What To Expect As An MS Student in the US

    Updated on: 07 Sep 2023 9 min read


    Getting the chance to study abroad in the best university or college in the United States is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for any student. In the last few years, the US has enjoyed a dominating position across the globe as the most popular university destination for students looking to pursue an MS degree.

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    Some of the effective ways to make the transition of living in a country like America smooth are -

    • Look at the Big Picture while Choosing the Specialization - It is important to make an informed decision regarding your specialization, after having detailed discussions with seniors about course syllabi, etc., to get a sense of the most suitable courses for you. While the choice should be made after in-depth research of the specific field of interest, some of the popular options include MS in Computer Science, MS in Power Engineering, MS in Embedded Systems, and MS in Management Information Systems. The list is based on important parameters such as quality of jobs, excellent salaries, and relevance of the courses to international students.
    • Understand Curriculum and other Project Requirements - This is important since the MS curriculum in the US differs from one university to another. In general, make sure that you are aware of -
      • Any pre-requisite courses mandated by the university.
      • Details about the core MS subjects including theory and programming.
      • Electives that MS students are allowed to take.
    • Hunting For An Internship - Doing MS in the US requires extensive experience with the right mix of both, practical and theoretical knowledge. Depending on the university you go to, you can start hunting for an internship from anywhere between four to eight months of starting the MS program. To begin the search, start with preparing a good resume. You can take advantage of career counselling solutions provided by qualified professional counselors, expert psychologists, and supervised trainees who offer specialized solutions to help students identify the right steps of internship selection, career development, and exploration process. Once the resume is ready, the next step is to start applying through - 
      • Various websites such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc.
      • Official company websites, and
      • Actively participating in career fairs organized by the University

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    To sum it up

    The decision of studying MS in the US is definitely a significant one for students. However, culturally America is both, diverse and vastly different from India. To make the process smooth and hassle-free, students need to be well-prepared financially, emotionally, as well as culturally. It is advisable to gain sufficient knowledge and understand the background of the country beforehand, to be more familiar with the people and life in the US at large.

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