Top Masters Scholarships in London 2024

Top Masters Scholarships in London 2024

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Find top masters scholarship in London with GyanDhan’s comprehensive guide. Explore scholarships for international students, eligibility criteria, value, and more.

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London, known for its iconic landmarks and prestigious universities, attracts ambitious students globally. While tuition fees for master's programs in London are more economical compared to other English-speaking countries like the USA and Australia, financing education here can still be a challenge. Dreaming of pursuing your master's in this vibrant city? In this blog, we'll explore a range of master’s scholarships in London specifically for Indian students. From merit-based awards to need-based assistance, join us as we navigate the diverse scholarship options available to support your educational aspirations in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.


Why Pursue a Master’s in London?

Pursuing a master’s in London offers a plethora of compelling reasons, some of which are discussed below:

  • list items Top universities: London boasts 18 universities ranked in the QS World University Rankings 2024, including two in the top 10 globally. Known for academic excellence, distinguished faculty, and cutting-edge research, these institutions are at the forefront of higher education.
  • list items Diverse programs: Offering a broad selection of master’s degrees, including several one-year programs, London's universities prepare students with vital, job-ready skills in a cost-effective manner.
  • list items Career prospects: With an employment rate over 85% for postgraduates as per UK government stats and proximity to top firms like Google and Amazon, studying in London sets the stage for a thriving career with average salaries between 40,000 to 45,000 GBP.
  • list items Financial assistance: A variety of scholarships help international students afford their studies, while part-time work opportunities during term allow for financial management and skill development.
  • list items Language benefits: Learning in an English-speaking environment enhances language skills, adding significant value to your professional profile.
  • list items Cultural experience: Rated as the top QS best student city, London offers a rich cultural scene with historical sites, vibrant nightlife, and diverse cuisine, plus easy access to European travel during breaks.


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Cost of Pursuing Masters in London

Before planning to study abroad, it is essential to budget the cost of pursuing a master's in London including tuition fees and living costs, and look for potential funding opportunities. A master’s in London costs around 15,000 GBP to 35,000 GBP per year. Being one of the top student cities in the UK, living in London is relatively expensive than other cities in the UK. On average a student in London spends around 1,300 GBP to 1,400 GBP per month covering accommodation, food, bills, and other living expenses. Staying in university accommodation in London costs around 800-850 GBP per month including all bills.


Top Masters Scholarship in London

Whether one is studying business, engineering, humanities, or another field, a scholarship is available. This article highlights prestigious scholarships from universities, governments, and private organizations.


Chevening Scholarships

  • list items Chevening scholarships are one of the most prestigious fully-funded master’s scholarships.
  • list items The scholarships are awarded to students with a strong academic background and leadership potential.
  • list items Recipients receive full financial support including tuition fees, living costs, and return flights to the UK to study any eligible master’s degree.
  • list items Over 1,500 scholarships are awarded to students annually based on a rigorous selection process.
  • list items Students are shortlisted by the British embassies and high commissions following an interview.
  • list items A separate scholarship application must be submitted through the official website along with references.


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Commonwealth Scholarships

  • list items Commonwealth scholarships are mostly fully funded including full tuition fees, a living allowance, and airfare to and from the UK.
  • list items You will need to apply along with your academic transcripts, existing university degree certificate, copy of passport, two references, and an admission letter.
  • list items Students from Commonwealth countries with a first degree of at least upper second-class (2:1) honors standard demonstrating financial need are considered for the scholarship.
  • list items Application deadlines are usually in December.
  • list items Scholarship recipients are chosen based on academic merit, potential impact on the development of the candidate’s home country, and quality of research proposal.

GREAT Scholarships

  • list items GREAT scholarships are funded by the UK government and the British Council.
  • list items The scholarships are aimed at students from India, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Turkey.
  • list items Out of the total scholarships, 26 postgraduate awards are reserved for students from India.
  • list items Students receive 10,000 GBP towards tuition fees for an array of one-year master’s degrees.
  • list items To be eligible for the scholarship, students must have an undergraduate degree, fulfill the English language requirements, and show motivation and interest in the proposed subject area.
  • list items Prospective candidates can apply through the university’s website. Selected students will receive funding after registration by their university.
  • list items Eligible institutions in London include the University College London, the Royal College of Art, and JCA London Fashion Academy among others.


