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Australian Student Visa Process: The Easy Guide

Australian Student Visa Process: The Easy Guide

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Learn all the details about the student visa process of Australia and how you can get one easily. All the documents and the other nitty gritties of the entire process are listed in detail so that you can get the student visa in the most hassle free manner.

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Note: It is important to know that in 2019, the Australian government put India in the Tier-3 visa category. It means every Indian student has to furnish his/her IELTS score and proof of funds for the student visa. Tier-1 are the countries whose students do not need to fulfill any of such criteria. However, Indian students who apply in Australian universities anyway give IELTS exam for increasing their chances for other countries as well, and they arrange the proof of funds as it is a prerequisite in countries like the USA and the UK already. So the decision did not have any specific impact on Indian students.

For an Indian student looking forward to doing post-graduation abroad, Australia might as well be one of the coolest options. With amazing state-of- the-art facilities in its institutions, practical vocational programs and a enthralling Aussie culture to imbibe from, Australia gets almost half a million international students every year. In fact, it is the second preferred destination for Indian students after the US as more than 45,000 Indian students are currently studying there. One of the most essential steps in order to start your Australian adventure is to be able to procure your student visa, which is fairly simple and convenient, provided you know the complete procedure. 

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Read on to know the nitty gritty details of the Indian student visa process for Australia.  

Features - With the procurement of this visa, you will be permitted to reside in Australia for educational purposes in a recognised institute for a total time period of 5 years. The cost exactly is about 560 Australian Dollars.


What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Australian Student Visa For Indians?

  • list items Before the application procedure starts, you need to have already been accepted into one of the recognized educational institutes (for a full time study in any course) of their country.
  • list items If you are a minor then you should have already organized the necessary welfare engagements for your intended staying period in Australia. 


  • list items The institution you've been accepted in, must be one among the list of Commonwealth Register of Institutions and courses for Overseas for Overseas Students (CRICOS). There are rarely any exceptions to this rule. 
  • list items As you are not yet a resident of Australia you will also have to attach a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) along with the visa application. Note that a letter of recommendation here will not work.
  • list items If there are more than one course in question, COEs for each one has to be provided.

What is Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement?

The GTE or the Genuine Temporary Entrant is a necessity which you need to prove to the Australian officials that you're entering Australia with the pure intention of a temporary stay only, i.e. educational purposes in this case. The statement has to be mandatorily written by the applicant only. Along with the statement you also need to include the following :

  • list items Proof of employment (in case you have been previously employed)
  • list items Educational qualifications
  • list items Australian qualifications like any diploma or a transcript

Health Insurance - Overseas Student Health Cover should be shared when you file an application for visa. All relevant important details regarding your OSHC must be provided. You must procure OSHC for your own self as well as for any of the dependants travelling along with you, beginning at least one week before your course starts and extending upto the complete duration of your stay in Australia. 

If either one among you or your agent have organised the OSHC required, you must include the name of your health insurance provider, the dates your policy start and finish along-with the policy number in your application form. 

If it is your education provider who arranged for your OSHC, then you must include the name of your health insurance provider and the dates when your policy starts and finishes. You may not necessarily include the policy number in your application. 

Parental Consent - If you're under 18 you will also need to produce this as part of the document listing.

Research - If you are a research Student then you need to provide a copy of the research you have done with respect to your thesis/project plus your resume.

Evidence of Financial Capacity - You need to provide evidence of the fact that you can support yourself financially while your intended stay in Australia without resorting to any illegal or in-genuine methods. This is an important evidence to ensure you don't become a liability to the country.

Character Requirements - A person wishing to enter Australia must be of good intent and must not possess criminal records in their history. A number of questions will be asked and tests will be conducted to ensure you're screened properly so as no criminal intents come up. 

Apart from these requirements, applicants must read all the instructions with utmost care in the official Australian government website and only then proceed to fill up the Visa Application Form. You may also procure the visa application form by paying a visit to the nearest Australia Visa Application Centre or also by clicking on the download button for the forms from its website itself.  

You are good to go, as soon as all the mandatory relevant necessities to the visa subclass under which you want to register your application, have been achieved.

On the other hand, the second method is that you may fill an application for the Australian Visa by mailing your application directly via Post to any of the VFS Australia Visa Application Centres in India. 

Start your preparation well in advance since the year you want to move to Australia. This will help you to keep everything in check and avoid errors.

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