Requirements To Get Admitted Into An International MBA

    Updated on: 16 Jan 2023

    If you want to pursue an international MBA and don’t know how then here we are to help you. This article outlines all the requirements to apply for most international MBAs. With this, you can begin your quest of getting into that dream B School; be it Harvard Business School, Stanford University, or London Business School.

    What are the Application Requirements For An International MBA?

    MBA applications are elaborate and time-consuming. They require a lot of thought before being filled. But hey, nothing’s more important than your dreams, right? You start by filling information about yourself: Name, Age, Bio-data, sometimes a separate resume, academic grades, entrance test results, languages known, etc.

    Apart from this, a personal statement along with two letters of professional recommendations is also necessary. This is because B Schools admission committees want to know what your co-workers and supervisors think of you and to have a clearer view of your skills, potential, and fit.  A lot of B Schools also ask essay questions on the same like “Why do you want to get into our school?” etc.

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    What is a Statement of Purpose?

    A statement of purpose is basically a statement of one or two pages in length, which indicates to the university why it is that you are interested in the program. It also indicates what makes you qualified and motivated to complete them. You have to convince them to accept you over the thousands of other applications they’ve received. It is better to include some of your personal experiences along with the factual details, so that your story seems compelling. Try to ensure that it does not exceed the word limit and is readable font-type and size. Use simple and clear language and do not be repetitive.

    What is a Letter of Recommendation?

    These are letters from a few relevant people who can confirm your qualifications and recommend you further. It provides a comprehensive insight into your suitable candidature for admission into the concerned university. Choosing the right recommender is key: an ideal recommender is the one who knows you well, has personally witnessed the quality of work delivered by you, and has agreed to provide specific instances of your valued contribution and excellence. Another important point to focus on is that the letter of recommendation should not be a repetition of a statement of purpose. An ideal LOR is supposed to demonstrate aspects of your personality not mentioned either in your SOP or resume.

    A Bachelor’s Degree or Equivalent

    The basic requirement is to have a Bachelors level (or higher) graduation degree. This degree could be in any field; be it engineering or doctoral or in management. It is preferred to have a full-time degree from a reputed university. The evidence required to be submitted for this is an academic transcript having a record of all semester-wise grades.

    Work Experience

    One of the major requirements for an international MBA is work experience. Usually, you must have a minimum of 2-3 years of experience. Though, this differs from place to place. For e.g.:  To pursue MBA in US, you’ll need a minimum of 2 years of experience depending on your responsibilities but in Europe, you’ll need  minimum 3 years of full-time experience. This is because the MBA colleges abroad expect students to have industrial exposure. They expect them to possess technical as well as fluent managerial skills so that they are ready to take up the middle or senior management level jobs post MBA.

    Entrance Exams

    One of the most important things to get into an international MBA is to score well in the standardized tests. There are two types of tests designed: one to check the aptitude for business management and the other one to check the comfort level of a candidate with the English language because it is the primary mode of communication in the international corporate world. The knowledge of an additional language puts a feather in the cap.

    1. Business Management Aptitude Test - To check the business aptitude of a candidate, there are primarily two exams: GMAT and GRE. Usually, GRE is more popular for MS programs and GMAT for MBA courses, though both are acceptable in many MBA universities. The minimum score for GMAT is different for different places like, in US, the candidate must score above 600 to get in a decent university.
    2. Language Proficiency Test - Like the business management aptitude, there are two popular exams for language as well: TOEFL and IELTS. Unlike the GMAT and GRE, these exams are similar to each other as they cover all the aspects like reading, writing, speaking, and listening. The minimum score for this exam also varies from place to place. For e.g.: In Europe, the minimum score for TOEFL should be 90 and for IELTS, it should be at least 6.0. Meanwhile, in the US, the minimum score for TOEFL should be 100.

    The place of your dreams is not far away and we hope that the above pointers help you chart out your path.


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