Cost of Living in the USA

Know the approximate living expenses in the USA on monthly basis.

Planning to study at a US University? You must be wondering what the cost of living in the USA will be? The living expenses in the USA vary from one individual to individual and state to state, and it takes several factors into account to calculate the expenditures.


Average Monthly Cost of Living in the US

location Average Monthly Cost in USD
New Orleans 1,100 - 2,500
Seattle 1,500 - 2,500
location Average Monthly Cost in USD
Chicago 1,100 - 2,500
Detroit 1,500 - 2,500
location Average Monthly Cost in USD
Boston 1,500 - 2,500
Miami 1,500 - 3,000
Atlanta 1,200 - 2,200
Philadelphia 800 - 1,300
Washington D.C. 1,700 - 3,000
New York City (NYC) 1,700 - 3,000
location Average Monthly Cost in USD
Los Angeles 1,500 - 2,500
San Francisco 2,200 - 4,000
San Diego 1,400 - 2,400
location Average Monthly Cost in USD
Dallas 1,000 - 2,000
Houston 1,000 - 2,000

Average Monthly Cost of Accommodation in the US

Accommodation Average Expense in $ (per month)
Outskirts of Campus 600 (1 BHK) in Rural Areas
3000 (1 BHK) in Boston
Dorms off Campus 450 (room shared by four students)
Hostel on Campus 2450 - Public University
2775 - Private University

Average Cost of Study in the US

Type Of University Average Cost in $ (per year)
Private University 52,000
Public University 42,050
Community College 18,000
US States with Highest Cost of Living
District of Columbia
New York
US States with Lowest Cost of Living
New Mexico

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the cost of living for students in the USA?

The cost of living in the USA for Indian students varies based on the region. States like Michigan have a lower monthly living cost than others. Higher living expenses are due to the high per capita income and demand among students. Monthly living expenses are crucial when deciding on a university, especially if you are on a loan or from a less affluent background. Researching and seeking advice can help narrow down choices, ensuring effective finance throughout your course.

Which states have the lowest cost of living in the USA?

Mississippi is the most affordable, with a rent of approximately $795/month for a 2BHK flat. Oklahoma follows, offering a median household income of $54,449 and a 2BHK apartment at $849/month. Arkansas is third, with low rates for housing, transportation, and healthcare. Kansas is fourth, with a cost of living index at 87.9, making it a popular state for Indian students. Other affordable states include Missouri, Georgia, and Alabama.

Which states have the highest cost of living in the USA?

Hawaii is the most expensive, with a cost of living index of 192.9. Rent for a 2BHK flat is around $1895. Washington DC follows with an average rent of $2776/month. California, though having top universities, has a high cost of living with an average rent of over $2900 for a 2BHK. New York, especially in NYC, has a high living cost, with rent for a 2BHK potentially reaching $3700/month, impacting your finances significantly.

What is the average education cost in the USA?

The cost of education is a significant part of the overall living cost for Indian students in the USA. American universities have higher fees due to better academics, living standards, and post-study employability. Public universities, funded by state governments, generally have lower fees than private universities, which rely on tuition fees and donations. Fees vary for bachelor's and master's degrees, with STEM courses typically having higher fees. Public universities may cost around $25,000 for a master's, while private universities can be around $41,000.

What is the monthly cost of living in different parts of the USA?

Average expenditure in the US varies based on factors like shared living, affordable neighborhoods, and public transport usage. Modest lifestyles and part-time work can help manage finances. Monthly expenses vary across cities. Here is an approximate cost of living in the USA for Indian students to assist in financial planning during your stay.

What is the average accommodation cost in the USA?

Accommodation cost is a significant differentiator in calculating monthly living costs in the USA. It depends on factors like financial condition, part-time work plans, and proximity to the institution. Accommodation types vary, impacting studies. Options include on-campus, off-campus (rented apartment), or shared apartment living.

How much is the food cost in the USA?

The cost of food forms a considerable part of average monthly expenses in the USA. It varies by state; for example, in Oklahoma, groceries may cost around $200 for an Indian student, while in NYC, it could be around $400. Food costs depend on preferences, eating habits, and dining out frequency. Many workplaces provide quality food for students with part-time jobs.

What’s the cost of transportation in the USA?

Transportation cost is manageable and won't significantly affect living expenses. Monthly passes help reduce costs, and bicycles can be used for local commutes. Pass prices vary by state, and some students opt for second-hand cars. Gasoline prices also differ across states.

What are the other expenses in the USA?

Apart from mentioned expenses, other living costs include internet, electricity, and phone bills. Insurance charges are mandatory for international students, providing coverage for unforeseen events. Various insurance companies offer health coverage. Additional expenses may include stationery, gadget purchases, repairs, and day-to-day needs.

How can students manage their cost of living in the USA?

Students can manage costs by taking up part-time jobs, choosing affordable neighborhoods, and selecting universities in relatively cheaper cities.

Is there a loan available for the cost of living in the USA for Indian students?

Yes, many abroad education loan products cover living expenses.

What are the pros and cons of studying in a TIER-1 city in the USA?

Pros are better job and internship opportunities, while cons may include a higher average cost of living in the USA.

What are the accommodation options available for students in American universities?

The accommodation is a crucial aspect in managing the average monthly expenses in the USA. There are many options which include on-campus, off-campus (rented apartment), or shared apartment.


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