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How To Find Student Housing In Europe

How To Find Student Housing In Europe

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Getting quality and affordable student accommodation in Europe is not an easy task and that is why we have researched and come up with a comprehensive guide to help you in this endeavour

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Indians are increasingly seeing Europe as a favourable destination for their “Study Abroad’ mission. Reports suggest that out of 5.53 lakh Indian students who went abroad for higher studies, approximately 52000 went to Europe in 2015. According to Ambassador Alexandre Ziegler, “In the first six months of this year, there has been an increase of 40 per cent in the number of Indian students going to study in France over the previous year’s corresponding year, in which 4,500 students made the trip.” In 2015, the number of Indian student studying in Germany grew by 24.3% to 11,655.


  1. list items What Are The On-Campus Housing Options For Students in Europe?
  2. list items What Are The Off-Campus Housing Options For Students in Europe?
  3. list items How Can GyanDhan Help You With Accommodation in Europe?

The lure of European Universities can be attributed to a host of factors such as world-class universities that offer cutting-edge education, the ability to work during the program, lower fees and work permits amongst others. Though European Universities are increasingly being chosen by Indian students, and vice versa, housing is one of the first problems that Indian students face when going to Europe. Like any other country, finding student housing in Europe can be difficult if a student is clueless about who to approach and where to look for the perfect housing.

If you are one of those Indian students who is headed to Europe for higher education and are looking for information on how to find housing in Europe, then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss ways in which student housing can be found in Europe without going through any hassle. So start reading.

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What Are The Accommodation Options Available For International Students in Europe?

Student housing in Europe is divided into on-campus housing and off-campus housing. Let us discuss both of them one by one.


What Are The On-Campus Housing Options For Students in Europe?

Nothing can be better than on-campus housing – especially for a student who is not only new to the University but to the country as well. On-campus housing allows students to not just make the most of their academic and social life but also to adapt to the new country and city. Thus, we would advise all students headed to Europe to first contact their host University and check out the kind of on-campus housing that they may be providing to their students.

On-campus housing can be of various types and would depend on the host university, availability as well as the budget of the student. Many Universities in Europe provide their students' accommodation in Residence halls or flats that include common areas like lounge, TV room, library, or other spaces. Since these common areas serve as a great place to mingle with fellow students, these are a great place for networking and to make friends. Students are either allotted a single room or shared room in these residence halls or flats. Rooms in these residence halls and flats have a bed, wardrobe, cupboard and study desk. Add-ons like towels, blankets, cooking utensils, access to Wi-fi and others vary from residence hall to residence hall. Some rooms might have an attached toilet and washing facilities while others might have a communal toilet and washing facilities.

These residence halls or flats might have canteens – that offer meals – or shared kitchens that can be used to cook your own food. So, before embarking on your European sojourn, be sure to learn a few dishes which you might be required to cook in the shared kitchen.

Students interested in on-campus housing can fill out the relevant forms provided by their University and they would be allotted one, based on the availability of rooms.

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What Are The Off-Campus Housing Options For Students in Europe?

If you are unable to get on-campus housing in your first year or if you want to move out of on-campus housing after having stayed in it for a year, off-campus housing is the next option. Some kinds of Off-campus housing that students going to Europe can opt for are:

  • list items Private Accommodation - This can be shared or rented on your own. Both have their own pros and cons. While living alone will give you the peace you need during exams, sharing private accommodation will reduce your expenses and give you a chance to make friends. In a private accommodation, students typically have a room to themselves while they share the common areas like toilets, kitchen and living room.
  • list items Private Halls - Many European cities have private halls of residence too. These accommodations are mostly close to the University and have twin rooms that can be shared or studio flats. They have a student common room too. All bills are included in the total price, thus saving students the hassle of paying separate bills.  

Let us now list down some places where students can find out more options for their housing:

  • list items CROUS (Regional Centres of University and Academic Services) manages cités U or University residences (which are the cheapest accommodation in France) in France and students going to France can get in touch with their University to find out if they have any specific agreement with CROUS. If the university has an agreement, students need to apply between January 15th and May 31st before the start of the academic year.
  • list items Students heading to Holland for higher studies might have to opt for off-campus housing since students in Holland do not live in Universities.  
  • list items Students going to Denmark should first inquire about on-campus housing from their host institution. Off-campus housing for students is also available in Denmark.
  • list items Students going to Germany have the option to choose from Student accommodation (owned and managed by Studentenwerk) or Private residences.
  • list items Students going to Europe can also find accommodation options at Uniplaces,  Erasmus Student Network and Study Abroad apartments amongst others.
  • list items Facebook groups have information about student housing for particular schools or Universities. So, check those out.

Some tips to remember before opting for off-campus accommodation:

  1. list items For international students, it is best to ask the host university if they can recommend private accommodation options to you. Many Universities across Europe have a list of reputable property companies while many student unions also have websites that help students find rooms.
  2. list items Decide on your budget and look for accommodation within it.
  3. list items Try and find out about the area and location that you would be living in.
  4. list items Before signing on dotted lines of your residential contract and making the payment try checking out the accommodation and read the contract thoroughly. If there is any doubt, take advice from your host university.
  5. list items Always get all the terms and conditions written in the contract. This way, you will have no chances of being taken for a ride.

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