Which Country is Best for MS Courses Abroad?

Which Country is Best for MS Courses Abroad?

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Get the list of top countries for MS courses abroad for Indian students. Know the best foreign countries for MS courses for study abroad aspirants in India.

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The youth of today are aware that MS is a lethal weapon on their profile and doing it overseas makes it even more powerful. The doubt that keeps rising in one’s mind is: which is the best country to pursue it? If the institute that you choose offers exemplary job opportunities and what kind of tie-ups they have with big brands? So, let’s go through this together and at length talk about the parameters one should consider before taking the plunge. Each country you think of gaining international work experience has a win-win scenario to offer. Mentioned here below are the best countries for MS in computer science for Indian students.


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Top 5 countries for MS

The United States of America

When we talk about the top five countries, the U.S.A. seems to come to our minds first in terms of quality education, good job opportunities, and convincing reviews. It has budget-friendly loans for international students, a flexible and well-structured curriculum (OPT and CPT) plan that allows you to work while you study and they go that extra mile, especially for international students. 

The average cost of staying in the U.S. while pursuing an MS degree ranges from $12,500–$14,500 per year depending on the place where you are staying. Costs are slightly lower for those putting up in the outskirts and the annual charges could range up to $9,500-$11,500. MS in main cities like New York or Chicago where expenses could go up to $17,000-$18,000 on a yearly basis. Staying back with a temporary employment permit where pupils are allowed to get hands-on experience in their field for a year is a sensible option and can be done through OPT. The visa fee for all types of visas be it J1, F1 or M1 is in the range of $150-$160. 

Top universities excelling in offering MS include California State University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Southern Illinois University, Stanford University. The U.S.A.  also bags the prize for the country which is the best for MS in information technology. Indian Students who come under the umbrella of “STEM” i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths Programs get a 3 Year OPT duration to work and recuperate their expenditures they have sustained during training and within this period the return on investment is quicker as equated to any other country.

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Statistics reveal that Canada proves as one of the promising choices when students are considering MS courses abroad. Canada is a melting pot of a variety of universities- they differ in size, historical significance, and range of combination courses to offer. U.S.A. has more rigid laws as compared to Canada and is close to becoming the MS hub for international students. 

The MS degree procured from any university in Canada is acknowledged worldwide as being by far the best. Apart from being effective on the budget, the cost of stay and job opportunities are magnificent! The schooling expense in Canada ranges between CDN $ 9,000 - $ 29,500 per year. While some students look at pursuing post-graduation, the cost of MS is around CDN $14,500 - $50,000 annually. For daily and miscellaneous expenses, a beginner also needs around CDN $9,000 - $11,500. 

The good news is Canada offers a minimum of 8 months and a maximum of 3 years after completing your MS that falls under the post-graduation work permit. Moreover, the study visa for Canada is a universal CAD$ 150. University of Ottawa, Western University Canada, University of Toronto, University of Alberta, University of Windsor are among the famous institutions proposing MS for international students. 

Canada is considered the best country to study MS for Indian students. Canada bags the 2nd position in footing with providing Permanent Residency (PR) after Australia. It’s commonly termed as a “backdoor entry into the US” as after a pupil gets his/her PR position he/she can work in the USA. An attractive start salary would be approximately CAD 70000.


International Masters Degrees from Australia have a great weight on your profile and are highly valued by academicians and companies across the globe. Degrees from Australia can be categorized into three variants namely Professional Development Masters (that aids you to specialize in one specific area), Professional Masters (which allows students with a general or non-professional undergraduate background to train and succeed, and further practice in a particular field) and Traditional Academic Masters (which has a curriculum and planned set of programs). 

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection demands that international students must meet the financial requirements laid by them. For the very first academic year, an applicant needs to show INR 10.50 lakhs to study in Australia. The fee is approximately INR 16.50 lakhs for a post-graduate degree. After completion of two years of study, one can further gain work experience in Australia for 18 months. All the subclass visas for international undergraduates are AUD$ 575.

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The top-notch institutions comprise - The University of Adelaide, Queensland University of Technology, The University of Sydney, Charles Darwin University, and the University of Canberra. Australia also admits 15 years of education and mandatory clearance of the IELTS / PTE exams. It welcomes students who are interested to settle in Australia as Australian Permanent Residency (PR), which is the quickest as related to all countries across the globe. 

A student who pursues academics for a 2 years MS Degree in the country benefits of a 2-year stay-back decision of being employed which enables promising students with an opening to apply for PR and get real-life involvement in the international markets.

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International students looking for global expertise more so, in applied sciences and associated programs, then Germany is the go-to destination. The most essential criteria in pursuit of academic brilliance as recognized by means of academic credentials, publications, exclusive rights, etc. 

On completion of one’s degree program from a German institution, a student is allowed to procure a Residence Permit and stay in Germany for 18 months to look for a job in their field of study. Getting through a public university in Germany will not incur any expenditure but private institutions charge in the range of INR 10-11 lakhs. The day-to-day expenses are an additional INR 6-7 lakhs. All-in-all the student visa costs €60. 

The best colleges for MS in Germany include the Dresden University of Technology, University of Bayreuth, Technical University of Munich, Technical University of Berlin, Braunschweig University of Technology. Germany is acknowledged as the cheapest country to study abroad for Indian students. International undergraduates wanting to work furthermore to sustain themselves are allowed to 90 full working days and 180 half working days and can receive around a usual of 12 to 16 euros per hour.

The United Kingdom

The U.K. has always been a magnet for ambitious students especially those interested in MS. Masters programs in the UK are more intensive than in other countries and the duration is shorter, resulting in students graduating well within a year without compromising on quality education. The best part is this saves time and big bucks paid on schooling fees and cost of living. The UK is labeled as the second-highest number of campuses graded in the top 100 by 2014-2015 as per statistics. 

The UK is considered rich in educational heritage with its universities having commenced as early as the 12th-13th century. The significant aspect is that as per the UK Border Agency (UKBA), an international student needs to show finances of at least £1,265 per month for staying in London and £1,015 per month for staying outside London exclusive of education expenses. Furthermore, the tuition fee can fluctuate from £10,000 to £38,000 depending on the institution. Adding to this after completion of their degree pupils are permitted to stay for four months extra only. The Tier 4 visa cost is £348. 

While pursuing MS in the UK, universities like- the University of Salford, University of Glasgow, University of Birmingham, University of Oxford, and the University of Nottingham can be well-thought-out.


New Zealand

Indian pupils across the globe contemplate MS in New Zealand as a critical phase in the development of their education, empowering them to pave the path for a flourishing professional career in the field of scientific research and application. Also, the course dynamics for MS in New Zealand institutions comprise internship programs that enable the students to get better insights into real-world challenges. New Zealand is also home to numerous polytechnics – which on an average cost NZD 17,500 – NZD 24,500 annually. 


Studying in France for Indian students helps them to focus on decent career opportunities internationally, especially after graduation. France is world-renowned for its high level of technological advancement, rich culture, and par excellence standing in the education system, which fascinates a number of young applicants every academic year. France may not outdo Germany for budget-friendly higher education, but international students may be amazed to learn they can also pursue study in France for free or at bare minimum cost irrespective of their nationality. To know more about Cost of Living in the France, click here.

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To sum up, when the intelligent youth of today decides to study in a new country, they learn new life skills, accommodate to a diverse culture, and personally grow as individuals, which is a true personal wealth to capitalize on.

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