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Netherlands Student Visa for Indian Students

Updated October, 19, 2021

Know all about the Netherlands study visa for Indian students. Understand the time to apply, application process, documents required, and the types of Netherland student visas.

Scholarships to Study in Australia for Indian Students

Updated July, 16, 2020

Read about all the top scholarships available for Indian students in Australia. Get the list of scholarships to apply to pursue your abroad studies in Australia.

Open GIC Account at CIBC With Zero Service Fee & Earn Exclusive GyanDhan Referral Bonus

Updated July, 27, 2020

You can open your Canada Student GIC account with no service fee with CIBC. With GyanDhan referral code, you get an exclusive 25 CAD bonus! Read on to know more.

A Complete Vaccination Guide for Indian Students Going to Study Abroad

Updated July, 15, 2021

Know everything about the vaccination rules and facilities for Indian students going abroad for higher education. Read the latest COVID-19 vaccination updates here.

Study Abroad Without IELTS/TOEFL - USA, Canada, UK, and more

Updated October, 08, 2020

Do you wish to study abroad without IELTS or TOEFL test scores? Read this blog to get a comprehensive list of countries and universities where international students are given admission without IELTS and TOEFL.

Moratorium Period In Education Loan - Meaning, Examples & Working

Updated February, 19, 2021

Moratorium period includes the course duration plus 6-12 months. During this, banks or NBFCs do not demand repayment. It is different from grace period.

Floating Interest Rates in Education Loan

Updated August, 25, 2021

Why are floating interest rates in education loans? Read GyanDhan’s guide on floating interest rate meaning, rbi guidelines & the difference between fixed and floating interest rate.

What is the ACT Test and How to Prepare for it?

Updated December, 30, 2020

Read the detailed explanation of the ACT test for undergraduate admissions. Know when and why you should appear in the ACT exam and also discover the hacks to ace it

Central Sector Interest Subsidy (CSIS) Scheme

Updated February, 25, 2022

Read about CSIS Subsidy scheme on education loans and learn about the eligibility criteria, and other features of the interest subsidy scheme on education loan.

Union Bank of India Education Loan Details

Updated February, 22, 2021

Get the details of the Union Bank of India education loan for studies in India & abroad. Know the interest rate, eligibility criteria, margin money, repayment tenure, and more.

US Witnessed Dip While Canada Registers Exponential Growth In International Students’ Enrolment

Updated April, 01, 2022

International students prefer Canada over the US for their higher education abroad. Read this blog to know the reasons for Canada’s emergence as the go-to destination for overseas education

Why is Germany a Good Option for Abroad Education Post-COVID 19?

Updated June, 26, 2020

Germany is emerging as one of the most preferred countries for study abroad aspirants. Read why Germany can be a smart choice for abroad education once COVID-19 ends.

Switzerland Study Visa for Indian Students

Updated November, 15, 2021

Know about the Switzerland study visa for Indian students. Understand the time to apply, the application process, documents required, and types of Swiss student visas.

Which Country is Best for MS Courses Abroad?

Updated June, 09, 2021

Get the list of top countries for MS courses abroad for Indian students. Know the best foreign countries for MS courses for study abroad aspirants in India.

Entrance Exams to Study Abroad

Updated February, 28, 2022

Read about some of the major international entrance exams you can give to study abroad. Know the basics of the exams like GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, and more.

22 New Courses Added by the US to STEM OPT For International Students

Updated February, 18, 2022

The Biden administration in the US has decided to add 22 new courses for STEM graduates to the Optional Practical Training Program. Read the full update in this blog.

Abroad Education Loan Terms: Important Glossary to Know

Updated June, 16, 2021

Abroad student loan basic terminologies. Get a detailed glossary of abroad education loan terminologies and understand its nuances.

Oriental Bank of Commerce Education Loan for India and Abroad Studies

Updated February, 12, 2021

Know the details of Oriental Bank of Commerce education loan for studies in India & abroad. Understand the interest rate, eligibility criteria, repayment tenure, and more

Updated International Travel Restrictions Due To Omicron Variant

Updated December, 20, 2021

Here are the updated travel restrictions due to the Omicron variant of coronavirus in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and Germany.

Singapore Study Visa For Indian Students

Updated October, 27, 2021

Know the Singapore study visa for Indian students. Understand time to apply, application process, documents required, and types of Singapore student visas.

