Part-Time Work in the USA for International Students

Part-Time Job Options in the USA

Know the part-time work options & earn while you learn in the USA.

Studying in the USA is a fulfilling dream for any student. A part–time job in the USA will make sure you have sufficient time on hand to complete your projects and at the same time earn extra money. The F-1 visa licenses you to work within the property for about 18-20 hours a week however, these hours double up during vacation time. The best part for international pupils is after you finish the first twelve months, you have the option on this visa to work outside the college site considering the following categories – the Optional Practical Training (OPT) – so if your field of study is psychology, for example, you are allowed to pursue an internship for the same and get paid.


Part-time Job Options in the US

On- Campus On- Campus

On- Campus


Off- Campus Off- Campus

Off- Campus

Only if OPT

No. of Hours No. of Hours

No. of Hours


Pay in USD Pay in USD

Pay in USD

$9-$15/ Hour

On-Campus Off-Campus
Research Study Assistant Customer Care Representative
Teaching Assistant Tour Guide
Library Page Translator
Computer Lab Technician Store Associate
University Campus Tour Guide Babysitter
Department Assistant
Peer Tutor
Campus Ambassador
Production Assistant
Catering Assistant & Food Runner

Types of Part-time Job Options in the USA

Temporary Job On Campus Off Campus Online
CPT Back Office
Research Guide
Service Jobs
OPT - Up to 12 Months Post-Graduation Job Portal
Data Entry
Resources to Find Part-time Jobs in the US
Career Guidance Cells
Social Networking Sites
American Job Centers
Ticket to Work (for differently-abled)
Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the US
For F-1 and M-1 visa holders-
$25-30 Weekly
$15-19 Per Hour (if multi-tasking)
This income can be doubled during the vacation time

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can an international student find part-time jobs in the US?

Finding part-time jobs is easy for international students, especially if their degree program requires it, commonly known as CPT (Curricular Practical Training). Preceding OPT allows students to continue working for up to a year after graduation. Opportunities include research assistants, training associates, university tour attendants, lab workers, translators, and language tutors. Resources for job hunting include daily newspapers, public websites, periodicals, American Job Centers (AJC’s), and Career Guidance Cells for International students. Online portals like Ticket to Work (TTW) also provide opportunities, especially for differently-abled individuals.

What is the salary range of part-time jobs for international students in the USA?

Under F-1 and M-1 visas, working inside the institution premises is allowed for the initial twelve months. During periodic classes, students can work around 20-25 hours weekly, and this can double up during seasonal holidays.

Which jobs can a student do on a US college campus?

On-campus jobs, in compliance with state minimum hourly pay, include sorting books at the library, mentoring students, data entry, office roles, lab agents, tour guides, event managers, kitchen and serving roles, inventory in charge, and more. Online portals like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, Fiverr, and Amazon also offer part-time job opportunities. Students can assist with in-house sanitization and support lecturers with syllabus and assignment planning.

Which jobs can a student do outside a US college campus?

Students on F-1 or M-1 visas need a permit from SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). Options include administrative staff, receptionists, gas station or supermarket employees, cashiers, sales staff at malls, bed and breakfast hotels, restaurant stewards, delivery personnel, computer programmers, editors, management analysts, part-time laborers, analysts, and accountants. Opportunities for growth may lead to full-time ventures.

For how many hours are international students permitted to work?

International students can work between 35-40 hours a week, with overtime as an option.


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