Challenges in Finding the Right Student Accommodation in US

Challenges in Finding the Right Student Accommodation in US

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GyanDhan brings Swajith’s journey to find the right student accommodation in the US. Uncover expert tips on networking, navigating challenges, and making informed choices.

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Written by Swajith, MSBA Student at Golden Gate University

Starting the Adventure: Getting My Student Visa

The day my student visa was approved for the United States, a country full of potential and ambitions that would serve as the blank canvas for my very first international trip, I found myself on the verge of an exhilarating experience. 

Nestled in the heart of the city was my chosen abode, The Hotel, a haven located in the bustling downtown area near my university. The prospect of residing in a foreign land, even briefly, was nothing short of exhilarating. However, as I delved deeper into my preparations, I stumbled upon advice that would forever change my perception of urban exploration. 

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Getting Ready: Packing Smart for a Great Stay

With this newfound knowledge, I sought to equip myself with the essentials for a secure and comfortable stay. A revelation awaited me—the suggestion to arm oneself with ready-to-eat provisions that could withstand the passage of time, enough to sustain me for a week. The rationale behind this peculiar advice was simple: my downtown flat lacked the convenience of a kitchen, and I realized the area is not suitable for me. 

I entered the picturesque alleys armed with a variety of delicious yet long-lasting consumables. The city offered a captivating view with its well-known landmarks and active population. But the underlying sense of caution persisted, encouraging me to exercise prudence and adhere to the recommendations given to me. 

A Surprise Twist: Finding More Than a Home

My story took an unexpected turn, though, when I had to deal with the difficulty of finding adequate housing. The stars suddenly converged, pointing me in the direction of a secret location. Given that there are several Indian groceries and restaurants around, I realized it was more than simply a place to live; it was a refuge that catered to all my needs. I was thrilled to see that a region embraced a rich blend of cultures as an Indian visitor seeking a bit of familiarity. The streets were lined with Indian markets, their vivid colors reflecting the spirit of my country.

As days turned into weeks, it ceased to be a mere stopover; it became my home away from home. Now embraced me like old friends, and the initial hesitance transformed into a sense of belonging. The city's charm, combined with its commitment to safety and accessibility, made my stay truly unforgettable. 

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Facing Challenges: Finding a Place Without an SSN

Amidst the excitement of my first international visit to the US, I faced the challenge of finding accommodation without an SSN. The Surekha app came to our rescue, offering a platform for subleasing apartments. This allowed my roommates and me to connect with individuals willing to sublease their places. Through the app, we found a perfect match: a South Indian owner who was moving out of this place to his newly bought home. Communication was smooth, and we secured a flat. The Surekha app turned an obstacle into an opportunity, showcasing the power of innovative solutions for navigating unfamiliar territories. 

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Sharing the Load: A Cozy Apartment on a Budget

In a collaborative effort, my friends and I decided to lease a cosy 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartment for $2,500 in total, which translates to approximately $830 each. This joint venture not only allowed us to share the cost but also enabled us to enjoy a comfortable living space while managing our individual budgets effectively. By pooling our resources and splitting the expenses equally, we were able to secure a place that catered to both our financial needs and our desire for a shared living experience. 

My story in the foreign country began to take shape as it moved from the bustling centre of the city to the friendly embrace of my current home. The expedition, which had been started with anticipation and caution, ended with a story of tenacity and discovery. At the intersection of two cities, I came to the realization that travel was more than just a physical adventure; it was also an inward journey that left an imprint on the fabric of events that make up our lives.

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