How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

How to Get a CAS Letter for Studying in the UK?

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How to get CAS letter for studying in UK? Know CAS letter application process, documents required, validity and how to use it to apply for UK visa.

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The CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies) letter is a crucial document for international students looking to study in the UK. It is issued by a UK university confirming that the student has been accepted to study at that institution and outlines the details of the course they will be undertaking.

The CAS letter UK is required as part of the student visa application process, and with it, a student will be able to apply for a visa to study in the UK. In this blog, we will explore what the CAS letter UK is, how to obtain one, and what information it contains. 

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What is a CAS letter?

According to UK immigration rules, the university must sponsor the student’s application for a visa, which is why it sends you a CAS letter. The CAS number is a confirmation that the university has made an unconditional offer to study a full-time course, and the student has accepted it.  A CAS letter UK makes up 30 of the 40 points required for a Tier 4 (G) student visa.

Note - Please remember that the university is sponsoring only your application. This should not be confused with financial sponsorship.

Here is a quick overview of the CAS letter:

Issuing authority

 UK government

 Required for

 Admission to UK universities

CAS processing time

10-15 days


 6 months

 Deposit cost

50% - 60%  of 1st year tuition fee or as specified by the university


Why do you need the CAS letter for a UK visa?

The visa officer uses this number to confirm that you have been accepted into the UK university and then starts the general student visa issuance process. Your student visa application will be rejected if the number used by the university proves to be inconsistent with the information you provided in your application.


How can you get the CAS letter?

In order to get the CAS letter UK, you must know when and how does the university send the CAS number and when is the right time to apply.


When does the university send the CAS number?

Before getting into the specifics, it is important to clarify whether students need to send a request or apply for the CAS letter on their own. It depends on the university you are enrolling in. 

Some universities like Kingston require students to send a request for the CAS number.

However, the University of Nottingham sends you the CAS number on its own. Applicants in this case do not need to send a request for the CAS number. Therefore, you need to check the website of the university where you are enrolling to understand its CAS process.

The university sends you the CAS number or you request a CAS number when:

  • list items You have accepted the unconditional offer from the university.
  • list items You have made the requisite deposit to finalize your seat at the university.
  • list items It is less than three months before the beginning date of the course that you have applied to.


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How does the university send the CAS?

Now we come to how the university carries out the process of sending the CAS letter UK. Different universities in UK have their own process of sending the CAS number, but this is typically how it goes:

  • list items The university will first send you an email on the ID you use for admission.
  • list items In the email, you will be asked to log in to the given link.
  • list items Once you log in, the dashboard should contain an option that allows you to check your CAS statement. In some cases, for example, when you need to request a CAS number, you can be asked to send some documents like academic proofs, financial documents, Tuberculosis (TB) certificate, and an ATAS certificate to get the CAS statement. You will get the link to your CAS statement after submitting the documents.
  • list items Once you click on the link, your CAS statement will appear which will list important details about your admission. You may also be asked to fill in details on the statement.
  • list items You will then be asked to verify if all the information listed in your CAS statement is true.
  • list items If the information given in the CAS statement is incorrect, send the admission authorities an email pointing out the errors and corrections.
  • list items Once you have confirmed and filled in the details and submitted the statement, you will get an email again.
  • list items This email will contain the final CAS statement and the number. The email may ask you to log in to your account to access the CAS number.
  • list items Although you only need to enter the CAS number in the visa application, and you will not be asked to attach or submit the CAS statement, it is better to take a printout of the statement and keep it for future reference.

Documents required for CAS application

Submission of the required documents is a crucial step in filling out the CAS application. Relevant documents include the applicant’s academic and financial documents and TB test reports.

  • list items Academic documents: Academic documents include your previous records of study, letter of recommendation (LOR), statement of purpose (SOP), etc. ATAS (Academic Technology Approval Scheme) is mandatory for science and technology courses.
  • list items Financial documents include show-money details, that is, the money you must have to complete your education. Suppose you have a fixed deposit or money in a savings account. In that case, 28 days maturity is applicable, meaning the amount should be in the account at least 28 days before the course commences. If you take an education loan, the bank manager’s or related authority’s statements must be submitted.
  • list items TB test report: All universities may not mandate a TB report. If your university asks you to submit a TB report, you must send it. You may find a test center facilitating a TB report for UK immigration purposes.