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British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

  • list items Women with a bachelor’s degree in a STEM subject who demonstrate financial need and who wish to inspire future generations of women to pursue careers in STEM are ideal for these scholarships.
  • list items The scholarship covers full tuition fees, living stipend, travel costs, visa, and health insurance fees for the recipient.
  • list items Applicants must have an undergraduate degree required to get admission to one of the pre-selected postgraduate degrees at a UK university with a required level of English proficiency, work experience, or proven interest in the subject area.
  • list items Interested candidates can submit applications directly through the participating universities.
  • list items Various MSc programs offered by the Wolfson Institute for Population Health, Barts Cancer Institute, William Harvey Research Institute, and Blizard Institute at Queen Mary University of London are eligible for the scholarship.

University-specific Masters Scholarship in London

Name of University/ Scholarship Details Value of Scholarship

UCL Global Masters Scholarship

  • list items Based on financial need and recommendations.
  • list items 85 scholarships annually, 5 for Indian students.

15,000 GBP for one year

Imperial College London India Future Leaders Scholarship

  • list items Eligibility: Full-time MSc/MRes in specified faculties; excludes MBA.
  • list items Selection: Faculty nominations of top students.

10,000 GBP towards tuition fees

University of Westminster International Postgraduate Part Fee Scholarship

  • list items Requires admission offer and UK 2.1 or first-class degree by program.

3,000 GBP tuition award

Queen Mary University of London Global Talent Scholarship

  • list items Eligible with UK 1st class honors or equivalent and program admission.
  • list items No separate application is needed.

3,000 GBP

London Metropolitan University International Bright Futures Scholarship

  • list items For international students with full-time offers at London campuses.
  • list items Automatic tuition fee reduction for eligible candidates.

2,000 GBP tuition fee reduction

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Tips for a Successful Scholarship Application

Here are some tips for a successful scholarship application for international students in London:

  • list items Research thoroughly: Explore master's scholarships in London via university websites, scholarship search tools, and the British Council.
  • list items Check eligibility: Ensure you match the scholarship requirements before applying.
  • list items Plan ahead: Apply well before deadlines and set personal timelines for preparation.
  • list items Customize applications: Tailor each application, highlighting relevant achievements and securing strong recommendations.
  • list items Seek guidance: Consult teachers, peers, or GyanDhan experts for feedback and connect with past scholarship recipients for advice.

When applying for master's scholarships in London, factors such as academic excellence, demonstrated leadership abilities, financial need, field of study, and how you can contribute to the university community are evaluated. By putting in effort to prepare a strong scholarship application, you can increase your chances of securing financial support for your master’s studies in London as an international student. Whether you’re seeking guidance on scholarship applications, or student loans, GyanDhan is here to assist you navigate the complexities along the way. You can explore more scholarships at GyanDhan’s scholarship portal


Frequently Asked Questions

Can Indian students get a full scholarship for a master's in London?

Yes, there are a few highly competitive full scholarships for masters in London for Indian students. Chevening Scholarships and Commonwealth Scholarships are full scholarships offered by the UK government. Prestigious universities such as the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, etc. also offer 100% scholarships.

How can I get 100% masters scholarship in London?

Securing 100% masters scholarship in London requires a proactive approach. You need to start researching scholarships offered by universities, government organizations, and private institutions. To ensure a smooth application process, you must ensure that you meet all eligibility criteria and submit a strong application package highlighting academic excellence, leadership, and other strength areas. Since full scholarships are highly competitive, you need to remain persistent and apply for multiple options to maximize your chances of obtaining a 100% scholarship.

What is the cost of MS in London in INR?

The cost of an MS in London can vary depending on the university. On average the tuition fees for MS in London in INR is around 15,00,000 INR to 35,00,000 INR. Additionally, you need to consider the living expenses such as accommodation, food, transportation, and other personal expenses.

Can I work in London while pursuing a master's?

Ans. International students can take up part-time jobs, work placements, or internships while pursuing a master's in London. Most courses allow international students to work up to 20 hours per week during classes.

How much percentage is required for masters scholarship in London?

The percentage required for masters scholarship in London varies depending on the institution and scholarship provider. However, a minimum UK equivalent 2.1 or first-class honors degree depending on the choice of program is recommended. Higher percentages increase your chances of securing funding.

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