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vishakha Bhagia

Interest in Finance with a flair for writing, Vishakha has written on education loans and the study abroad field for the last two years with articles published in Times of India, Outlook India, The Hindu, and many more publications.

Australian Study Visa Requirements: A Detailed Guide

Updated December, 12, 2022

Read the blog to know all about Australian study visa requirements. Understand the entry requirements, proofs required and more about student visa for Australia.

Education Loans for MBBS Abroad: A Detailed Overview

Updated June, 14, 2021

Know all about an education loan for an MBBS course abroad. Understand the eligibility, process, interest rates, and features of loans to study MBBS overseas.

Abroad Education Loans From Andhra Bank

Updated October, 30, 2020

Looking for an education loan to finance your abroad studies? Read on about the education loan from Andhra Bank - all the details essential to make the right decision.

Indian Overseas Bank Education Loan for India and Abroad

Updated October, 27, 2020

Know about Indian Overseas Bank education loan schemes for abroad and in India. GyanDhan’s blog will update you on IOB interest rates, and documents required for IOB education loans.

How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

Updated July, 01, 2020

How to get CAS letter for studying in UK? Know CAS letter application process, documents required, validity and how to use it to apply for UK visa.

All you Need to Know About WES Evaluation

Updated November, 27, 2020

Know about WES evaluation, how to apply for WES Evaluation, documents, cost, and Indian universities recognized by WES. Try GyanDhan’s grade converter tool to get US equivalents.

Vidya Lakshmi Portal Education Loans: Eligibility, Application, Documents Required & More

Updated August, 07, 2020

Know about Vidya Lakshmi portal, a government education loan service. GyanDhan brings a complete guide on Vidya Lakshmi portal registration, documents required, eligibility & more.

Get Cheapest Online GRE, IELTS, TOEFL Prep Courses with GyanDhan

Updated July, 05, 2020

GyanDhan is offering the cheapest online GRE, IELTS, TOEFL prep courses. These courses are taught by some of the best test prep trainers in India. Read now & know more!

Education Loan Options for Sweden

Updated September, 04, 2020

Read GyanDhan’s guide on education loans for Sweden, loan amount, eligibility for student loans for Sweden, documents required, repayment, and much more.

Can I Borrow Abroad Education Loans from Multiple Lenders?

Updated March, 11, 2021

Read to know whether or not you can borrow an education loan from multiple lenders. Understand the issue that arises when you try to borrow a study loan from multiple banks.

How do TCS Rules Make Abroad Education Loans More Rewarding?

Updated October, 14, 2020

New amendments in TCS on foreign remittance has made abroad education loans more preferable for students. Read to know more about the new TCS rules and its impacts.

Education Loan Sanction Letter and Process: A Comprehensive Guide

Updated March, 19, 2021

Read GyanDhan’s guide on education loan sanction letter, format and sample of education loan sanction etter and how to get sanction lender from lenders.

Student loans vs Self-funding: Which is Better?

Updated August, 05, 2021

Know the difference between student loans and self-funding for higher education abroad. Understand the pros and cons of both and compare them to choose the best way to finance your studies.

DS-160 Form: Application Process, Documents Required, Fees & Validity

Updated December, 16, 2020

What is DS-160 form? Know about DS-160 form application process, documents required, fees, validity and more.

How to Get Another Educational Loan if You Already Have One?

Updated February, 10, 2021

Know how to obtain a second education loan for your further studies in India. Explore eligibility criteria, loan options, and expert advice on managing multiple education loans.

NACH e-mandate: Everything You Must Know

Updated October, 06, 2021

Read all about NACH e-mandate and how it works. Know the basics of online NACH and how it is different from ECS. Also, understand NACH debit and NACH credit.

Top 5 Student Cities in the UK

Updated June, 22, 2021

Read about the top student cities in the UK. Know the best student cities in the United Kingdom. Also, get the list of popular universities in those cities.

CPT vs. OPT- What’re the Major Differences?

Updated October, 29, 2021

Understand the major differences between CPT and OPT in the USA for Indians. Choose between CPT and OPT for international students. Also, know about STEM OPT Extension.

IELTS Accepting Countries- Complete Guide for Transnational Migration

Updated November, 12, 2021

Read the blog to know the countries accepting IELTS Scores. Know all the rules and regulations in the major IELTS accepting countries around the world.

How Much Does it Cost to Study at a UK University?

Updated February, 24, 2021

Read about the expenses and costs involved in study in the UK. Understand the expenditures involved and plan your finances smartly.

New SEVP Guidelines for International Students

Updated April, 01, 2020

Get to know the latest guidelines posted by SEVP for the current students as well as for the Fall 2020 aspirants in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Five Best Universities To Study In The UK

Updated August, 18, 2020

Get the list of five best universities in the UK for undergraduate & postgraduate courses and set your aim for admissions in any of them.

American Education System: A Brief Overview

Updated May, 03, 2021

Read in brief about the education system in the United States. Know the study levels, types of institutions, grading system, and more.

How To Get Cheap Accommodation in the UK, Australia, and Ireland

Updated May, 12, 2020

Worried about accommodation while studying abroad? Here are some cheap options in the UK, Ireland, and Australia and tips to find the perfect residence.

All About SOP For MS in US

Updated May, 26, 2020

Master the art of writing the perfect SOP for Master’s in the US. Know the correct structure of an SOP, key points to mention, and common mistakes to avoid. Plus, get a free sample!

