Part-Time Job Options in Germany

Know the part-time work options & earn while you learn in Germany.

Working part-time while pursuing your studies in Germany can help you to manage your living expenses, interact with new people and learn more about the country. The paycheck at the month-end brings a little extra pocket money. You personally grow and learn about a place’s culture and routine. What’s more! You can also save some money to pay some part of your education loan in case you want to.


Part-time Job Options in the Germany

On- Campus On- Campus

On- Campus


Off- Campus Off- Campus

Off- Campus


No. of Hours No. of Hours

No. of Hours


CA € Pay CA € Pay

CA € Pay

Around 10-15 €/hour

On-Campus Off-Campus
Barista Retail Sales Assistant
Teaching Assistant Supermarket Assistants
Administration Seasonal Worker
Research Assistant Waiter or Waitres
Peer Tutor Kitchen-Hand
Library Attendant Call Centre Operator
Campus Tour Guide Bartender

Regulations for International Students Doing Part-Time Jobs in the U.K

  • list items An international student can put in a total of 120 complete or 240 half days in a year. These hours a variable and shift from high employment regions to low employment regions.
  • list items In an institution, however, a student isn’t permitted to work for more than 20 hours a week during term. During term breaks students can take up full-time work hours.
  • list items A work authorization from the 'Agentur für Arbeit' (Federal Employment Agency) and the foreigners' authority is mandatory. The license would have particulars of the determined limit of work a pupil can take up.
  • list items If a student does not earn more than 450 € a month, you need not pay any taxes or social security contributions. Besides, working for lesser than 50 consecutive days over a period of a year, you come under the exemption bracket.
  • Resources to Find Part-time Jobs in the Germany
    Job Openings in Local Newspapers
    Job Portals
    Career Centres of the University
    Friends and Fellow Students
    Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the Germany
    The lowest wage has been marked at 9.90 € an hour.
    This is updated every two years but on average,
    students can make around 10-15 € an hour.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the part-time job culture for international students in Germany?

    • International students are not permitted to be self-employed or work as freelancers.
    • The constitutional minimum pay in Germany makes sure “Fair” wages for everyone.
    • Part-time hustles, with studies, are a sign for the study abroad experience. Two-thirds of pupils in Germany work during their studies to improve their skills and familiarity.
    • Part-time jobs are plentiful in Germany and the cost of living is affordable and in sync with the EU average.

    What is the stay-back time for an international student in Germany?

    Within 90 days from completion of the academic program, candidates apply for Residence Permit in Germany so that they can stay back.

    Which are the top 3 cities in Germany for international students?

    The top 3 cities would be Munich, Berlin, and Stuttgart.

    What are Federal Employment Agency and the foreigners' authority in Germany for international students?

    This is a platform of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, for the acknowledgment of foreign professional credentials.

    As international students, who come under the tax bracket?

    Students who earn more, pay higher taxes. If a student makes an income of 850 € per month they pay the full share of 9.45 % as taxes.

    What are the benefits of studying in Germany for international students?

    Germany offers internationally recognized degrees, study courses in English, and excellent job prospects.