Best Courses to Study in the UK for International Students

Best Courses to Study in the UK for International Students

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Read the best courses to study in the United Kingdom for international students. Know which courses reap the best benefits when it comes to higher education in the UK.

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The United Kingdom has always been a popular study-abroad destination for international students; thanks to its rich academic heritage and presence of some of the world’s oldest universities and colleges dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. British higher education providers are recognized globally for their high-quality education and the extensive choice of subjects they offer. 

From the past couple of years, there has been a steady increase in the number of students opting to study in the UK and it is predicted to grow further at a much faster pace due to the re-introduction of the Post Study Work (PSW) visa. This visa will allow students to remain in the UK for up to 2 years to work or look for work after graduating. 

So, many of you will now think of going to the UK for higher education but what are the courses one should study in the UK to maximize the job prospects. In this article, we will go through some of the best courses to study in the UK.

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Engineering and Technology

The universities in the UK are famous for their engineering and technology schools as they are ranked amongst the best in the world. Their course structure is highly research-based with the aim to equip the students with the skills and knowledge required in the current job market. 

The universities in the UK offer state-of-the-art learning environments in which students are exposed to the latest ideas and technologies that help them develop the kind of cutting-edge knowledge and communication skills that employers are looking for. 

Also, a large number of engineering companies are located in the UK and universities run a lot of partnerships with these organizations to offer their students internships and job opportunities. 


Business Studies / MBA

When it comes to business you are simply spoilt for choice, with over 100 business schools to choose from around the country. There are London Business School, University of Warwick, Judge Business School, Said Business School, and several others currently leading the way. 

The Business and Management degree offered by these business schools focuses on the planning, running, and operations of an organization. Students will learn to look at each aspect of a business, including areas such as finance, marketing, human resources, operations, and administration. 

Also, studying in the UK brings the added benefit of improving on your English language that you are almost certainly going to need in the future as it has become the world's international language. 

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Biomedicine or Biomedical Sciences

Biomedical Science (Biomedicine) offers students an opportunity to explore the biological sciences and to work towards a career that can make a difference in the real world. It is a field that primarily focuses on the areas of biology and chemistry that are pertinent to healthcare. 

Studying this course in the UK offers students a huge opportunity to increase their scientific knowledge and learn how to put it into practical use within medicine or related professions. 

With the growing number of diseases and virus outbreaks, the demand for highly skilled biomedical scientists capable of performing and analyzing various technical procedures, maintaining and improving human health have increased multifold. Also, the UK has a public and private health sector that is ideally suited to students – unlike other countries. 



Studying law in the UK means you will be studying in some of the oldest universities that offer law courses. UK law degrees are quite popular amongst international students as they get to study in the world’s top three law schools. They help students develop the skill and confidence needed to grow their law career. 

You will be glad to know that in the present time, one third of the world's population live in common law jurisdictions and this common law system was developed more than 900 years ago in Britain. If you study law in England, you will be able to learn about laws of other countries such as Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Europe. 

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Media and Communication

The UK is one of the best countries to do Media studies, notably in university research and teaching. The country has a long history of media and communications studies that attracts students from all over the world to study here. The growth and expansion in the field in the last thirty years or so is reflected in the widespread establishment. 

There are several top universities such as LSE, Goldsmiths, University of London, King's College London, Cardiff University, and more that offer the best Media and Communications courses in the UK. Some universities are very focused on practical training in a particular type of media, such as film, broadcasting, video gaming, or publishing, or in particular fields of practice, such as journalism or digital media. 

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