Is It Good/Bad To Attend Universities With Good Number Of Indian Students Like UTD/ IITC?

    Updated on: 06 Sep 2023

    There are a number of reasons why Indian students prefer studying abroad. While high-quality education and better career opportunities play a major role, international exposure is another big reason many students prefer completing their higher studies from abroad. For all these reasons, the US has been a popular study destination for Indian students for decades.

    Universities like University of Texas – Dallas (UTD) and Illinois Institute of Technology – Chicago (IITC) are quite popular among Indian students. Their number of intakes from India is also quite high.  

    Going by top-ranking systems such as QS Rankings and Times Higher Education, both UTD and IITC are among the top-500 universities in the world. Besides, other American universities like the University of Florida, San Jose State University, UCB, Northeastern University, Syracuse University, and the University of California, San Diego have a huge Indian student base as well.

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    Here we have tried to evaluate the merits and demerits of studying in such universities: 

    Evaluate the Merits and Demerits of Studying in such Universities


    The number of merits, especially from a short-term vision, are quite high.

    1. Students are less likely to suffer from homesickness while being among people from their motherland.
    2. There is no language barrier, as many people there know your mother tongue too.
    3. You always know where to get study notes as well as help with your assignments.
    4. Events with a Desi flavour are a round-the-year affair.
    5. You are more likely to befriend people from your own community rather than outsiders. Thus, you are likely to form deeper and longer-lasting relationships with these people.
    6. Easy Alumn Connect in any organization. Desi is the new target audience for so many businesses in today’s day and age. Be it digital technology or retail, the huge Indian diaspora is responsible for the booming of so many businesses. International organizations like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, and even the International Cricket Council (ICC) might fall flat on their face if Indians were to disappear.   

    Further, Both UTD as well as IITC have their own Indian Students Association (ISA). The associations regularly organize events such as national days in India, festivals, musical concerts and sporting activities. Both the associations (those of IITC and UTD) are also regularly in touch with the respective Consulate General and Indian Embassies in their cities. This provides the students with a sense of comfort, as they have created their own mini-India.


    In an era of globalization, it is important to be able to interact and integrate with people from all parts of the world. It is essential to respect all people – regardless of their caste, creed, sex, religion, nationality or sexuality. Even while working in a small company in some remote part of India, you are likely to encounter people from all such different walks of life.
    Let us look at some areas you miss out on from the given perspective while studying in such universities:

    1. Lack Of Wider Exposure - From a business point of view, adaptability with people from different cultures is an added advantage. Fluency in international languages can increase your career prospects fourfold, but the ability to blend transnationally can increase your prospects tenfold. This might not be possible if you keep seeking for your own community.
    2. Lack Of Depth in Relationships - Creating relationships from friendships of convenience is always easy but does  not add to your growth. The ability to form meaningful relationships with people from other parts of the world, and maintaining those relationships even from a long distance, has great value. Missing out on such relationships will not only hamper your personal growth, but affect your business opportunities as well.
    3. Lack Of Vision Widening - Education is the best time to broaden your vision and mindset as well. Since students are open to learning, they are also likely to develop respect and appreciation for people who have been brought up in a totally different manner. This also helps develop rational thinking and a better critical analysis. You would always regret missing out on such an opportunity. 
    4. Not Finding Like-Minded People - Students interacting with people from different nationalities and communities, are sometimes able to figure out their passion this way. Whether it is art, technology, fashion or anything else, there is a great chance of finding like-minded people only when you step out of your comfort zone. 

    Are Universities Like UTD and IITC a Bad Choice? 

    Universities like UTD and IITC are certainly not a bad choice just because they have a large Indian student base. Most American Universities (and even universities in other parts of the world) have an international student base. In fact, it is really hard not to find a single Indian in any university around the world. Universities like UTD or IITC should certainly be your go-to options if they fulfill all your other criteria, such as affordable fees and are the best options available to you from a career point of view. Also, if you are one who has always enjoyed the warmth of your own community and are looking forward to a smooth transition from local to global, then such universities are exactly what you need to look at.

    But if you are looking forward to a much diverse environment - one that challenges you to surge and allows you to grow – do not limit your options. 

    First published date: 15 Apr 2020

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