Best Housing Choices for International Students in the US

    Updated on: 09 Nov 2023 7 min read

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    Renting Details about the US Housing for International Students

    We all know how renting norms change from one city to another, and here we are talking about going to a new country. So, it becomes important for students to know all the details because, unlike India, the renting norms are pretty strict and clear in the US. Let’s see all the details that you need to know before finalising a place of accommodation in the US. 

    Security Deposits: The way you pay the security deposit in India, similarly you will have to pay a month’s rent or five weeks’ rent as advance. The security deposits might vary from one city to another but by and large, they are on these lines themselves. The security deposit has to be paid at the time of renting the apartment and will be refunded to you if the house remains in similar conditions. 

    Additional Fees: Before renting an apartment always ask for additional fees, if any. It will help you in saving money, and will not come to you as an unforeseen expense. At times property owners might put up an extra fee for something that might not be of any use to you. The additional fees could be for parking spaces, laundry facilities, etc. 

    Utilities Charge: Unless specifically stated, the charge for utilities isn’t included in the rent. The charge for electricity, internet, water, etc will be extra. So, when you are comparing the cost of accommodation, the utility charges must be factored in to calculate the actual cost. 

    Furnished Apartments: In most cases, you will get a furnished apartment. However, one should check all the required amenities before finalising the lease. The apartment should have basic amenities like a refrigerator, washing machine, etc. In the US, furniture renting is also pretty affordable, and you can also explore that option if you aren’t looking for an already furnished apartment. 

    Security Facilities: Students should always check that there are adequate safety facilities in the building premise, and also in the locality. Secured entry, CCTV cameras, security guards are some of the facilities that should be a part of the locality where you are planning to live. 

    These are some tips regarding accommodation for Indian students who are planning to move to the US for higher studies. Both on-campus and off-campus stay options have their own upside and downside. There is no hard and fast rule, and the best option can only be chosen by thoroughly analysing all the options. 

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