Part-Time Work Options in the U.K.

Know the Part-Time Work Options & Earn While You Learn

The youth of today is ambitious and wants to explore their academics internationally. The U.K. reigns supreme in offering part-Time jobs as well as the comfort to manage themselves. The U.K. has strict guidelines and laws to abide by and there are certain jobs that international students have to refrain from. The visa must be in force and allotted for full-time degree-level study. International students who have applied for other than degree programs are allowed to put in only 8-10 hours of work weekly. For example, a Tier 4 visa is permitted to work ranging from 18-20 hours a week during the term. But these hours can turn into unlimited during the holiday season!

Part-Time Job Options in the U.K.



Several on-campus job options are available for students with Tier-4 Visa.



Students require a letter from the university.

No. of Hours


Students can work for 18-20 hours a week.

£ Pay

£ 7.70 Per Hour

The earnings can be a minimum of £ 6.15-7.70 per hour depending upon the work and age.

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Part-Time Job Options in the U.K.


  • Barista
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Administration
  • Campus Tour Guide
  • Peer Tutor
  • Library Attendant
  • Research Assistant


  • Babysitting
  • Book-keeping
  • Waiting Tables
  • Cashier/Retail Sales Associates
  • Drivers
  • Tutoring
  • Office Interns

Regulations for International Students Doing Part-Time Jobs in the U.K.

  • The student visa should be valid and must be issued for full-time degree-level studies.
  • Students enrolled in part-Time courses cannot work.
  • Any student working on a part-Time basis cannot be self-employed, employed as an entertainer or professional sportsperson, do business, take a permanent full-time job, or work as a doctor.
  • Students enrolled in programs other than the degree programs can work for 10 hours per week.

Resources to Find Part-Time Jobs in the UK

  • Job Openings in Local Newspapers
  • Job Portals
  • Career Team of the University

Pay Scale of Part-Time Jobs in the U.K.

  • A minimum of £6.15 per hour for students between 18-21 years
  • A minimum of £7.70 per hour for students above 21 years
  • Students enrolled in part-Time courses cannot work

Frequently Asked Questions

Being extremely student-friendly, the U.K. proves it by offering part-time jobs through recruitment portals, university websites, and routinely held fairs on the campus premises. The most commonly visited site is Post Study which is extremely user-friendly and has loads of openings depending on your need. International students can work as part-time replacements, volunteering, or as an entrepreneur a few exciting means by which you are in a win-win situation!
Experts highly recommend the U.K. for international students for the simplest reason that they have a variety of local part-time job shift openings in newspapers and dailies. All you need to do is pick up your phone and browse through handles like Students jobs, E4S and Careers Group London. I am sure you know this one better than me, that is you can double up the chances to get hired by being in the social networking job posting groups such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. The trending app called Syft helps international pupils find jobs with reputable employers. Let us not forget student employment services (SES) that ensure you get hands-on experience and excel in job seeking and internships. If you have the right attitude you can check out Flair events that always look out for brand ambassadors, staff for café’s, on the street marketing, sports, and promotional work.
The U.K. does not distinguish between full-time and part-time workers it practices national minimum wages. For pupils in the age range of 17-20, it is somewhere between £ 5.5 – 6.15 an hour. Those aged 21 and above can earn a happy £7 – 7.70 per hour. Talking further if you choose to assist at a supermarket as a sales representative or cashier you can draw £7-8 per hour whereas if you are appointed as a delivery person you get around £5-7 an hour. Moreover, it is great if you get hired as a clerk because you will be getting a good £10-12 per hour.
Every institution in the U.K. has a wide range of choices for international students. You can choose to be at the front desk and assist people, manage all the tasks given by the supervisor or you can opt for back-office which comprises being a call center agent, answering queries, and directing calls. Helping out the lecturer as a teaching assistant requires curriculum planning, assigning projects, and giving a few students individual attention. Working with the Librarian is also a good idea especially if you like organizing books taking an inventory or issuing slips for borrowed books. Many pupils also enjoy working at the laboratories, sports area, cafeteria, and campus guides.
Computer technicians who can mend hardware and software are always in great demand. Moreover, and specialized skills like a coach or gym in charge are also good choices to consider. Minding the store in a university is a job that teaches a lot and pays too. Keeping a record of gadgets, stationery, and future requirements are the key areas one has to look into. Lending a helping hand in the kitchen and helping tidy up is a great way of earning money and free meals too.
Searching for off-campus part-time jobs is relatively easy. Since the hourly pay is at par under national minimum wages, international students prefer job titles like a delivery agent, cashier, data entry representative or simply working at restaurants that pay on an hourly basis and offer meals in too. International students also like to try out jobs which include cleaning and maintenance at clubs and pools, gyms, working at grocery stores, or even hotels. Young and energetic students nowadays take pleasure in offering sanitization services which are a trend after the pandemic.
Serving at malls, or at a bookstore as a library subordinate or a helper at a service station, the sky is the limit. The rule of thumb to work outside college premises is: you must be permitted to do so by the corresponding institution. For extrovert students call center jobs always seem extremely promising. Adding to the list clerical jobs are highly paid and are often a nice option since the work is systematic and later can turn into full-time jobs as well. Transporting goods from one place to another is a prime choice that most prefer too.
Once a student is done with their studies and shows reliable income with a full-time job and good conduct, you can apply for an 'indefinite leave to remain' ILR Visa which gives them the 'permanent resident’ status.
Tier 4 visa usually takes around 3 weeks after submission of your student visa application.
Brighton, Aberdeen, and Glasgow are the best states for international students.
The University of Cambridge, Imperial College of London, and the University of Oxford are currently ranked in the top 3 positions.
Yes, all the jobs are personalized in such a way that they seem promising to international students.
International students pay this fee during their visa application so they do not need private medical insurance.
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