Australian Study Visa Requirements: A Detailed Guide

    Updated on: 17 Jan 2023

    Australian Study Visa Requirements 


    Making the decision to study in Australia is an exciting first step toward a bright future. Before continuing, a few important issues must be resolved.

    You'll need the most essential item, a student visa (subclass 500). But what are the requirements for submitting a winning application? Step-by-step guidance on academic entry and visa requirements is provided below.

    Academic Entry Requirements

    English competence may be one of several academic requirements, depending on the subject you want to take. It is suggested to carefully review the prerequisites for each course on the education provider's website, and get in touch with them directly if you need more details.

    General Guidance

    • English language instruction: For information, see "Proof of English Proficiency" below.
    • Schools: Entry requirements may differ by state, area, and specific schools.
    • Vocational education and training (VET): For VET institutes, entrance exams are typically not required. But for some courses, you might need to have had job experience or studied particular disciplines.
    • Higher education undergraduate courses: To qualify, you must hold a Year 12 Australian Senior Secondary Certificate of Education or an equivalent. Additionally, specific prerequisites may apply to several undergraduate courses.
    • Higher education postgraduate course: You must have earned at least one undergraduate degree before enrolling in a graduate program. Your research skills or appropriate professional experience may also be taken into account by educational institutions.
    • Suggestion: You can think about enrolling in a Foundation course, sometimes referred to as a bridge study program, to assist you to fulfill the academic entry criteria that are similar to those of an Australian high school diploma. Most higher education institutions provide foundation courses, which are typically one year long.

    How to Request a Student Visa?

    Securing a student visa is an essential first step. Even if you start your studies online, getting a student visa now will help you prepare for future on-campus education in Australia. A student visa could help you become ready for a post-study employment visa (Visa subclass 485).

    Please obtain an application form from the provider's website using the Course Search feature if you want to apply directly to an Australian educational institution. If you require assistance making an application for a course, an Australian education agent can assist you. However, you must still give your agent access to all the necessary paperwork that must be submitted together with your form.

    Relevant documents include:

    • Documentation of your prior education, including any certifications you may already hold, in the form of certificates.
    • Proof of your English language skills.
    • Certificates or documents attesting to prior learning or employment if you're looking for course credit. English translations are required.

    For more details on these materials, see the section below.

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    Subclass 500 Student Visa

    Depending on your degree, you can live, study, and work in Australia for a maximum of five years with a Student Visa (Subclass 500).

    Typically, this visa allows you to work an unlimited number of hours during study breaks and a maximum of 40 hours per fortnight, throughout the academic year. The Australian government is allowing all students to work more than the normal 40 hours per fortnight during term time for a short while. Currently, students can start working as soon as they arrive in Australia and before their studies even begin.

    Benefits of Student Visa (Subclass 500)

    While enrolled in a short-term study program in Australia with a Student Visa 500, the holder is granted several privileges. The following services are available to the holders of the Visa Subclass 500:

    • A study visa subclass 500 ensures support and entitlement and permits a student to study in a full-time CRICOS-registered program in Australia.
    • This visa enables family members to join the student.
    • During the course 40 working hours, every two weeks are permissible for the students.
    • The entire length of visa is valid for a period of five years; however, this could fluctuate depending on the courses you choose.
    • For a period of five years, the visa holder is also free to travel in and out of Australia if they want.

    Who qualifies to apply for the student visa?

    • A candidate must fulfill the requirements listed below to secure a student visa:
    • The candidate must be atleast six years old.
    • The candidate must possess documentation proving enrolment in or application to a full-time, qualifying educational program in Australia.
    • One must demonstrate fluency in the English language via English proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.
    • The applicant must obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) must be obtained by the applicant and their dependents from an Australian health insurance company.
    • Candidates must adhere to Australia's health criteria before entering.
    • The Applicant must have sufficient funds to cover their living expenses and education costs in Australia.

    Recent Developments in Australia's Visa and Immigration

    Indian students have been promised by their Australian counterparts that their visa-related issues will be resolved quickly, according to recent discussions between Australia's Minister of Education, Mr. Jason Clare, and India's Union Minister of Education, Skill Development, and Entrepreneurship, Mr. Dharmedra Pradhan, on July 21, 2022.

    There have also been discussions about enhancing partnerships to support skill development in the educational sectors with contributions from Australia, which is well-known throughout the world. In turn, the workforce in Australia and India would benefit from this.

    Visa Fees

    Unless you qualify for an exemption, the cost of an Australian student visa application starts at AUD 650. Processing periods for Australian student visas vary from person to person. On the Department of Home Affairs website, you can get information about visa processing times.

