MBA in Germany and What it Takes: Top Universities, Eligibility, Cost and Career

    Updated on: 06 Sep 2023

    MBA in Germany

    Germany has become one of the top destinations for overseas students in recent years, with around 374,580 enrolments in 2018. Of the total international student population in the country, India accounts for 6%, and the number is growing. From 2017 to 2018 alone, there has been a 13% rise in the number of Indian students in Germany. When it comes to business schools in Germany, the number of inbound international students is more than 42,000!

    So, What Draws Students to the Country? 

    1. Germany has the lion’s share in the world economy, meaning that it is one of the strongest economies currently. 
    2. It has quality universities. 
    3. Popular Job Profiles after MBA
    4. Minimal cost of education, especially if you choose a public university. 

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    These factors combine to make an MBA in Germany a favoured option.

    Is an MBA from Germany a Popular Option as Compared to Other Countries? 

    MBA Universities in Germany might not be as sought after as those in the U.S., but their popularity is increasing worldwide with each passing day. The same is proven by a 4.4% rise in the number of international students in Germany in recent times, while the U.S. saw only a 1.5% growth in 2018. 

    Country Ranking for Studying Abroad

    Source -

    When it comes to Europe, Germany is the most attractive option for international students. Currently, there are five MBA Courses in Germany that rank in the Q.S. top MBA programs in the EU. Although the ranks of German business schools are lower than the ranks of the U.K. and French business schools, they are much higher than the rankings of other European universities.

    What are the Benefits of Doing MBA from Germany?

    Stable economy, sustainable career prospects, and the opportunity to apply for a job anywhere in the European Union is the tip of the iceberg. Choosing to study MBA in Germany comes with many other benefits.

    One of the major benefits of studying in Germany is that it is much lighter on the pocket when compared to other countries. For instance, the tuition for a full-time MBA from EMST Berlin is EUR 43,500. The same program from INSEAD France will cost you almost double the amount, EUR 87,000. And if you choose public universities in Germany for an MBA, then the fee becomes practically negligible!

    It is not just the relatively cheaper tuition, but the cost of living in Germany is also more affordable than that of France or the U.K. Besides, the German student exchange program, DAAD, has some very generous scholarship programs.

    Nevertheless, there is a demerit too along with the many pros that Germany offers. While universities have started teaching in the English language, you are expected to have mastery over the German language to be eligible for employment. So, if you aim to work in Germany after the MBA, then you’ll have to learn to speak the language well. 

    What are the Common Eligibility Criteria for MBA in Germany?

    For MBA in Germany, eligibility criteria depend upon the university and the program chosen. Typically, to apply to a business school, you need:

    Although the best German universities do use English as the language of instruction, some may ask for proficiency in the German language.

    Along with these basic requirements to study in Germany for Indian students, a student visa is also necessary. The process of visa application is similar to that of most countries except for the proof of funds.

    Germany requires you to put sufficient funds to cover your living expenses for a year into a blocked account. It is a mandatory practice and applies to any international student who wants to pursue higher education there.

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    What are the Top 5 MBA Colleges in Germany?

    As per Q.S., there are five B schools in Germany that rank in the top 50 in Europe. Most of them offer full-time courses and an executive MBA in Germany.

      World QS Rank  

    College Name





    Mannheim Business School


      EUR 39,500  

    GMAT: 678
    TOEFL: 95
    IELTS: 7.0


    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management


    EUR 38,000

    GMAT: 609
    TOEFL: 90
    IELTS: 7.0


      Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management at WHU  


    EUR 39,000

    GMAT: 638
    TOEFL: 100
    IELTS: 7.0


    European School of Management and Technology


    EUR 43,500

    GMAT: 640
    TOEFL: 95
    IELTS: 7.0


    HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management


    EUR 38,000

    GMAT: 640
    TOEFL: 90 +
    IELTS: 7.0

    Besides the top five MBA colleges in Germany for Indian Students, there are four more excellent options:

    • European Business School
    • University of Cologne Faculty of Management 
    • ESCP Europe, Berlin Campus
    • Technical University of Munich


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    What are the Career Options After MBA in Germany?

    German colleges do not have a concept of campus placements. Universities provide complete support to students, but the final effort comes down to you. That said, once you find employment, which the majority of MBA graduates do within 3 months of finishing the degree, the remuneration is handsome. As per the university’s official reports, the average MBA Salary in Germany of ESMT graduates is over EUR74,500, and this doesn't include bonuses.  

    Popular Job Profiles after MBA

    Senior Consultant

    Brand Consultant

    Business Navigation Manager

    Business Operations Manager

    Category Manager

    Country Manager

      Director Client Engagement and HR  

    Director Operations

    Financial Controller

    Manager Finance Advisory

      Non-executive Director  

    Operations Manager

    Partnership Manager (Team Leader)

    Product Manager

    Product Manager - Data Analytics

    Public Affairs Associate

    Senior Analyst

      Senior Project Manager Product Management  


    Job Profiles and Industries of Graduates (Frankfurt’s Class of 2018)


    Functional Area







    Strategy/Business Transformation




    Project Management/ Consulting












    PR & Communication




      Business Development/ Market Research  








    Venture Capital




    Corporate Banking






      Financial Services (excl. banking)  








    Germany being a hub of the automotive industry offers students valuable opportunities to jumpstart their careers with big names like BMW, Volkswagen, Porsche, and Mercedes. It even has leading pharmaceutical and engineering firms such as Bayer, Siemens, Merck, and Bosch. 

    Work Visa for Indian Students in Germany

    The cost of an MBA in Germany for Indian Students is much lower than that in other countries, but when converted into INR, it is still substantial. Thankfully, the visa of full-time students allows them to work for 120 days in a year which can go a long way in offsetting living expenses.

    If you're worried about finding a job after graduation to pay off the education loan for Germany, don’t worry as you have 18 months to do so. Germany has much less restrictive rules about residence permit after course completion as opposed to some other nations.

    Once you do have the right employment in hand, you can apply either for a work visa or the E.U. Blue Card. The former allows you to live and work in Germany, while the latter gives you the freedom to work anywhere in the European Union.

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    MBA in Germany for Indian Students: Key Takeaways

    Choosing a business school in Germany brings multiple advantages, from top business schools to ample time to hunt for the perfect job. But if your goal is to establish a career in Germany, then pay attention to the native language. You may not require it for the degree, but you'll be hard-pressed to find employment without it.

    A last bit of advice – to get the best out of your MBA in Germany, pick a college and program that is in line with your prior experience and future vocational goals. Unsure of what that might be? Request a call back from GyanDhan and our admission experts will help you through it.   

    First published date: 22 Jan 2020

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