Germany Universities Application Deadline 2022 & 2023

    Updated on: 12 Apr 2023

    Germany Universities Application Deadline 

    Indian students always find Germany as one of their preferred locations for pursuing higher studies. One of the prominent reasons for choosing German universities is the tuition fee which is virtually zero at public universities for most courses. The only cost that a student has to bear is the cost of living, and there are scholarships too that are provided by the German government. The universities in Germany are known for the world-class infrastructure and research facilities that help students in doing advanced studies. Most Indian students going to Germany pursue courses in Engineering and STEM. So, if you too are planning to go to Germany you mustn’t miss the important dates for your application. 

    The application deadline varies from one university to another. We will provide you with the deadline, application timeline, and all other relevant information you might need for planning your admission to a German university. Here, we are dealing with master’s courses only since the option of studying in English is largely restricted to the master’s program only.

    Application Deadline for Top German Universities 


      Application Deadline 2022  

      Application Deadline 2023  

      Admission Requirement  

    TU Munich

    31st March-31st May

    • Winter semester: 1st April - 31st May 
    • Summer semester: 1st October – 15th January

    GRE and GATE scores are accepted

    FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

    1st April

    Yet to be announced

    A student should have proficiency in the German language

    RWTH Aachen

    15th July

    Yet to be announced

    GRE and proficiency in the German language

     Freie University of Berlin  

    31st May- 15th July

    Yet to be announced

    German proficiency is required

    LMU Munich

    15th July

    • 15 January for the summer semester
    • 15 July for the winter semester

    GRE and proficiency in the German language

    University of Kassel

    15th July

    • before January 15th (for spring term/ summer semester: April-July)
    • or July 15th (for fall term/ winter semester: October-February)

    Some courses need work experience

      TU Kaiserslautern  

    15th July

    • for the summer semester 2023: October 31, 2022
    • for the summer semester 2023: January 15, 2023

    TOEFL or IELTS required

    Humboldt University Of Berlin

    31st May- 15th July

    Yet to be announced 

    TOEFL or IELTS required

    SRH University Heidelberg

    31st May

    Winter semester 2023-24 
    15 Jul 2023

    Most courses demand 1-year work experience

      Karlsruhe Institute of Technology  

    30th April- 15th July

    • Winter Semester- September, 30th
    • Summer Semester- March, 31st

    TOEFL or IELTS required

    TU Dresden

    15th July

    • Winter Semester: 1 April – 15 July 
    • Summer Semester: 1 October to 15 January 

    Proficiency is required in German and English

    TU Berlin

    31st July

    Summer Semester: 01.12.2022 - 28.02.2023

    Candidates with work experience preferred

     University Of Freiburg  

    1st June

    15th July

    German proficiency is required

    TU Dortmund

    31st July

    Yet to be announced 

    GRE+Internship+ Proficiency in German

    University Of Bonn

    1st May

    Yet to be announced 

    German proficiency is required with a DSH 2 certificate.


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    Winter and Summer Intakes in Germany 

    The admission session in Germany is divided into Summer and Winter intakes. Students can choose either intake but mostly Indian students prefer winter intake over summer intake. The reason for choosing winter is pretty simple as there are fewer courses available at universities in summer. There is a division per semester in the summer and winter intakes according to colleges and universities' official data. One must check the specific college website about the opening of summer and winter intake. If there is no change in the usual pattern then the summer applications for admissions open at the start of December and end in mid-January. The winter applications for admission on the other hand open from the start of April to mid-July. Now, we will deal with both the intakes but our main focus will be on the winter intake because more seats are available in this intake. 

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    Winter Intake Timeline

    The winter season opens up much wider possibilities for students as almost all the top universities in Germany take admission in this intake. The winter semester starts in September/October, and it shouldn’t be confused with the intake months as the winter intake process is from April to July. So, now we will proceed to see the entire timeline for your winter intake. 

    October-December (Of the previous year) 

    • It is the time when you have to do an extensive search of all the leading colleges and universities in Germany. It is the time when you will have to narrow down your choices to 10-15 institutions wherein you are ready to pursue your desired course. There are several factors you should consider before narrowing down the list of preferred universities. 
    • The university must be within your budget as the cost of education varies hugely between public and private universities. Public universities offer most courses without any tuition fee, and the only expense you have to worry about is the cost of living. 
    • You should also choose the university based on the course that you wish to pursue. Not all universities are equally good at all the courses. 
    • Also, you should directly contact the university for details on the course, the number of seats, any additional costs, etc. 
    • After knowing the requirements, you can take the GRE/GMAT or any language proficiency test like TOEFL/IELTS or any German language proficiency course.  


