UK Universities Application Deadline 2023

    Updated on: 29 May 2023

    UK Universities Application Deadline

    The universities in the UK are all set to welcome new students from across the globe. The universities have now reopened, and the admission process is going on in full swing. This time the number of applicants is also going to be more than the previous year as the universities haven’t been working for the last two years due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, now that things are becoming normal, and the situation has been controlled, the university admission process has started. The universities in the UK have been traditionally among the top choices among Indian students due to the world-class universities, and a lot of common linkages in the education system.

    The application process has started for different intakes, and it is very important to apply on time to be considered before others. Every year universities in the UK receive a big pool of applications, and if you are late in applying the chances of getting admission diminishes for sure. So, let’s see the details on UK universities’ application deadlines so that you can take admission at a university of your choice.

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    Admission Intakes in the UK Universities


    Start Date

    Close Date











    There are three intakes wherein students can apply at British universities. Most Indian students prefer the fall intake since the number of seats is more than other intakes. Also, the majority of universities in the UK take the highest number of students in the fall intake. The fall intake is preferred by both undergraduate and postgraduate admission applicants. Other intakes are also preferred but that largely depends on the choice of university and the course. For instance, if you are looking for a course that is available at the spring intake then the chances are very likely that you will get admission if you are eligible for that course. The competition in other intakes is very low when compared with the fall intake as more than 85% of students are accommodated in this intake itself. So, you should choose the intake based on your choice of course and university.

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    Application Deadlines For Undergraduate Courses

    Degrees/ Programs

    Application Deadline for 2022 entry

    Application Deadline for 2023 entry

    Application Deadline for 2024 entry

    Course at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, or for most courses in medicine, veterinary medicine/science, and dentistry.

    15th October 2021

    15th October 2022

    15th October 2023

    For Majority of Courses in the UK

    26th January 2022

    26th January 2023

    25th January 2024

    For vacant seats at universities
    (aka Clearing seats)

    18th October 2022

    18th October 2023



    The deadlines mentioned over here are for those students planning to apply through UCAS. The student has to fill in all the details regarding personal information and academic reference. However, if you are planning to apply through your school/college then check their deadlines. There are instances wherein students miss the January deadline but that doesn’t mean their prospects of studying in that university have gone. Several universities and colleges take admission even after the last date. So, you must contact the college if you have missed the deadline. Although, it’s a matter of luck, and you can’t be assured of getting admission since it depends on the vacancy.

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    Application Deadlines for Postgraduate Courses

    Oxford Application Deadlines

    There are different deadlines for courses at Oxford. Broadly there are three deadlines namely, November Deadline, December and January Deadline, and finally the March deadline. The last date for the admission cycle will be closed on 15th October 2022 at 12.00 midday UK time.

    November Deadline

    Few courses have the November deadline, and it is important for those who are applying for scholarships. So, if you are applying within this deadline, the chances of getting a scholarship are more. It will also help you in getting an early decision on your application which in turn will give you more time to apply for an abroad education loan and visa processing.

    December and January Deadline

    The December and January deadline is universal for all the courses at the university. You should check the course on the official website for the exact application deadline as there is no uniformity in terms of application deadlines for courses at Oxford University. You should also check the scholarship deadline so that you can well before the application deadlines, and be considered for scholarships. Also, the majority of courses close their application process past this deadline.

    March Deadline

    There are very few courses that have March deadlines. It is important for you to understand that you should only wait till the March deadline if you know for sure that the course for which you are applying is usually available at this deadline.

    Other Universities



    Application Deadline

    University of Liverpool


    31st July 2023

    University of Southampton


    Rolling Basis

    University of Stratchlyde


    Rolling Basis

    University of Essex

    October 2023

    27th August 2023
    (for offline classes)

    17th September 2023
    (for online classes)

    University of Lincoln

    September 2023 and January 2024

    30th June 2023 (September)

    30th November 2023 (February)

    University Of Sussex

    September 2023

    1st August 2023

    University of Nottingham

    20th September 2023

    6th August 2023

    Coventry University

    September 2023 and January 2024

    Rolling Basis


    Choosing the Best University

    It is a pretty subjective question that must have come up in your mind since all the universities in the UK are among the top in the world. So, it is likely that you might be confused about the university. There is a common misconception among students that only universities like Oxford and Cambridge are the best in the UK. It is certainly true to an extent but the other options are equally good. So, the choice of university depends on a lot of factors, and we will try to highlight each one of them to help you narrow down your choices.

    Courses Offered: Not all universities have a similar requirement for a course. The courses offered by different universities have different requirements. Some might have higher GPA requirements or any other criteria that you might not be fulfilling. So, you should first select those universities wherein you are eligible for the course of your choice.

    Application Deadline: Not all universities will have seats available at a course of your choice at all times. You should start applying right after the application process starts. Some students wait till the last time and end up wasting the entire year. The application deadlines must be followed, and you should keep track of the deadlines. Some universities also offer admission on a rolling basis. However, even in rolling admission the application process

    Fee Structure: Most students going abroad have to take abroad education loans. The loan amount is very high when it comes to studying in the UK. So, if you are also planning to take an education loan for your studies then tuition fees should be certainly an important factor before applying to a university.

    Location of University: The place where the university is located also plays a pivotal role in the cost of education. The cost of education rises steeply when a student is living in a city like London than in other places like Durham with a relatively lower cost of living. So, if the quality of education doesn’t get affected much then one should choose a relatively affordable city. The cost of living in London can be around 1400£ per month.

    Acceptance Rate: Aim for those universities that have a high acceptance rate as it will increase your chances of getting into a university. It’s wise to apply at those universities where you can get accepted based on your GPA, Academic record, Extracurricular activities, etc than waiting and wasting time at a university where you will not make it because of a lower acceptance rate.

    Timeline to Follow For Studying in the UK

    The timeline is for September 2022 intake, and students can follow it to avoid any delay or missing deadlines for admission to a university in the UK.

    July to September: It is the time of the year when you should start shortlisting the universities where you wish to study. The above-mentioned factors will help you in choosing the right university. Select at least 6-8 universities so that you will always have a backup in case you don’t make it to your first preference.

    October to December: The time to take IELTS/GRE/GMAT/TOEFL or for that matter any other test that the university puts forth for admission. Try to take the test as early as possible since it will give you the window to retake the test in case you don’t score enough to get a decent score. However, one should always attempt to get a decent score since these tests have high fees.

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    January to February: You should get the LOR from your professor or employer at the earliest. Also, start writing the SOP, and dedicate a good deal of time and effort to it since it plays a pivotal role in securing admission. Also, try to get at least two LORs. Prepare all the documents in this timeframe itself to avoid any last-minute hassle.

    February to June: Fill out the application forms for all the universities that you have shortlisted. The universities have varying deadlines so bear that in mind. Also, the courses have varying deadlines. So, one should check with the official website, and on the course page for details regarding the last date for application. This is the time around which the students have to apply for the scholarships too. Check the scholarship dates too before applying to a university.

    April to July: Accept the admission, and apply for abroad education loans. Since loan approval also takes time, apply as soon as you get the letter of acceptance. Once the loan is sanctioned, plan your travel to the UK.

    First published date: 15 Mar 2022


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