    Variations in processing times

    Each application is considered individually. Processing timelines can vary due to several factors, including-


    • Is the application submitted along with the required documentation?
    • Is the application submitted in hard copy or via using an online platform? Online application is speedy in the application procedure.
    • How quickly does the candidate reply to inquiries for additional details?
    • The amount of time taken to do the necessary inspections
    • The amount of time it takes to obtain information from other organizations, particularly when it comes to requirements for morality, national security, and health
    • Number of openings in the migration program for permanent visa applications.
    • Timelines for processing are impacted by a variety of factors, including complex circumstances, fluctuations in the number of applications, and changes to ministerial directives.

    Visa requirements for students

    The prerequisites for submitting an application for an international student visa are listed below.

    Letter of Offer

    If your application is approved, your desired school provider will send you a Letter of Offer.

    • You should thoroughly read the Letter of Offer before accepting it. It will contain your enrollment requirements, course information, and any fees you must pay if you accept the offer.
    • If you don't begin or complete your course, the agreement will be utilized to determine if you will receive a refund, so be sure you are aware of all your rights, including the refund procedures.
    • Refuse to accept the Letter of Offer if any of its terms dissatisfy you.
    •  A copy of the offer letter should be retained. You will need a copy of this agreement so that you are informed of your rights and can use it to sue the institution, if necessary.

    Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE)

    A Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), a document that certifies your enrollment in a specific course, will be sent by your education provider. The CoE will be given to you after you accept your offer and submit your deposit.
    To provide the Australian government with documentation showing you are enrolled in your declared course, you must submit a copy of this document with your visa application.

    Proof of English Proficiency

    If you do not speak English as your first language, you will need to present evidence of your success on an approved English language exam because Australian educational programs are taught in English. This certificate will serve as proof that you meet the course's minimal English proficiency requirements for the Australian government.

    The Australian Government only recognizes a select number of exams, yet they are all easily accessible from anywhere in the world. The minimal prerequisites for each educational level vary, while schools occasionally raise these criteria for specific courses.

    Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Requirement

    To fulfill the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, create a statement that meets the following two criteria:

    1. That you are traveling to Australia solely to study and for no other purpose.
    2. That your stay in Australia is only for a limited period of time and you are not in any way overstaying your visa.

    In your remarks, include your friends, family, or place of employment that you must return to, as well as how the course will help you reach your academic or professional goals.
    These specifics will demonstrate your intent to return home when your visa expires and your genuine desire to study in Australia.

    Proof of Sufficient Funds

    In order to be given a student visa, you must show that you have the means to sustain yourself while you are in Australia. There are two different options to fulfill this requirement.:

    • Bank statements, scholarship or award credentials, etc.: This will demonstrate that you have the funds to pay for all of your course-related charges and expenses, including travel, course fees, and rent.
    • Provide documentation of your parent's or partner's yearly salary, which must have exceeded approx. AUD 62,222 in the year before your application. The minimum yearly income required to invite family members is approx. AUD 72,592.

    Visit the Department of Home Affairs website and select "Gather your paperwork" for further details regarding the minimum necessary cash.

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    Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

    You must obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your studies in Australia as an international student. If you are unable to provide proof that you have acquired this insurance, your application for a student visa will be denied.
    Overseas Student Health Cover will assist you in:

    • Spend money on hospital or medical care when you're a student in Australia.
    • Cover the majority of prescription medication costs.
    • Provide you with emergency ambulance coverage.
    • Make sure you order an OSHC card to use at doctor appointments while you are residing in Australia along with your health insurance.

    Health Requirement

    The Australian government mandates that all foreign students be in excellent health before arrival. You can therefore be required to get your health checked out and present a certificate from your doctor attesting to the fact that you match these health standards.

    Character Requirement

    You must also fulfill a number of character standards if you wish to study in Australia. You will be required to provide basic information about your character and prior behavior in your application. In some circumstances, a police background check might even be required.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it possible to change a tourist visa to a student visa in Australia?

    You may apply for the degree programs if you already hold a tourist visa for Australia and can change your guest visa to a student visa while you're there. So, getting a subclass 500 student visa will make it simple for you to prolong your stay.

    What is the maximum period for which a student visa is valid as per Australian study requirements?

    The visa is valid for five years following approval, although it may be extended based on how the applied courses must be completed.

    Is it difficult to get an Australian student visa?

    Well, Australian student visas are simpler to obtain than those from other nations. Students who want to study in Australia must meet the criteria to be eligible for a student visa. You can apply for a visa under Subclass 500 once you have registered for a full-time study program.

    Do I have to attend any interviews to get a student visa for Australia?

    To obtain an Australian student visa, candidates must attend an interview. The majority of interview questions are based on your education and field of study. The case officer issues visas to the students who qualify and fulfill all the prerequisites for them and the rest are rejected.

    After completing my studies as an international student at an Australian university, for how long can I stay in Australia?

    International students who wish to stay in Australia after they graduate can apply for the Post Study Work Visa, which permits them to stay for an additional two years.

    What is the age limit for an Australian student visa?

    Although there is no minimum age requirement for applications, students under the age of 18 must meet some additional requirements.

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