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Proof of Funds for USA Student Visa

Proof of Funds for USA Student Visa

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GyanDhan brings you a complete guide on USA student visa financial requirements. Learn how much bank balance is required for US student visa in 2024?

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Ever heard about the 25% rise in Indian students going to the USA for higher education? It's true – surpassing 2 lakhs! If you're planning to study in the US, nailing the F1 visa interview is key. One of the main reasons for the rejection of US student visa is the inability to prove your financial worth aka proof of funds. This blog breaks down how much bank balance is required for US student visa. 


What is Proof of funds?

If you are planning to study in the USA and do not have a prospective employment opportunity, you will need to provide proof of funds which is also a USA student visa financial requirement. This is necessary for the US consulate to ensure that you can sustain yourself throughout your period of study. There are various situations in which you may be required to showcase proof of funds, such as during your visa interview or when your university requests it. Regardless of who is asking for the proof of funds, it should be presented in a manner that creates the perception that you will be able to cover the costs of studying abroad.


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Why Proof of Funds Required for the USA?

On a broader level, the primary reason why there are USA student visa financial requirements is that US immigration wants to ensure that you are capable of sustaining yourself in the USA for the duration of your study. Additionally, proof of funds is also required for the following reasons:

  1. Visa requirements - When you opt for an F1 visa to study in the USA, proof of funds is a crucial document that you need to present.
  2. Financial responsibility - Some universities have this requirement to submit financial proof so that they can check whether you will be able to complete your studies properly without worrying much about finances.
  3. Government regulations - The main reason why the immigration department wants to see your proof of funds is to verify your ability to sustain yourself in a foreign country; otherwise, you will be just a burden on the host country.

How Much Bank Balance is Required for US Student Visa?

The U.S. State Department has not set a fixed amount as USA student visa financial requirement a.k.a proof of funds, contrary to the perception that around 10,000 USD is required for a successful start to the education journey abroad. The minimum liquid funds required depend on the I-20 received from your university, which stipulates the minimum amount needed in your bank account.


However, this amount only covers the first-year tuition fees. To meet the complete financial requirement, you must add living expenses to the I-20 amount. Ensure that these funds have been consistently present in your account for the past 6-9 months to make it more credible for the State Department consulate. For instance, if your I-20 indicates a first-year tuition fee of 15,000 USD, the minimum amount to showcase in your bank account as proof of funds would be approximately 25,000 USD to 30,000 USD. Thus it is recommended that you maintain a similar figure as the minimum bank balance for US student visa.


List of Documents Accepted as Proof of Funds in US

The government in the US cares more about your easily accessible money, like in savings and checking accounts that can be liquidated easily when required. They want to make sure you have enough funds right away for your first year of school and can get more money for the rest of your degree. Things like investments and property papers are usually not the best proof of having enough money as they are not liquidable easily. The list of documents that are acceptable as USA student visa financial requirement are - 

  1. Bank Account Statements - A bank account statement is a document provided by your bank that shows the details of your account transactions over a specific period. You can submit this as proof of funds for the requested period by the Department of State. The consistency in the amount over the period will show that you are capable of sustaining yourself in the USA.
  2. Loan Approval Letter - A loan sanction letter also known as a loan approval letter, is an official document from a lender confirming approval for a loan, specifying the terms and conditions, including the approved amount, interest rate, and repayment schedule. It serves as an official confirmation of the loan's approval.
  3. Sponsor Letter - A sponsor letter, given by a bank based on your financial history and assets offered as collateral for a loan, is similar to a capacity certificate and does not represent actual money in your account. In easy terms, it can also be considered a bank balance certificate for US visa.
  1. ITR - An Income Tax Return (ITR) can be used as proof of funds for the USA by showcasing your financial standing and income history. When applying for purposes like a visa or admission, providing your ITR can demonstrate your financial capacity. The ITR document typically includes details about your income, tax paid, and deductions, giving authorities an overview of your financial stability.
  2. Fixed Deposits - A Fixed Deposit (FD) can serve as proof of funds for the USA by demonstrating a stable financial position. When applying for certain purposes like a visa or admission, a bank account statement reflecting the FD can be submitted. An FD indicates a committed amount of money set aside for a specific period, showcasing financial stability and the ability to cover expenses.
  3. CA Certificate - Certain countries may ask for a CA Certificate, prepared by a certified Chartered Accountant (CA). The document has to outline the actual assets and liabilities of the student or sponsor, covering current assets like bank balance, FD, and more and fixed assets like land, property, and gold with estimated values. The CA must sign and stamp the document.

List of Documents Not Accepted as Proof of Funds in US

There are a few documents that are not accepted as proof of funds, although the list can differ based on who has requested proof. Below are the general documents not accepted in the majority of cases for USA student visa financial requirements - 

  1. Stocks & Bonds -  Fluctuating values make stocks and bonds unreliable as proof of funds; their market-driven nature means their worth can change rapidly.
  2. Real Estate - Property deeds and real estate holdings are generally not accepted due to the illiquid nature of these assets, making it challenging to access immediate funds.
  3. Fixed Assets - Assets like machinery, equipment, or vehicles are not considered proof of funds due to difficulties in converting them into readily available cash.
  4. Income/Salary Slips - Income or salary slips, while reflecting earnings, are not accepted as proof of funds because they don't demonstrate the actual availability of liquid assets for immediate use.

The ability to present a valid proof of funds as per the information presented above is very crucial for your study abroad journey as it will satisfy the USA student visa financial requirement. In case you are struggling to find good financial backing then you can take an abroad education loan with GyanDhan. We will help you get a loan approval letter as soon as 7-10 days after document submission that you can further use as proof of funds for your study abroad journey. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much money do I need to show for US student visa?

    Although there is no set limit, the minimum funds that you need to show as proof of sustainability in the USA should be either equivalent to the amount mentioned in the I-20 or the tuition fee plus the cost of living for the first year.

    Who requires proof of funds for USA?

    The US Embassy, the State Department of the USA, and, in some cases, your university may require you to produce proof of funds.

    What is acceptable to fulfill US student visa financial requirement?

    Following is a list of things that you can submit as proof of funds - 

  • list items Bank Account Statement
  • list items Loan Approval Letter
  • list items Fixed Deposit
  • list items CA Certificate
  • list items ITR
  • list items Sponsor Letter
  • How many months of bank statements are required as proof of funds?

    For a bank statement to be considered as proof of funds it should be compiled for a period of 6-9 months with a sufficient balance throughout the said period. 

    Whose bank statement is required for US student visa?

    You would need to showcase a bank statement of yourself, and your parents and there are cases when a local guardian bank statement may also be required. 

    Can I show FD as proof of funds for US student visa?

    Yes, you can show FD as proof of funds for US student visa. This also depends on the locking period as well as the amount that has been locked in FD.

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