022 the number of applicants was around Three lakh ten thousand. And the year preceding that the number of applicants was around Two lakh seventy thousand. Once the applications are submitted the USCIS runs an electronic lottery by which randomly the requisite number of visa applicants are accepted.

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Registration Process for H-1B Visa Process in FY23

Employees need to consult the employers right now before the beginning of the registration process. It helps the visa applicants in getting all the documents in order. Employers also assist visa applicants in the registration process so one must be in constant touch for any development at the end of the employer. So, we are providing you with all the details that are relevant to the H-1B Visa application registration for FY2023. 

  • list items The H-1B cap-subject petitioners or their representative (employers in most cases) have to register each beneficiary individually by paying a $10 H-1B registration fee. 
  • list items The representative or the petitioner has to go to myUSCIS online account for registering each beneficiary individually.
  • list items In case employers plan to do the registration, they can create a new account from 21st February. 
  • list items In one online session, the employers or individuals would be allowed to submit the registration for more than one beneficiary. 
  • list items Once the account is created, the applicant or the representative will be allowed to fill, edit or make any other necessary changes to the application. 
  • list items The registration form can be filled out by taking breaks, and each time the draft registration is saved in myUSCIS account. Any number of changes are allowed before the payment and final submission of the H-1B visa application form. 
  • list items After the submission of the application, the USCIS gives confirmation numbers to each registration. 
  • list items The confirmation number allotted by the USCIS can only be used to track the registration, and not for tracking your case status. 


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Representatives are free to add new clients to their accounts but it is mandatory for both the representative and individuals to register before 1st March. Once the USCIS ascertains that they have received enough visa applications they will randomly select the required number of visa applicants. The notifications will be sent to the myUSCIS accounts online. The expected date of results of accepted H-1B Visa application is 31st March. In case the application is selected then the immigration counsel will file an H-1B visa petition with USCIS. The selected applications will be for employment starting from the 1st of October.  

Every year more than 70% of the H-1B Visa applicants are from India. So the chances of getting the visa for Indians is certainly more than nationals of other countries. If you have a master’s degree from the US then the chances increase even more. Ensure that all the information you have provided is true to the best of your knowledge since any discrepancy will automatically erase your name from the prospective visa applicants. 

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