INSEAD Opens the Door For Applicants With Low GMAT Scores

Updated February, 08, 2022

Recently, INSEAD has opened its doors for applicants with low GMAT scores. Here is the blog with the complete information on the same. Read to know the reason and impact.

INSPIRE Scholarship: Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

Updated July, 22, 2021

Know all the details of INSPIRE (SHE) Scholarship. Understand the eligibility criteria, documents required, application process, and more about the scholarship.

Planning to Apply for an H-1B Visa? Everything You Need to Know for FY24 Registrations

Updated February, 15, 2022

Read the blog to know everything you need to know for FY24 Registrations for an H-1B Visa. It’s highly useful info especially for those looking to apply in the near future.

Vijaya Bank Education Loan to Study Abroad

Updated May, 10, 2021

Read about Vijaya Bank education loan for studies in India & abroad. Know the interest rate, eligibility criteria, margin money, repayment tenure, and more.

Humboldt University of Berlin - A Detailed Overview

Updated August, 12, 2020

Read in detail about the Humboldt University of Berlin, one of the oldest and most reputed universities in Germany.

Top International Scholarships to Study Abroad

Updated December, 04, 2020

Read about the top 6 international scholarships that Indian students can apply for funding abroad studies. Choose the relevant scholarship and get help in your abroad education financing.

US Federal Court Cancels All H1B Rules Imposed By Donald Trump

Updated September, 21, 2021

US Federal Court has recently canceled all H1B rules imposed by former President Donald Trump. The court considered the rules unlawful and unjust. Read the full news here.

Friendship Day Special - The One Where Friends Go For Higher Education

Updated July, 31, 2021

Read our take on what would be the ideal course for Friends’ TV show characters. See why the particular course is perfect for the world popular Warner Brothers’ sitcom.

Your Complete Guide to Internships in the United States

Updated April, 30, 2021

Know the details of internship options in the United States. Understand how to prepare and find an internship in America

Business Schools in France: A Detailed Guide

Updated March, 31, 2021

Read about popular business schools in France. Know the list of colleges and top MBA options an Indian student has to study business administration in France.

5 Trends in Education Sector to Look Forward to this New Year

Updated December, 28, 2021

Know the 5 trends in the education sector to look forward to this New Year 2022. Understand the post-covid scenario the preferences of study abroad aspirants going forward.

Corporation Bank Education Loan for Abroad Studies

Updated May, 12, 2021

Read about Corporation Bank education loan for abroad studies in India & abroad. Know the interest rate, eligibility criteria, margin money, repayment tenure, and more.

6 Inspiring Indians Who Studied Abroad And Made It Big In India

Updated August, 14, 2020

A fruitful career can be built in India with an international degree. Read about inspirational Indian figures who are top innovators and leaders of their fields.

What Do You Need to Know Before Moving into a Student Housing During COVID-19?

Updated August, 20, 2021

Know the things you must know before moving into a student accommodation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Understand how to ensure a smooth transition into the new normal in the new country.

France to Attract Indian Talents, Targeting 20,000 Students by 2025

Updated September, 24, 2021

France is aiming to attract the Indian talent pool with a target of 20000 students by 2025. Expects a huge influx of Indian students coming for higher education. Read the full news.

ESSEC Business School - A Detailed Overview

Updated September, 02, 2020

Get a detailed overview of the ESSEC Business School and know what are the courses available in the college. Also read about notable alumni, placements, and more.

Study in Cyprus: A Complete Guide

Updated February, 03, 2021

Want to study abroad but scared of sky-high tuition fees? Explore destinations like Cyprus that offer affordable yet high-quality education. Read this blog to find out more.

Study Abroad Essay Tips for Successful Writing

Updated May, 20, 2021

Know the top tips for writing a successful essay for study abroad admissions. Understand the rules and strategies that will help you in professional essay writing.

Study in Scotland - Everything You Need to Know

Updated April, 26, 2021

Read everything you need to know about studying in Scotland. Get deep insight on tuition fees, scholarship options, and more

Australia to Rebate Visa Fee of $630 for International Students

Updated January, 28, 2022

Heading to Australia to study in the next few weeks? Read this blog to know what you need to pay for the student visa and other benefits.