Part-Time Job Options in the U.S.A.

Know the Part-time Work Options & Earn While You Learn

Studying in the USA is a fulfilling dream for any student. A part–time job in the USA will make sure you have sufficient time on hand to complete your projects and at the same time earn extra money. The F-1 visa licenses you to work within the property for about 18-20 hours a week however, these hours double up during vacation time. The best part for international pupils is after you finish the first twelve months, you have the option on this visa to work outside the college site considering the following categories – the Optional Practical Training (OPT) – so if your field of study is psychology, for example, you are allowed to pursue an internship for the same and get paid.

Part-time Job Options in the US



Several on-campus job-options are available for students


Only if OPT

OPT lets students work in their area of study- either a job or an internship.

No. of Hours


Students can work for 18-20 hours in a week.

$ Pay

$15-19 / hour

The earnings can be around $15-19 / hour depending upon the work.

Work in USA
Part-Time Job Options in the US


  • Research Study Assistant
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Library Page
  • Computer Lab Technician
  • University Campus Tour Guide
  • Department Assistant
  • Peer Tutor
  • Barista
  • Campus Ambassador
  • Production Assistant
  • Catering Assistant & Food Runner


  • Customer Care Representative
  • Tour Guide
  • Translator
  • Store Associate
  • Babysitter

Types of Part-time Job Options in the USA

Temporary Job
On Campus
Off Campus
  • CPT
  • Back Office
  • Research Guide
  • Café
  • Service Jobs
  • OPT - Up to 12 Months Post-Graduation
  • Job Portal
  • Data Entry

Resources to Find Part-time Jobs in the US

  • Career Guidance Cells
  • Social Networking Sites
  • American Job Centers
  • Ticket to Work (for differently-abled)

Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the US

For F-1 and M-1 visa holders-

  • $25-30 Weekly
  • $15-19 Per Hour (if multi-tasking)

This income can be doubled during the vacation time

Frequently Asked Questions

It is easy for an international student to find a temporary job if their degree program has a requirement for it. Commonly worded as CPT (Curricular Practical Training). The best part is that a preceding OPT permits a student to continue working for up to a year after graduation. Sounds promising, isn’t it? A Research subordinate or a training associate who can work individually with every student is always in demand at all institutions. For an extrovert student a university tour attendant, a lab worker can be considered. Translator and language tutoring jobs also seem to be extremely promising for Asian students.
Trust us, there are a lot of resources where one can easily find the best part-time jobs in the USA. Most of the job openings show up on daily newspapers, public websites, and periodicals. To add to this American Job Centers (AJC’s) are located locally almost everywhere to assist and aid everyone especially if someone has any kind of disability. There is also a Career Guidance Cell for International students that is really helpful at providing information about ongoing and forthcoming openings. The youth of today is tech-savvy and smart at navigating online portals for the same and being a member of such networks provides you with more opportunities. The TTW (Ticket to work) is a trusted and government-associated firm to help those who are differently-abled.
Under the F-1 and M-1 visas working inside the premises of the institution in areas earlier mentioned is allowed for the initial twelve months. When periodic classes are in progress you can look at a good 20-25 hours of work weekly and during seasonal holidays this can double up.
Maximum of the on-campus occupations need to meet the state minimum hourly pay in synchronization with the state that the university is based in. Helping sort out books at the library and shelving them, assisting in mentoring students, data entry, front office executive, back office, lab agent or tour guide are options to consider. An event manager is another way of working by planning shows and upcoming events. Helping in the kitchen, serving dishes, or cleaning up not only provides pay but free meals too. Working as an inventory in charge where you need to maintain a record of all the stock be it stationery and future requirements. LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Upwork, Fiver, and Amazon are online portals where one can pursue part-time jobs and get a decent amount. Moreover, keeping in mind the ongoing pandemic, helping with in-house sanitization is another option. Being of help to Lecturers in terms of syllabus and assignment planning also holds good temporary pay and enables a student to have a systematic revision of the subjects taught. If the institution has a sports complex managing the area and related equipment is also a nice choice.
Students on an F-1 or M-1 visa need a permit from SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System). From working as admin staff, a receptionist, at a gas station, a supermarket employee, or cashier. A few more on the list are serving as sales staff at malls or bed and breakfast hotels. One can look at being a steward at a restaurant and the good thing is you not only get paid hourly here but earn tips as well and a meal-in which is on the house. One can do transport goods, deliver pizzas, work as a computer programmer also. An editor who can engage readers and have knowledge on what type of content will attract the market is a decision to give thought to. Management analysis, who looks into varied interests of the company such as how to increase the productivity of its employees and capitalize on the use of the structure, providing the firm with more revenue at a low cost. Many companies are also in need of part-time laborers, analysts, and accountants. These companies have great opportunities for growth and can later turn into full-time ventures also. Computer programming and being able to pen down software is also what companies are always on the lookout for on a part-time basis.
International students can work anywhere between 35-40 hours a week with overtime as an option.
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