Edinburgh Napier University - A Detailed Overview

Updated September, 28, 2020

Edinburgh Napier University offers the best range of courses and programs to international students. Read on to know more about the courses, tuition fees, job opportunities at the Edinburgh Napier University.

TOEFL Free Practice Tests Online

Updated March, 23, 2020

Looking for TOEFL sample tests to practice? Click here for free online TOEFL practice tests and get tips to solve mock tests the right way!

5 High-Paying Degree Courses in the UK in 2024

Updated November, 24, 2021

Know the top 5 high-paying degree courses in the United Kingdom in 2024. Get the list of courses that you can pursue in the UK to get a handsome salary after study.

Study Abroad with HDFC Credila Education Loan

Updated May, 15, 2020

Thinking of an education loan for studies abroad? Why not take HDFC Credila education loan from GyanDhan. Here's all the details you need to know!

Education Loan for Working Professionals

Updated May, 11, 2021

Get details of education loans for working professionals here. Know the details of study-abroad education loans for working professionals from different lenders.

How is the TOEFL Score Calculated?

Updated February, 25, 2020

Wondering how TOEFL scores are calculated? This detailed TOEFL scoring guide will break down the steps involved in overall and sectional TOEFL score calculation.

Increase in Work Hours for International Students in Australia Due to Labor Shortages

Updated January, 31, 2022

Preparing to study in Australia? Now, you can work for more hours while you study. Read this blog to know the relaxations announced for international students..

Update On The Return Of International Students to NSW

Updated February, 08, 2022

NSW has also decided to welcome the international students. However, certain guidelines are put in place to ensure students' safety and local people. Read the blog to know the full update.

Higher Education in the UK: Best Ways To Fund Your Studies

Updated August, 24, 2020

Read about the best ways to fund your studies in the UK. Know the modes of education funding and select the best for you!

GyanDhan Partners with Argo : Offering Guidance in Visa Interview Preparation from Ex-US Visa Counsels!

Updated May, 17, 2020

Get expert guidance in visa interview preparation from former US Visa counsels! GyanDhan’s partnership with Argo opens avenue to avail best help in US Visa interview preparation

Bank of India Abroad Education Loan

Updated October, 22, 2020

Want to apply for a Bank of India education loan to study abroad? Learn about its features, eligibility, requirements, expenses covered, application process & more.

K.C Mahindra Scholarships for Postgraduate Abroad Studies

Updated February, 20, 2020

The K.C MET Scholarships have helped several students since its inception and continue to provide financial assistance to the needful students

Issues to Expect After Education Loan Sanction

Updated September, 08, 2021

Want to take an education loan but worried about the hurdles in the process? Read about the issues and their possible solutions in this blog.

MS in US Fall 2020 - What Your Future Holds Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Updated March, 24, 2020

The impact of coronavirus on the international student body is huge. Read how the pandemic will impact Fall 2020 students and the steps taken by US universities.

Top Tips to Get Admission into Ivy League Universities

Updated March, 24, 2021

Know the top tips to get a successful admit to Ivy League Universities. Read all the hacks and steps of preparation in detail.

5 Best Countries to Study in Europe

Updated December, 19, 2020

Know about the top 5 countries to study in Europe. Read the benefits of staying in these European countries and choose your study destination wisely

Top 5 Student Residential Areas in London

Updated May, 29, 2021

Get the list of top 5 student residential areas in London. Know the best areas for student accommodation for those who are going to study in London.

Karur Vysya Bank (KVB) Education Loans for Abroad Studies

Updated May, 17, 2021

Get the details of the Karur Vysya Bank education loan for studies in India & abroad. Know the interest rate, eligibility criteria, margin money, repayment tenure, and more

Ex-US Visa Counsel Explains How COVID-19 has Impacted the US Visa Process

Updated May, 08, 2020

Find what an ex-US Visa Counsel says about the impact of coronavirus on the US Visa process. Read what to expect in the near future of the US student visa process.

The Best Country to Study Abroad: Tackling the dilemma of the big four (US, UK, Australia, Canada)

Updated October, 21, 2021

Read about the best country to study abroad. Get rid of choosing between the big four- the US, UK, Australia, and Canada with our detailed comparative analysis.

Study in Germany - A Starter Guide for International Students

Updated April, 02, 2021

Wish to know how and why to study in Germany? Read this guide to learn more.

Normalcy Returning Gradually In The Study Abroad Sector

Updated August, 30, 2021

Abroad education is regaining hope as students look forward to better tidings. Read the blog to know the recent developments in the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

How to Impress Admissions Committee with your SOP for MBA Abroad?

Updated May, 20, 2020

Want to write a killer Statement of Purpose which will fetch you the dream MBA admit? Learn how to write a unique SOP which will leave a lasting impression on the admission committee.

Dublin Business School : A Detailed Overview

Updated August, 04, 2020

Read about Dublin Business School, a top-ranked college in Ireland famous for its professional courses. A detailed overview of the school for new students.

India Takes a Leap Forward with E-Passports 

Updated February, 15, 2022

In the union budget, 2022-23 the government announced the e-passports that will be embedded with chips. It will enhance security and ease traveling. Read the full news here.

Pearson Test of English (PTE): A Detailed Overview

Updated January, 13, 2021

Applying to foreign universities and confused about PTE? The Pearson Test of English is just like IELTS or TOEFL. Read about it in detail here.