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Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters

Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters

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Whom to ask for a letter of recommendation? Learn some tips for writing a LOR for Masters in Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering and other master degree.

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Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) for Masters 

Studying abroad can bring a substantial change in your life. It will give you endless opportunities both abroad and back home. Students in India go abroad to get a quality education, world-class job opportunities, a better standard of life, etc. The process of securing admission abroad can be complex & demanding. From giving the required tests like IELTS/GMAT/GRE/TOEFL to writing a Statement of Purpose, & having a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) holds quite some value. LORs are a testimony of your academic performance & your standing as an eligible student at an institution. 

A LOR can exponentially increase your chances of receiving admission to a university of your choice. It helps the person evaluating your profile get a clear sense of who you are, and there are people in authority who vouch for your credentials as an outstanding student. So, if you are planning your studies abroad, refer to some LOR samples for MS to get an idea of what to include or exclude. LOR templates for MS are available on the web, and you can check these depending on your area of study or the purpose for which you need the LOR. Now, let us delve into the details related to different LORs for different purposes

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Tips for Writing a Letter of recommendation for Master in:

Computer Science

Since Computer Science (CS) is one of the most sought branches in Engineering, especially in India, it becomes impetrate to start with it. The LOR samples for MS in CS are available on the web, and you can refer to them to get an idea of the content that you need to put in and be assured of getting admission to your dream university.

These are some key pointers you must bear in mind before proceeding ahead with your LOR:

  • list items It must contain the details of your area of expertise within the branch. For instance, some students have a better grip on one computer language than others, don't forget to mention it explicitly.
  • list items The skill set that you have makes you better than other applicants. So, if you are a coding expert, it must be highlighted in your LOR. 
  • list items If you have done something creative, for example, worked on a project with a leading tech company or developed a new system, your LOR should reflect that. 
  • list items Mention the applications you have worked on or developed or contributed to its development. This will give an impression of your readiness to enter research and development like most universities abroad do. 
  • list items Also, mention your research papers (if you have any) as it will make you stand apart from the crowd. 
  • list items Do not forget to mention the achievement that you had even if that's outside academics. For instance, any work related to your field of study wherein you helped in a social cause with your technical knowledge.


So, if you are a CS graduate and coherently incorporate all these, it will certainly increase your chances of securing university admission. 

Mechanical Engineering

It is one of the core branches of the field of engineering. From fast-driving cars to heavy machines, all are the brainchild of mechanical engineers. An abroad education has very bright prospects for mechanical engineers. So, you must check some LOR Samples for MS in mechanical engineering if you are planning to do masters from a university abroad.

Your LOR must include that:

  • list items You must be a good team leader. Your LOR should reflect this as the university expects students to have good leadership skills to deal with a large task force in the industry. 
  • list items Your technical expertise in different areas of your branch, for example, machine design, Computer-Aided Design(CAD), etc. 
  • list items You have a good understanding of the market dynamics. Now engineers have to play a dual role of good technocrats and great managers. 
  • list items Your affinity and understanding of the latest technology used in the industry in your LOR. It will give a good impression on the persons evaluating your application. 
  • list items Your project details (big or small) wherein you contributed. It will reflect your industry readiness and also your attitude toward learning. 


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Civil Engineering

With the rising need for infrastructure development in India and the need for sustainable infrastructure remodeling abroad, civil engineers' role will only increase. Every year thousands of civil engineering graduates move abroad to study at the world's top institutions and get an opportunity to work on some of the world's biggest infrastructure projects. To secure admission at a top university, the  LOR samples for MS in civil engineering should be referred to get a holistic idea of the things you need to add, and the things you need to avoid while drafting your LOR.

You can use these points to make for it: 

  • list items The LOR must contain the internship experiences you have, even if it is for a smaller project. Don't miss out just because you haven't worked on the mega projects.
  • list items Do mention your expertise in CAD, STAAD Pro, or any other relevant software/technique. 
  • list items The LOR must give the assessor a clear picture of your abilities, e.g., critical thinking, analytical approach to problem-solving, team player, and leadership ability. 
  • list items Civil engineering lays more emphasis on design. 
  • list items Social skills are a plus to your profile.

Whom to Ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

We have given you a detailed explanation of writing LORs, suitable for students from all the streams, leaving some points that are explicitly related to specific branches. And to get a general idea, one must start searching with academic LOR samples for MS to understand the prerequisites of the LOR. But you must be wondering how to get a professional LOR for MS? Well, that entirely depends on what you are doing presently. So, if you are a student studying at college/university, getting a Letter Of Recommendation for MS from a professor is the most viable option. It should be written according to the university to which you are applying and the country where it is located. For instance, if you plan to study at Stanford, you must check the LOR samples for MS in the USA to get an idea. 

However, if you are a working professional, you should certainly add a Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) for a master's from the employer. You can also ask your professors who taught you in college/university to write a LOR for you, but for professionals, the employer's LOR also matters a lot. It speaks volumes of your ability as a professional and makes you more desirable for universities abroad. As a professional working in a company, you must search for LOR samples from managers to get a rough idea.

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The LOR plays a significant part in your admissions process. There is no definition of a perfect LOR.

However, the more gaps you leave, the lesser your chances of getting into your dream university are.

  • list items At the time of choosing a recommender, you must keep in mind that the person should know you personally. It will increase your chances of getting admission if the university contacts the recommender.
  • list items Always choose a recommender who is reputed. For instance, if your recommender has held a high position, works in diverse areas, and has a good reputation (academically or professionally), your LOR will be way more impactful than others.
  • list items The recommender must be someone who knows you personally.
  • list items The person writing your LOR must be the one whose words should be convincing to the admission committee. If the person writing the recommendation has worked with you or has assisted you, or any other instance that directly establishes a connection between his words and action would be much more helpful. 
  • list items The last but the most important thing is that you should never copy the LOR from anywhere. It will be a fatal mistake, and the university will never consider your candidature.


Going abroad for higher studies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and you mustn't do anything that can harm your prospects of going to your dream university. A good LOR with all the minute details in place will help you in ways you can't imagine. So, get a good LOR and set yourself on a new journey. 

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