Study in Germany - A Starter Guide for International Students

Study in Germany - A Starter Guide for International Students

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Wish to know how and why to study in Germany? Read this guide to learn more.

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A lot of students nurture the dream to study in Germany. It is a fantastic destination to visit, study and work in. German culture is vibrant and inviting to people of all places. Germany is home to some of the best universities in the world and is a key hub of research in Europe. It is the place where several multi-national corporations are headquartered. Every year, thousands of international students apply to study in Germany, and this number had been increasing steadily before the worldwide pandemic occurred.

As the situation normalizes, the opportunity to study in Germany has become viable. We will try to help you understand several reasons why one may choose Germany over other popular destinations for studying abroad such as the United States, Australia or the United Kingdom. If you have already decided you wish to study in Germany, we also provide information as to how you can proceed for the same.

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Why Germany over other countries?

For several years now, the favorite destinations for studying abroad have been English-speaking countries, which eliminates the need for learning a new language for a lot of students and makes it easier to study and work. To study in Germany, it may be necessary to learn German, because several courses are taught in German, which makes it undesirable for a lot of students.

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However, Germany has some undoubted advantages over other countries, which is why the country is seeing about 350,000 students attend their institutions to study every year. We have put forth some of the reasons below



Most universities in Germany are Government-funded and do not charge any tuition fee to students, be they from Germany or any foreign country. Germany also allows for part-time jobs which can help cover up costs. This makes German universities comparatively affordable to attend. Compared to US and UK universities, whose tuition fees are consistently among the highest in the world. Having to pay no tuition is an extremely good reason to study in Germany. The cost of living is also lower compared to the previously mentioned countries and even lesser than Australia and other European countries.


Wide Range of Top Quality Courses

German universities offer a huge variety of courses, from technical universities that focus on courses based on technology and engineering and natural sciences, to humanities focused universities that offer courses on the arts, literature and social sciences.

A lot of universities offer a basic German learning course that can be undertaken simultaneously while you are pursuing a degree. Several universities offer courses that are fully taught in English, making it a very attractive option for prospective students. German universities consistently rank in the top 100 globally each year and churn out world class research every year.

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Opportunities to Gain Employment

Career opportunities are manifold in Germany. Several major corporations are headquartered in Germany such as Audi, Allianz, BMW, SAP, Bosch, Bayer, Adidas, Siemens, Lufthansa, Beiersdorf, Henkel etc. among many others. These are great options for any student looking to work full-time after their studies. 

German visa rules also aid in the search of a job, allowing you to stay for up to 18 months in the country after completing your master’s degree to look for a suitable job related to your qualification. Germany will face a shortage of about 3 million skilled workers by 2030, something which the current government is trying to rectify already, giving an opportunity to students who wish to study in Germany and work thereafter. 



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Exploring Germany and Europe

Germany has a vibrant culture which a residence permit visa can allow you to explore, as well as travel around the Schengen area without needing additional documentation. Students also get discounts on public transport across Europe. There are also student discounts at various points of interest such as museums or parks. 

Steeped in history, exploring Europe provides a fantastic opportunity for any young individual to experience monuments, artifacts, old cities, markets and so on. This opportunity is limited in other popular study destination such as the US, Australia and the UK because of cost reasons as well as a lack of solid affordable public transport. 


How do I Study in Germany?

Now if you are seriously considering Germany to be a viable option for you to study abroad, 
and wondering how to go about the process, MSinGermany can be your one-stop-shop for all your requirements to study in Germany. 


Taking Professional Assistance to Study in Germany

MSinGermany is an all-in-one platform that allows you to complete the whole process from start to finish by accessing a single portal. Be it writing a statement of purpose or choosing universities, or be it picking out insurance to visa application services, everything can be found on a single platform. This makes the entire process less cumbersome and you can focus on things which require your complete attention. 

 List of the Services Offered by MSinGermany

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Other Ways to Study in Germany

You may prepare according to the requirements mentioned by universities and the German embassy. It is not impossible to get in top universities by yourself, however we do not recommend this way since unforeseen rejections due to inexperience and minor mistakes may occur. Professionals in this field have vast prior experience and insight that might be useful in several cases. These  also have a solid foundation and tried and tested methods that allow them to assist any student. 

There may be other platforms that may provide assistance to study in Germany, but rarely are they an all-in-one platform that takes care of all your requirements. A lot of prospective students might be working professionals or still in university completing their degrees. Preparation to go abroad in such scenarios can be a huge burden and a distraction from work and studies. Hence, it is ideal to take the services of experienced professionals to get the job done smoothly and systematically.

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Increasingly students are choosing to study in Germany. A plethora of benefits attract students from all over the world to the country and shall continue to do so over the foreseeable future. With advanced technical courses, low -to-nil tuition fee, opportunity to explore Europe and a good standard of living, Germany as a study destination seems to be a winner all the way. By taking professional services of an experienced team, you can make the journey to your dream destination hassle-free and enjoyable.

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