Getting A BS in Engineering: Undergraduate Studies From Universities in the US

Getting A BS in Engineering: Undergraduate Studies From Universities in the US

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In order to get a BS (Engineering Undergraduate) from US you would need to know about the standardized tests, course costs, return on investment in terms of salaries and other government requirements

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Engineering is a field that has done wonders to the world, which was always thought impossible. The US is a country that has achieved heights in Engineering that none of the countries in the world could have possibly imagined. The reason for this phenomenal success of the story is the education system the US adopted in the last two centuries. The US has overly laid down the focus on education, and now it is considered the best place on earth to take higher education or get a job. The US was able to sell its American dream because of the tech revolution that the American companies brought with them. Name a company with a trillion-dollar market cap, and it would undoubtedly have been founded in the US. From Google to Apple and Facebook to Amazon, American companies have proved that if the US is a tech powerhouse, it’s because of its brilliant workforce. 

The colleges in the US are considered the best for Engineering degrees, and it is not limited to those branches of engineering that are linked to the tech ecosystem. The colleges in the US are known for producing outstanding engineers. Earlier the US was thought of as a destination for pursuing a masters degree, but with the passage of time, a growing number of international students are taking up bachelor programs in US universities. Getting an engineering degree in the USA can be a game-changer for students' careers. Students must explore their options to secure admission for undergraduate engineering courses in the USA. Earlier it was a bit difficult for students from middle and lower-income groups, but now there is no dearth of lenders who are willing to give loans to talented students for studying engineering in America. 

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BS in Engineering for Indian Students at the US

Getting a bachelor’s degree from an American University can help students secure a good job and build a great career. It also helps students easily secure a seat for a masters degree. Once a student is well acquainted with the education system of a country, it becomes very easy for them to take up higher studies without going through any trouble. Students from India can take up an undergraduate engineering program after passing the 12th board exam with qualifying marks needed for admission to universities in the US. Colleges also put up additional criteria to assess the students, and it varies from one university to another. Extracurricular activities, science projects, students’ domestic exams, and several other factors. Students must check their respective university’s website to get exact details related to admission requirements. 


English Proficiency Test Requirement 

Schools and Universities TOEFL Score Requirement

Brown University

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

 California Institute of Technology (CALTECH) 

 Score submission is compulsory, but no minimum score 

Carnegie Mellon University

102 iBT

Columbia University

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

Cornell University

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

Harvard University

No requirement

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

New York University

110 iBT, and 600 PBT

Princeton University

No requirement

Stanford University

No requirement

University Of California, Berkeley

80 iBT, and 550 PBT

University Of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

105-110 iBT

University Of Michigan

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

Yale university

100 iBT, and 600 PBT

Get Detailed Info on IELTS

The admission process at universities in the US starts with taking the TOEFL or IELTS or any other English proficiency test. All the universities recognise the English proficiency test, but one should certainly check it with the university of their choice before proceeding ahead with their decision to study in the US. Students taking the TOEFL test must be aware of the average scores that top universities in the US expect from test-takers. The average score for TOEFL iBT should be more than 95 for engineering courses at top universities in the US. Similarly, the IELTS score band must be more than seven, and the chances increase if it’s more than 8. These scores are minimum and shouldn’t be considered cut-off marks. The precise score requirement varies, and one must see the score trends for the last couple of years to get the exact picture. 

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SAT or the Scholastic Assessment Test Score Requirement 

Often, students aren’t sure about the SAT score, and in one place, they read a score of 1300 as a good score, while at others, this score might not be good. So, there is no correct answer for it, as the SAT score requirements vary from one college to another. The SAT score requirement for top colleges is more, while it is relatively less for others. For most of the elite universities in the US, the SAT score is more than 1500. So, one should always aim for the highest possible scores so that even if they lag by a little, their score would anyway land them in a reputed university. Here is the average SAT score for studying in US universities


Choosing the University for BS in Engineering 

It is perhaps a tough task for students as they don’t have much idea about the engineering courses and also about the universities in the US. Usually, Indian students know the entrance tests that are conducted in India and also about the colleges. But when it comes to engineering in the US, it is an uphill task to call the shots. There are a few points that every student should consider before moving ahead with the decision of studying engineering in the US. 

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Right Course at Right University 

The first thing that we would like to clarify is that there is no correct or wrong answer to the question of choosing the right course or the right university. But there are certain things that one must keep in mind that can help students in making a more informed choice. If a student wishes to take up a job immediately after graduation and is interested in studying computer science, then Stanford, Caltech, and UC Berkeley are their best choices. However, if one wishes to dive more into resear



Princeton could be a more prudent choice. But this doesn’t mean that a student doesn’t get research opportunities at Stanford or they will not get jobs after getting the degree from Princeton. It’s just about striking the right chord at the right time. 


Scope of Further Studies

Students do know very well that having a masters or PhD can only broaden their job prospects. Everyone wants to have at least one master’s degree that helps them scale up in their career. So, one should check which universities have more easy routes to get into a master’s program.

Many universities offer club courses even in the middle of the degree programs. This enables students to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years and then utilise the remaining year to complete the master’s degree too. So, they can go for doctorate programs in just four years’ time. So, keeping the prospects of further studies helps students in gaining an edge over those who come for master’s programs at universities in the US. 


Don’t Follow the Herd

It’s always better to look at trends and assess the job prospects post completion of the degree. But if the studies don’t excite the student, then whatever be the trend, they will always lag behind. All of us hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and they certainly have a lot of potential in the future. But if a student is more interested in the working of machines, it’s always a wise choice to go for mechanical engineering rather than chasing the herd.

Nowadays, all branches of engineering have equal potential for growth. And the universities in the US have an excellent structure to allow and encourage interdisciplinary courses. So, one can easily switch from one field to another. This is something that makes the US an ideal location for pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. 

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Prioritise Course Over University 

If there is a situation wherein the student is stuck between sacrificing a course or university, it’s always better to let go of the college than the course. However, if there is a substantial difference in the qualitative aspects of the place of education, then certainly the university should be given the priority, but in other cases, it’s the course that matters. It’s not like that as if someone from Princeton will excel in life, and others will not. 


Preparation for the SAT 

If a student genuinely wants to study in the US for a BS degree in Engineering, they should start preparing well in advance. The students should always bear in mind that this one test has vast potential to change the course of life. One should start the preparation at least six months prior to the intended date of taking the test. One should always devote time to all the sections, and if they feel the need, they should also take help from the experts. Many online and offline tutorials help students with their SAT exam preparation

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Getting a Loan for BS in Engineering 

Earlier, getting a loan for a BS degree was a tough task, but now several banks, NBFCs, and International lenders are ready to give loans to meritorious students. The students have the option of both secured and unsecured loans. Many private banks and NBFCs provide unsecured loans, i.e., loans without collateral. This helps students from lower and middle-income groups to realize their dream of abroad education. So, one can take help from GyanDhan. We can help you get an abroad education loan at a faster pace from leading lenders in India. According to your financial and academic profile, our counselor suggests you the best loan product and also helps you throughout the loan process. Our loan assistance is completely free! You can start with checking your loan eligibility.

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