    January-February (Current year) 

    • Start with getting at least three Letter Of Recommendation (LOR) and start working on the Statement Of Purpose(SOP). Also, prepare your essay at this point only, and keep re-checking to make it rock solid. 
    • Collect the standardized test scores that are necessary for admission.(GRE/GMAT/TOEFL/IELTS). 
    • Try to contact all the relevant persons from whom you can get a strong LOR, and it could be either your lecturer in the college or your employer. 
    • To write an SOP do extensive research in this time window as most universities rely on  SOPs to assess your application. It is the pivot on which your admission is pegged, so try to make it as genuine as possible. 
    • For writing SOPs and essays you can also contact professional agencies working in this space to review or get them written. 
    • Ensure that your passport must be ready by this time and that there are enough blank pages in it if you already have one.



    Once you are done with the above process the next thing you need to take care of is the finances. Arranging finances for studying in Germany include the following:

    • You should first check with the DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst). It is the world’s largest funding organization that comes under the German Academic Exchange Service, a national agency. It will help you in getting financial aid if you fit into their criteria.  
    • You should also search for the accommodation options available near the university or within the campus. It is the best time to sort out the accommodation options to skip inflating prices at the time of admission. The officials at universities will help you in finding the best accommodation based on your finances and choice of the place of accommodation. 
    • Apply for the education loan as soon as possible so that you can apply for the visa in time. The visa application for Germany includes the deposit of a certain amount in a German bank account named Blocked Accounts where this deposited money will be blocked. 
    • In case your standardized test results aren’t up to mark, and you aren’t getting admission into your desired university then you can retake the test. 


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    • Put all your documents into place, and complete the checklist of documents provided by the university. 
    • Check for discrepancies, changes in name of the applicant, or any other issues with the documents that you are submitting to the university. 
    • There are two ways to send the application to universities. Either you can send the application directly to the concerned university or through the Uni-assist (University Application Service for International Students) portal. There is a benefit to sending via Uni-assist as it checks the eligibility before forwarding the application to the university.  



    • You will start getting letter of acceptance from universities, and it will be the time when you have to choose among the available choices. 
    • Once you are certain about the university, you should immediately move forward with the admission process. 
    • The admission process will begin with the payment of fees, and thereafter you will have to wait for the final confirmation. 
    • Provide the details of your financial capability to study in Germany by giving the details of your Blocked account, and health insurance. 
    • Once the documents are submitted apply for the visa as it may take around a month. In some cases, the authorities might ask for additional information which can cause delays and affect your classes. 



    It is also an important time when you have to ensure that you have everything that you might need in the course of your stay in Germany. You can do the following things in this timeframe:

    • Search all the travel websites, and look for deals that make your travel comfortable and affordable. 
    • Make sure that you have a xerox copy of all the relevant documents. Keep the xerox of your marks sheet, transcripts, passport, local ID proof(Indian document), insurance documents, documents needed for accommodation, etc. 
    • Search for the best mobile phone operator, cab services, and local transport card to avoid any confusion on arrival. 

    Once you reach Germany, get the residence permit as soon as possible. You are supposed to get the registration done within three months at the Foreigner’s Registration Office.

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    Summer Intake Timeline 


    Take the English proficiency test which is required by the university where you wish to study. Also, GRE/GMAT as per the demand of the course. 


    It is time to get the LOR from your lecturers or employers. Also, draft an SOP that clearly shows your reasons for studying in Germany. There shouldn’t be any space for ambiguity in your SOP as it is a very strong determinant for considering your application. 


    You can apply for the choice of universities in Germany, and once the admission is confirmed pay the fees and book your seat at the institution of your choice. 


    You can apply for the visa this month, and also for a scholarship (if you are eligible for any). Fill out the visa application form with the utmost care, and ensure that all the information is true to the best of your knowledge. 


    It is time to fly to Germany and open the doors of endless opportunity by pursuing higher studies at a German university. 

    The timeline provided here is a general timeframe within which you should do the things. It’s always advised to visit the official website of the university for updated information on application deadlines and other details. 

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