The Five Best Universities To Study In The UK

The Five Best Universities To Study In The UK

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Get the list of five best universities in the UK for undergraduate & postgraduate courses and set your aim for admissions in any of them.

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Do You Dream Of Studying In The United Kingdom? But, are you confused about which university you should opt-out for? Don't worry! We're here to assist you narrow down your choice.

The UK is one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe. It is a place with rich culture and history, a heaven for those in love with traveling and discovering breathtaking views and monuments with a story of their own. The daily commute is comfortable as well as the rail, bus, and airport easily link to different zones and cities. It's convenient to get to and from. You'll also have an excellent opportunity to stack your arsenal of different languages. You'll find architecture, history, cosmopolitan cities, and stunning scenery all in one place.

The United Kingdom provides you access to a long list of globally recognized universities consistently ranked amongst the world's best. Whether you're searching for an undergraduate or postgraduate course, there are many universities in UK to meet your requirements. But the real challenge is choosing a university that's best for you. To ease your dilemma, we've prepared a list of five best universities in the UK, have a read.

  1. list items The University of Oxford - The University of Oxford is one of the greatest and most respected universities in the world. Every year its 44 colleges and halls attract the finest of students and professors. Admission criteria are pretty topnotch and very competitive, receiving five such applications for every open spot. Like many other academies in the UK, the university offers various joint honors courses, blending 2 subjects at a UG degree. There is a maximum of 250 UG courses available. The unique blend of philosophy, politics, and economics is an unusually prestigious course they offer, although it is no longer exclusive to the University of Oxford. On Oxford's campus, there are more than a hundred libraries; Bodleian, built-in 1602, might be the most famous of all. Oxford is a great place to soak in the culture, boasting several museums, art galleries, and play theaters in its perimeter. It also boasts nurturing more than 27 British prime ministers, 30 world leaders, 120 Olympic medallists, and 50 Nobel prize winners, who were educated at Oxford. Indira Gandhi, Stephen Hawking, and Hugh Grant are among the most prominent alumni. Within 6 months of graduation, 95% of Oxford students are in employment or further study.  
  2. list items Imperial College London - Imperial College London is frequently rated among the best colleges in the world for engineering, science, medicine, business, and technology. It was established in 1907 from an alliance of 3 colleges in London. Currently, the university has 8,000 staff members and 16,000 students. The student body consists primarily of international members; of more than 125 countries. Imperial has produced plenty of influential government advisers, Policymakers, Top scientists, Fields medallists, and Nobel prizewinners. Countless alumni go on to accomplish breakthrough discoveries in industry and business and are highly sought after. Imperial is situated right next to Kensington Palace in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with other campuses. The well-known author H. G. Wells and Sir Liam Donaldson, head physician to the Queen, are among Imperial’s notable alumni.  
  3. list items The University of Cambridge - The University of Cambridge is primarily collegiate and is also one of the most traditional and prestigious academies internationally. The city is just an hour away from London. Cambridge University has more than 9,000 staff and 18,000 students. They've around 31 colleges, a few of which date back to the 13th century, and more than 100 academic departments. Cambridge is mainly distinguished for producing superior mathematicians and has tutored many remarkable and influential British scientists. The University has produced around 117 Nobel laureates, and mathematicians affiliated with Cambridge have acquired 11 Fields Medals. Getting a seat in an undergraduate course at the University is highly competitive. Only 25% of students are accepted out of all applicants. Cambridge libraries are stacked with significant collections of medieval manuscripts, and the university museums showcase lots of zoological specimens and archaeological artifacts. Renowned Cambridge alumni include actors, politicians, royals, athletes, and cultural figures, including biologist Charles Darwin, environmental broadcaster David Attenborough, conservationist Jane Goodall, and actress Olivia Colman.  
  4. list items University College London - University College London was the first academy in England to accept students irrespective of race, religion, or class and to acknowledge women on equal terms with men, thus walking upon the path shown by Jeremy Bentham – the university's "spiritual founder." It's one of the most scrupulous universities in Britain and is believed to create some of the most employable grads. The University College of London's main campus is in the central London region of Bloomsbury. The most competitive degree in UCL is the BSc in economics, philosophy, politics, which receives around 30 applicants for every seat. The majority of UCL students hail from Asia than from other parts of Europe. Noteworthy alumni include Coldplay's Chris Martin, Mahatma Gandhi, and Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone.  
  5. list items The University of Edinburgh - The University of Edinburgh is ranked 5th in the UK, and 20th in the world. It's the only Scottish institution in the UK's top 10. Founded in 1582, the University of Edinburgh is identified as the 6th oldest university in Scotland. It's an open university. Firstly, it was known as the Tounis College, but in 1583 it was renamed as the University of Edinburgh. And, in the very year, the university initiated its first classes. The university is the 4th Scottish university, which was promoted as an institution by the Royal Charter. It became the best open university in Scotland by the 18th century. A medical school was built within the premises in 1875, and the buildings were constructed through a massive amount of donations provided by William McEwan, a very famous politician during that era. Anderson was the architect who designed and built the facility. The university comprises 5 campuses, namely Western General, King's building, Easter Bush, Central area, and BioQuarter. The Central area campus is the oldest of all, and it comprises the School of Computing and Informatics, the School of Law along with the main library, and the School of Social Science and Humanities. The Central area also coordinates the Edinburgh International Festival every year. Noteworthy alumni include legendary names like Charles Darwin, Arthur Doyle, and David Hume.
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The sort of education that we receive plays a major role in the way that our character and future life are molded. Thus, this has been a humble attempt by us to broaden your perspective on the respected universities and at the same time to help you to narrow your options. Best of luck for your future. Once you successfully choose and get admission to the university of your choice your next big step should be looking for affordable yet comfortable and luxurious student accommodation. For bookings and enquiry, click here.

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