Remember, CAS is only a government document, and getting a CAS does not guarantee you will get a student visa. But without the CAS, you will not get a UK visa!

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When to apply for a CAS letter UK?

You have to request CAS 90 days before the start of your course. This may differ for various universities. For the University of Sheffield, the CAS is open 4 months before the course’s commencement. Oxford University’s CAS window is open 6 months before the course starts. So check your university’s website for application deadlines. There is no option to apply for the CAS more than 6 months before the course starts.

There can be a deadline for CAS applications set by the universities. For example, The University of Law’s deadline is 7 weeks before the course starts. Students outside the UK cannot apply for the CAS after this deadline. Know your university’s deadline for CAS application and apply before it.

CAS letter processing time

Universities usually take 10-15 days to send the CAS number after you confirm the details in the statement. If you do not receive your CAS number within 20 days, email the university about the delay.

CAS validity

CAS is valid for 6 months from the date it was issued. The CAS number can be used for 6 months for visa applications. After 6 months, your CAS number will be invalid, and you must apply for a new CAS letter.


What does the CAS letter contain?

  • list items 14-digit CAS number
  • list items Course details
  • list items Course start and end dates
  • list items Accommodation fees
  • list items Total fees
  • list items Entrance test (IELTS/ TOEFL) score
  • list items Sponsor license number(SLN)

There may be more or lesser data in the CAS than listed above. The information contained in the CAS letter depends on the university issuing it. 

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How to apply for a UK student visa after receiving a CAS letter? 

A student must apply for a UK visa within 6 months of getting the CAS letter. Apply for the visa at least 3 months before your course commences.

  • list items Go to the UK visa immigration services website to complete the tier-4 application process by correctly filling in all the essential details, including your CAS number.
  • list items Pay the immigration health insurance and application fees.
  • list items Schedule a biometric appointment.
  • list items For attending the appointment, you will be submitting eligibility proof, passport, finance proof, and TB certificate.
  • list items You may be required to attend the credibility interview. Questions regarding your selection of the particular university, your expectations on studying in the UK, etc., can be expected.

The Home office will let you know whether the visa's status is accepted or rejected. It usually takes three weeks to get the decision.


What is meant by a combined CAS number?

You can think about a combined CAS number when you study more than one course in the same institution. No need to apply for two different CAS numbers if your university permits a combined visa facility. A combined CAS number allows you to stay in the UK with one visa till you complete both courses.


What happens to the CAS number if the visa application is unsuccessful? 

You cannot use the old CAS number if your visa application is rejected. You will have to apply for a new CAS number.

  • list items To get the new CAS number, you will need to contact the university’s international student support team or admissions committee informing them about your problem.
  • list items An advisor will get back to you and let you know if a new CAS number can be assigned to you or not. If a new CAS number is assigned to you, you must follow the steps above again to get the visa.
  • list items In cases where you need to request a CAS letter, the letter will be denied if you send a request after the deadline. Usually, the request must be sent at least 90 days before the beginning date of the course.

How to avoid delay in getting the CAS letter?

If your application has more chances of rejection for a visa, the university may reject your CAS application. To avoid the chances of the CAS letter being delayed, the applicants must take care of the following things:

  • list items Recent financial documents: Make sure the financial documents you submit are recent. Older financial statements may cause a delay in issuing the CAS letter.
  • list items Proper documents: Get proper documents and submit them carefully.
  • list items Submit on time: Do not wait for the last-minute submission. Get the application procedure done as soon as possible once the CAS window is open.

Getting the CAS letter is a simple but lengthy process. The next crucial step is applying for a UK student visa after receiving the CAS number. According to the British High Commission in India, there is an 89% increase in UK student visas from India from 2021-2022. Any inaccuracy in the visa application process can lead to rejections. To increase your chances, get personalized visa application assistance from a team of experts.

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